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Disease of the mind


His body rammed into mine hard, knocking the air out of me. He looked at me as if I were insane, then as if reading my mind he seemed to get everything. I looked into his eyes and they seemed to become like icy flames. Hues of blue I had never seen before. I wanted to know why it had to be chosen that we would be tortured. I took one last look at him and then before a second could pass I pressed my lips against his, soft plump lips pushing back hard enough to steel your breath.

I could feel a raising inside myself and a breaking, not a painful breaking but a breaking none the less. It overwhelmed me. I felt his arms wrap around me and I pushed closer. I drowned myself in his body, his scent, and his touch. I was like a dessert getting its first sweet taste of water.





The night of the car accident…I had been sitting in my car seat. My mother and father were joking. I could feel a pressure on the verge of hungering torturing vengeful feeling. I looked out the windshield and gold eyes burned into mine, Eyes that could hide nothing. I saw right into his thoughts his past, everything he had done.

An older boy talking to the gold eyed man. Plans of killing innocent people…my parents. The older boy is talking to the gold one of killing my parents.

"All I need you to do is make sure the parents die, don't play with them just make it quick. The boy is to young he won't remember. I would not wish such a sad fait on the boy. Can you promise me that you won't torture them." The gold-eyed man turn's around and taking a long drag of his cigarette mumbles.

"I don't believe in promises, they only end up in heart ache. But I will ask you a question. Why do you wish death on someone who you care so much about?" The other mans eyes glaze over and he mumbles.

"It's because I care that I kill her. But if you hurt the boy I will kill you." The man changes into something I fear and I realize that this is…Luke…His eyes skimmed over the facial features of the other and the gold man disappeared.

I find myself in the ally as the man walks away.

"Little do you know Lu-chan I have things with that BOY, more than you know. If I am to live remotely happy I must kill this boy. He is to go after my Shuichi and that is one thing I can't handle. Shuichi will be mine. Hiro will not even dream of that angel. Even if I have to sell my soul to the devil." My blood is over heating.

He plans to kill me in the crash. He stand's in the middle of the road waiting…calmly. He knows that my father will swerve and that is just what he does. Seeing Yuki's body he spin's the wheel and we go flying in the air. Down, down I feel a warmth and I feel a presence. I look out my window and find Klistelle. He rip's the door off and the air pressure changes bursting toward me. He grabs me out of the chair and flying up he lands softly on the ground.

I hear the crash and my world begins to collide with the amount of oxygen in my lungs. He sits with me for a bit shushing me to calm. I hear sirens and he leaves. I am given to my godparents and I'm welcomed with open arms.

I am sitting on the floor one day playing with a plush teddy. When I knocking comes to the door, I get a deep sickening feeling but brush it off. I begin to giggle but as my godmother reaches for the handle, she backs off. I begin to wail as the door is opened with ease. I look into predatorily gold eyes. Yuki walks in and trapping my godmother against a wall he pulls the trigger of his 34.mil, her body makes a sickening sound against the floor and I cry louder.

This woman had taken me in happily and watched over me and how do I repay her, get her killed. I hear the loud workman's boots of my godfathers and begin to cry louder, maybe if he hears me he will leave. To my horror this just makes my godfather run faster. I watch as Yuki turns around and pointing the gun to my godfathers position waits. My godfather burst through the door and comes face first to the end of Yuki's gone.

Yuki pull's my godfather's head back viciously as he struggles against it. I watch as Yuki pushes the gun into his mouth and blows his head off.

Theirs another sickening thud and Yuki walks toward me. I can feel impending doom settle on my heart but before I can ready myself. I feel a warmth and Yuki back's off shielding his face. I don't know what from but there is obviously something up. Theirs a light and then the scene is gone. Klistelle is holding me and breathing out heavily he smiles down and whispers. It's a good thing that guy 'sold his soul to the devil' he was burned by the light.

This happens time and time again. I am sent somewhere new, then Yuki causes trouble and I am sent away. People begin to call me a demon and a curse no one wants me. They are afraid of me. So they send me to the only place left…an orphanage. By this time I already hate everyone for what they put me through so it doesn't take me long to become even more of an outcast from the others.

