Disclaimer: I do not own The Prince of Tennis or any of its characters, sadly. This entire idea came up when I was thinking, "Why not? A school play! evil thoughts entire my mind" However, the teachers, except for Seigaku's tennis coach, were all made up (since the only teacher there IS Coach Ryuzaki). Enjoy -!

Drama Class

Class 2 was in the middle of a speech. The drama teacher was explaining the school play that the class was "specially" picked for. And it just so happened that the school play was only for the first years in Class 2.

"This is boring..." thought Ryoma. What a pain. He had no intention of actually doing the school play, but since their class was selected for the stupid play, he had no choice at all.

The drama teacher kept rambling on and on about how wonderful the school play was going to be. "Yeah right..." Ryoma rolled his eyes. He glanced at his classmates. Horio and his two friends were sitting there, bored like he was. Sakuno was sitting there, shy like always.

Why couldn't the third years have done the school play? Wouldn't it have been better? The more experience thing? They just HAD to pick the first years for the school play. He thought about how the rest of the tennis team would react if they found out that his class was doing the darn school play. Chances were, they already knew.

"Well, I have already examined your personalities, thanks to your wonderful teacher who gave in a detailed description of them," said the drama teacher, casting the teacher a pleased look, "I'll pass out the papers of your parts right now,"

The drama teacher strolled across the room, reached for a huge stack of papers, and started to pass them out. They were laid face down on each student's desk.

"None of you are to flip the paper over until I say so," said the drama teacher, "This is a surprise, and I'm sure it will be to many of you,"

The papers were passed out. Everyone had a sheet.

"You may flip your papers over now,"


"Please...any part that has few lines...." Ryoma flipped his paper over.


While the whole class was loud and noisy, only two students were left there....staring at their papers....

Horio noticed Ryoma's face.

"Echizen! Oi, what's wrong? Got some part you didn't like? I got the king, wahoo!"

Ryoma did not even notice what Horio was saying. All he knew was that he wanted to die right then and now....

Author's notes: Haha, I wonder what part ryoma got...and who the other person was....Read and review???? plz!!! it's my first fanfic!!!