All was peachy keen at Imladris, the inhabitants were all relaxed as they relished that the lords Elrohir and Elladan, AND their little brother, Estel, were out hunting for something, trouble It was a good time for all to walk the gardens and rooms with out fear of being "prank-ed" by the three.

A horse came galloping up,

"Ada!" It was Elladan he was frantic, "Quick! Get my Adar, someone is hurt!"

He directed this to the elves that had run up to met him. One broke away and ran to the Lord of Imladris's study, where he had hoped to spend a quite day.

The elf raised his hand to knock on the thick wooded door. "Come in before you hurt you self trying to get sound thru that door."

The messenger opened the door and half bowed, announced the news, "Your son, Elladan came back from the hunting party, he says someone is hurt, and that I should come and retrieve you," He raised his head to see Elrond stacking papers, "Milord."

Elrond looked up, "Awh, yes, they are at the gate then?"

"Just Lord Elladan, he said the others were coming."

The elf held the door for Elrond as they went thru, "Thank you, Odanya, would you go to my heab room and bring my medical bag to the gate? You do know which one it is, you've seen it enough."

Odanya smiled, "Yes and yes, milord." He broke off down a hallway and went to bring the pre- prepared bag. It was made up especially for the sons of Elround and their friend, Prince Legolas.

Odanya had remembered what the Prince had said when Estel had told him about the bag.

"Is this supposed to make me feel that I'm special? Because if that's what your trying to get across, its' not working."

He laughed from the memory of it and picked the bag off the table and made his way to the gates.

Elrond made it to the gate just as his oldest and youngest son came walking in leading their horses, carrying between them a body full of orc arrows. It looked like a human girl of about fifteen, but Elround was not sure.

An attendant elf nabbed the horses from their owners and took them to the stables for a brush down and water.

Elround sighed in relief, hes sons were unhurt. He motioned to the twin and Estel to lay her down on the grass under the shade of a tree. Estel and Elrohir together knelt to gently lay the unconsibody down.

Estel looked up from their distressing task, "Ada, we found her at the edge of the forest! She is very badly hurt! I didn't know what to do! Where to start!" The twenty year old was extremely upset.

Elrond knelt down next to the girl and accepted the out held bag from the windblown Odanya.

"Estle, it's okay," he tried to calm his youngest down, "you brought her here you did the right thing, oh Valar."

Elrond had brushed the hair from her face and saw the human child he had raised years ago with Celebrian, before the twins were born.

With new meaning to his task, he began to pull out an arrow.

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