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Obi-Wan stared at me when I found him on Tatooine. His hair had been bleached nearly white from his age and the exposure to Tatooine's suns. His skin was sunburned, with a hint of the tan to come, but his eyes were the same. His gaze seemed to pierce the mask I had to wear and he looked into my soul. I unconsciously squirmed under that gaze, a look he had often given me when I was his Padawan.

But I wasn't his Padawan anymore. No, he had held me back long enough and I had exceeded his power under Palpatine's instruction, fueled by the determination to be so powerful, that I could stop the people I loved from dying. It didn't do much good; my loved ones left me all the same. Amidala, obviously pregnant and just as obviously frightened of my power had left me to seek refuge among the Jedi. By now, she must have had the baby. I didn't know if it was a girl or a boy, my sources had given me both for an answer, but I knew it was powerful like I was. Obi-Wan had long since renounced me and let me go on my own. The Jedi abandoned me the same way Amidala had, and I had pursued all of them, violently.

It was for that reason I came to Tatooine, to a place haunted by memories of love and loss. I came to confront Obi-Wan, and to find out where he had hidden my child. I asked; I pleaded; I screamed, trying to tear down the wall of mental and physical silence that kept me from the knowledge I sought. Obi-Wan never stopped staring at me with pity in his eyes. The pity only fueled my hatred. How dare he pity me! Even though I considered myself still a student, I surpassed him in terms of shear power.

I brought my lightsaber up in the classic challenge position and ignited the blue-white blade. Obi-Wan just stared at me. When I brought the saber through a threatening circle that caused the edge of the blade to skip along his robes, even though the series was meant to put him on the defensive, he never flinched, but continued to stare at me. I looked into those calm blue eyes and saw in them the father I wanted, but never had. I saw the friend betrayed, but desiring reconciliation. And I knew I could not kill him like this. Not in cold blood. He would have to strike me first. And those eyes told me he would not strike. But I would, I had to. The Dark Side had been unleashed in me, and Obi-Wan's accusing eyes told me he knew that.

I brought the lightsaber around in a cut meant to separate his torso from his hips. Behind that strike, I put all the loneliness of a child whose parents have been killed, all the anger of a friend who has been stabbed in the back, and all the jealousy of a husband who has seen his wife hiding from him behind another man. Obi-Wan held my gaze and never moved as the blow fell. At the last possible instant and unaware of what I was doing, I switched my lightsaber off. He had won this round, and had never drawn his weapon. I could not kill him. Angrily, I threw my lightsaber at his feet. "Give that to the child you protect, that I may know my son when I find him."