A Fox By Any Other Name is A Fox the Same: Prologue

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or Yuyu Hakusho.

Rating: PG-13

Summary: After deciding to let go of Inuyasha, Kagome meets a mischievous fox with unknown intentions.

Modern Era: Sunset Shrine

In a pale pink room filled with stuffed animals, pictures of friends, and other normal teenage attractions, rests a young girl. However, if you took a closer look at the pictures decorating her mirror, you would be confused by the discovery that many show some sort of costume party. There is a boy in a red robe with dog ears perched on top his head, an auburn haired youth with a red bushy tail, and a handsome young man holding a staff and wearing Buddhist monk robes. There is also a woman with a large boomerang. If you look closely, you can tell that the background is not recreated, and it is completely rural. Who would hold a costume party in the middle of nowhere?

At second glance, this is the only strange thing about the girl's room. It would be a different story if you went through a heavily stuffed yellow backpack lying at the foot of the bed. And the previously unmentioned detective decided to do just that. After all, whenever this Kagome Higurashi disappears she always carries that bag with her.

Kurama's P.O.V.

Koenma has sent me to discover as much as I can about this strange girl. I have been trailing her for a few weeks, and she often disappears into thin air. Wherever she goes, this Kagome, always brings this backpack with her. For the first time, I am going to do some real investigating. After all, Youko always does like a good puzzle.

That's right, my annoying guest mentally communicates. He likes reminding me that he is within me. As if I could ever forget.

For some reason, he seems quite taken with this mysterious girl. Kagome is quite pretty, with her cerulean blue eyes and petite frame. However, I know Youko has seen many more beautiful demonesses. However, there is just something about her we can't quite place a finger on.

'Alright, enough thinking,' I tell the ill-behaved fox invoking these thoughts. Often enough, he tries to direct my thoughts. And sometimes, if I let my guard down and he is determined enough, he can control my body momentarily. Of course, I retain my human facade.

I sigh as I realize my thoughts are wandering again. I really need better mental discipline. As I turn back to my task at hand, Kagome shifts and murmurs. I freeze, afraid she is going to wake up. When she just sighs and rolls over, I let out a breathe of relief. Then, I open her bag. Inside, there are many packs of instant ramen, candy, and schoolbooks. She also has bug spray, a camera, and a sleeping bag. I quickly rummage through the pack, and discover most of the other things she has packed are essentials for camping. However, whenever she leaves, Kagome never brings more than this pack. The one time I caught her disappearing, she vanished through a well house.

Of course, at the time, I thought she was simply doing chores before she left for school. At first, I just thought her an irresponsible student, not qualified for the job Koenma wants to fit her with. He recently discovered her powerful miko powers and above average spirit level. Koenma wants a female member on the team, just so his father won't nag him about being sexist. The Western ideals are rubbing off on even the grand ruler of Spirit World.

Now I believe that she is using magic to travel somewhere. Koenma wants me to investigate her and see if she can handle the position before we reveal ourselves and confront her about it. It would be a very difficult situation if we exposed all of the secrets about the three worlds, only for her to refuse the job.

As I wandered off into thought again, Kagome shifted, and this time actually woke up. I've been discovered.

Well, at least we can finally meet her face to face, Youko comments excitedly.

'Great,' I add dryly.

Kagome's P.O.V.

Ugh, I fell asleep. Inuyasha is going to kill me for being late. As I scramble from my bed, I realize something. There is an angel in my room. He has long ruby red hair and deep emerald green eyes. Not to mention a face to die for.

As I clear the haze of sleep from my mind, I realize that the vision in front on me is not an angel. In fact, he acts more like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. And that is a remarkable comparison, because when I look at his hands, I discover that he is holding my bag.

"Hey, what are you doing in here?" I shout as I finally realize what's happening. There is an EXTREMELY attractive thief in my bedroom.

And the guy doesn't even grace me with a response! All he does is smile with a 'who, me?' face. Now I'm fuming. Just as I open my mouth to scream at him, he disappears!

Regular P.O.V.

Now, keep in mind, Kurama didn't really disappear, because that would be a catastrophe! He simply used his amazing speed to appear behind Kagome and cover her mouth. When she senses him behind her, Kagome starts to struggle.

"Please calm down, I'm not here to hurt you," he whispers. "Now, I'm going to release you. Promise you won't scream."

Kagome slowly stops her struggling, and nods her head in compliance. As she is released, she lunges for her drawer. Kagome quickly grasps a rosary, turns, and places it over Kurama's head all in one fluid motion.

"Freeze," she shouts. Kagome grins when the red haired stranger cannot move. Like a cat that has just eaten the canary, she explains what she has done. "I created this submission rosary in case I ever needed to subdue a youkai. I can tell in your aura that you mean no harm, but I really need to be certain that I'll be safe." She grins again. "After all, you never know when you may choose to pursue what you originally wished to obtain by being here." Of course, Kagome just said this to shock him. She never actually thought he would reply.

"Yes, of course," Kurama purred. "Just to be safe." Kagome was startled by the innuendo in his voice, but quickly recovered. Batting her lashes at him, she stated, "Well, I at least need to know your name. Mines Kagome."

He grinned. "Suichi, but you may call me Kurama." Our friendly miko raised an eyebrow at this, "Gang name?"

"Of course not," Kurama scoffed. "I would never lower myself to associate with such scoundrels."