To Accept or Not To Accept. (2/?)

Chapter Two.

By S. Eerandgel

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Now on with this.... thing.

She was going you be sick, she knew that as soon as she woke up. The tightening of her stomach muscles and the warmth that began to radiate off of every cubic inch of her body signaled that she had five seconds to open her eyes and find the chamber pot. Locking her jaw tight to ensure a few more seconds, she opened her eyes to see a wooden bowl on the coverlet beside her, some time during the night her hand had curled around the edge.

She sat up feeling the wrappings restrict her every movement, ignoring the dull ache in her chest, she pulled the bowl close.

Memories of the pain flashed through her mind as she lost the herbal potions meant to combat the poison in her body. And Elrond's voice echoed though out her head.


"This arrow is poisonous… that wound is old, see how it has festered…Stay with us child… Chamomile herb, clean and pack it Estel, yes tightly… no, when she wakes she will tell you of herself… Elladan? Hold her legs down. Elrohir! Her arms!"

She remembered the pain of the arrow that had been lodged at an angle under her breast bone, being pulled out, every so carefully, so slowly. She felt Eerandgel "talk" to her,

-Breath. Breathe very, very slowly. Lord Elrond must work carefully, no mistakes, or we die-

Breathe? Yes, I can do that. In. Out. In. Out. Steady. Oh…pain.

-Don't scream! Bite your lip-

…my blood tastes strange. AH!

-Breath Samwe! Just Breath!!-

She felt the head of the arrow scrap on the bone, the pain was terrible, she screamed out. Her eyes flashed open and she strained against the unlocking fist of the elves.

"Hold her still!" Elrond snapped.

"We're trying Ada! She so strong!" Elrohir and another elf struggled with her arms at the head of the bed.

Estel stood back looking scared. He watched as his Adar pulled the arrow out of the arching girl's chest. They had cut her tunic and breeches off, but her undergarments were neither pierced by arrows or covering other wounds, thus they were left on.

Her gray-brown eyes rolled back into her head and she went limp in the bed, "Ahhhhhhhh." Her breath sighed out of her lungs. Elrond pushed on a cloth that Elrohir had grabbed from a table as soon as the arrow was out and tossed on the wound, her chest did not rise again for moment; the elven brothers let her limbs lose. She was dea- wait.

Elrond jerked his hands back from her quickly, something was wrong, a powerful evil? Prencese was in the room, it came from the woman on the bed, the blood on her skin was drying and cracking from the heat she emitted, "She is burning hot, get water!" Elrond looked up at his son, he was a human, and would not be able to stand a spirit, good or evil for long. So he said tenderly, "Go, get some rest Estel." Two of the Healers left the room to fetch the water, they dragged the protesting sweat drenched human out with them. A sudden movement brought his eyes back to the bed.

Her hands clenched the brown coverlet, and her eyes flashed open. She gasped for breath, and her body responded, filling her lungs to the max. The three elves in the room gasped at the eyes that had been gray-brown, were now a shade of ocean green with yellow slits for pupils, they were only open for a moment before they closed. Her body began to breathe on its own, and it slowly cooled down from the searing heat it had been.

Elrond felt the receding of the presences, if barely, it was still in the room, but it bothered none of them, it seemed to cling to the women, his first child that he had raised.

He brushed the hair from her for head. With a thumb he opened one eye then the other, they were normal. She would live. He went back to her chest wound. "Elladan, I need you and Ro to prepare the needles so we can start stitching her up.


She spit into the bowl, clearing out the taste as best she could from her mouth, and reached up with her sleeve to wipe her lower face. An arm slid around her back, helping her sit, while another hand holding a wet cloth stopped her arm, she took the cloth and found a corner of it and cleaned up her lips and chin. Another pair of hand handed her a mug of water and took the half filled bowl from her lap, she heard some one open and close the door in leaving.

She looked at the water then filled her mouth it felt good, clean and cool. She swished it around and then spit in the new smaller bowl in her lap. Then she slowly drank down the water to the bottom of the mug. A different hand took the empty mug and set it on a near by table. The arm behind her back was now rubbing it gently; going up and down in smoothing motion. She sighed and slouched into it, looking at her surroundings, they were familiar.

Pale soothing colors and delicate carved wood everywhere, a lovely relaxing smell of heather and lavender drifted from a steamer pan near a fire that was dwarfed by the large fire place. There were three doors in the room, one she knew from the past that lead directly into Lord Elrond's rooms, while the others lead out side and the other to a personal bath.

She was in Rivendell, a place that she knew as well as her sword. She glanced at the two of the three elves in the room, they were identical. Not at all common in the elder race, watching them she could tell that they knew what the other was going to do before they did it. They were very handsome. They also reminded her of somebody.

A breeze passed through the windows of each side of the room, it caused the fire to flam up slightly and a small gust of perfume blew to the bed. Samwe took a deep breath through her nose, she sat up, disrupting the arm rubbing her back, and stretched toward her toes then sat back up again. The smell and stretch cleared her mind. The elf behind her did move from the bed during her movement, it spoke in Common in a voice that held a wry note,

"You seem rather limber for some one who couldn't move farther then to roll your head to be sick."

Samwe started that was no elvin sounding voice, she turned her torso to find her self face to face with a man.

Studying his face she found a very rugged dashing handsomeness that would make any love sick girl sigh, it affected her not, he had wavy dark brown hair that fell unhindered to his shoulders, she restrained herself from reaching out and brushing away a particular clump that was resting on his right cheek, well, maybe it did affect her some what, but not much.

Ignoring the clump as best as she could, she moved to his eyes, they were even set, the shade of the sea right before a storm. In them she saw many controlled and uncontrolled emotions and thoughts, the dominate ones were concern and amusement, or was that well concealed relief? She wasn't sure.

Her eyes moved on, he looked like he hadn't shaved in about four days and his strong jaw line and full lips were to die for. Thinking this, Samwe blushed, but it went unnoticed by the man for the red fever flush that was already on her hot face. All of this only took a second.

"I suppose you've never been wrapped like a mummy and had to rid your self of 'things' that hinder your healing system."

The man's cheeks flushed briefly, and he broke eye contact with her, mumbling, "I'm sorry." Then he looked back up at her to smile, a hopeful 'please don't be mad at me' smile. She only shook her head.

"Estel! Stop bothering the patient!" The Sindarian was directed to the slightly smiling man.

Samwe turned around to see that the identical elves were facing them, with out thought she defended 'Estel', "Leave him alone, I don't see you helping a sick woman when she couldn't help herself."

The twins exchanged glances; the one on the right spoke up, "How do you know we didn't help you though the last two nights and days?"

Samwes felt her face screwing up, -It has been two days?-, she looked behind her and picked up one of Estel's hand holding it up for the elves to see,

"His hands. See, they are the hands of a Healer, and were the only ones that touched me when I was… sick." She finished in a whisper and dropped his hand.

She noticed as another elf walked into the room from the bath that the two standing in front of her looked very cute when they blushed.

The elf shut the door behind him and surveyed the room with a glance; it was crystal clear what had happened. They were acting like un-introduced siblings. The room was deathly quite when he had walked in, restraining himself from sighing and rubbing his hand with his face, Elrond crossed the room to the table next to the invalids bed, he glanced at her when he got to the bed, he dimly noticed Estel sitting between her and the headboard. Her face was deathly pale, shock clearly in her eyes. She squeaked then threw her self out of the bed at the elf. Elrond caught her in his arms and held her tight. She had her face in his hair and her arms were 'round his neck. She sobbed, "Adar Elrond! I didn't think I'd ever see you again."

The shock on the faces of the others in the room was much, much more then hers.


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