I push everyone away and I am happy that I do. If anyone were to try to be my friend I would ignore them. If they didn't listen then I would scream and make them wish they hadn't even talked to me. I would go to great length's to make people go away. If they became my friend they would just die.

They Klistelle came. He was older but from the rumor's I heard his parents had over dosed and he was hear for a long time. As always I ignored him, He attempted to talk to me a lot so I gave in finally and talked to him. He became attached to me and I couldn't take knowing he would die.

We sat outside the orphanage on the curb telling jokes and talking. I had finally made a decision to get him to leave me. As he stood to get up I pushed him into the road. He let out a loud yelp as a car impacted with his body and he was sent flying. I watched as he cried and bled on the road. The man in the car ran out and picked up Klistelle. He ran him to the reverend and screamed that the boy get medical attention.

I was brought in after that incident for a talking to. Both me and the Reverend knew that it was no accident, that the whole thing was planned but Klistelle refused to admit it.

I suddenly knew everything that went on when I wasn't there.

"Just admit it Klistelle, it will make it easier on you to just tell me what happened…"

"But I told you I was laughing and lost my balance."

"The man in the car said it looked like you were pushed by Nakano"

"You're going to believe a stranger over your children."

"Nakano is not-uh but he was certain."

"Well HE was wrong!"

"I don't want to hurt you Klistelle, but if you stay with that…with Nakano you're faith will be in grave danger."

"Then so be it! He is my friend and will be for a long time!"

"Look we're both adults he…"

"NO! I'm an adult YOU'RE A child!"

Then I walked into the room, I guess Klistelle didn't want me to see him angry. I would have never guessed he fought against the reverend that much but alas I now knew.

My head was pounding from the images but I was dealing with them, one blast at a time.

The next few years flew past. I could see myself hungering for Klistelle's attention and push away anyone who tried to interfere. My anger was taking control of me…

"So…do you have a partner for that big science project yet?"

"Yeah I do…sorry James asked me the day we got them. I couldn't turn him down I didn't think anyone else wanted me as there partner."

"Oh…wait! You mean James Griffin?"

"Yeah that's him…"

"Oh…you really should've said no, he doesn't do anything. He just sits there and makes Sarcastic remark's"

"I think it's cute how he does that, it's like his defense mechanism, we all have them. I don't know I'll try him out this time, you never know. He could surprise all of us?"

I stomped off after that but thanks to the image I could now see why he became my science partner anyway.

"Hey James! Can I talk to you?" I could see James walks over to Klistelle and leaning on the wall mumbled a reply.

"I was just wondering, what part of the project are you going to handle?"

"Eh…whatever you want me to…" I could see the thought cross through his mind then he looked at me and turning to James said.

"Look I just remembered I promised someone else I would be there partner…sorry" He than ran off and I could hear the quiet reply of James.

"You'll regret that Klistelle…"

Nothing else came to me then a flash burned through my brain and a feeling of snapping caressed my throat. I opened my eyes and the thrust of a sword through my abdomen brought me to. I was thrown through the air and painfully skidded across wet cement.

The war was on and I was missing it. I stood up and grabbing a near by sword I jumped into the middle. My back was heating up where my wings were eager to take flight. I pushed forward and began to slice.

I ripped the head off a drooling wolverine. It's flaming eyes forced anything back as I threw it into the arms of a winged female reptile of some sort. Then without warning I pushed my sword to the hilt through both those angry eyes and the reptile. She screeched and using her claw took a chunk from my arm.

I could see the muscle twitch and the white under it drives my world into darkness. Crimson tears dripped from the deep crevasse I held now.

I had an overwhelming anger fill me and grabbing her dirty claw I grabbed the mass of muscle, skin and veins and shoved it down her throat. I broke through the bronchia, into the lung. Forcing my wet fingers through the thin barrier. I searched inside her for the organ I wanted, listening to the sounds of agony and snapping as wet veins pulled from her body and I replaced her heart with my left over's.

She fell to the ground with in moments and I had a sickening happiness to her demise.

I could here K's distant cry and turned to hear him yelling.

"Hiro! Please think! Don't let the darkness inside take over."

It was now clear to me…I wasn't only in a battle between worlds. I was in a battle between wills. My dark and light side…which side could I take. They both would lead to my demise. Suddenly I wasn't so proud to know my past.

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