Love, Fate & Everything In Between

Chapter 1 – Forever and Beyond My Love....

Tino had changed a lot since his younger years, he was now entering his early 30's and had grown taller and filled out a bit, his arms weren't as skinny as they had once been and his entire frame now sported a modest amount of muscle, a fact that he was somewhat proud of. His life had also changed, he no longer lived for the weekend, instead his days were filled with the monotony of an office job. Day in and day out he would file various data and information away for people he would never meet; he was in his own mind a faceless entity in his job, no one any would ever need and no one anyone would ever really notice. Each night after work he would return to his small apartment with it's modest furnishings and simply sit and think about his life and what he had become. When he wasn't reflecting on who he was, he was reflecting on what he had lost, or more specifically who he had lost. They said that it was better to love and lose then to never love at all, but Tino knew that was a lie told by those who had never really loved, not like he had. His love, the same girl he had grown up with him in his home town of Bahia Bay, who would spend her weekends with him and be content to just hang out with their small gang, had been lost to him before he had ever realized he loved her. Tish...her name floated in his thoughts, always at the top of his mind. As it often did when he was left alone with his thoughts, his mind flashed back to the day when they had said their goodbyes and the day he had realized he loved her as more then just a friend.

"So you've already said goodbye to carver and lor?" Tino asked

Tish and Tino were standing outside of tish's home, where a moving van sat in the driveway and men would occasionally come out of her house to load things onto it.

"Ya, they both decided that we should go out for one last pizza as a sort of remembrance for all the good times we had" Tish replied "But I'm glad I got to say goodbye to you in a more private setting Tino. I wanted to thank you for being such a good friend, more then anyone else you were always willing to help me when I needed it and were always there when I needed someone to just listen"

Tino smiled, slightly embarrassed at the strength of Tish's words. "Umm gee thanks Tish, I was always glad to help out, and besides its not like you weren't always there for me, I mean I cant count the number of times you saved me from trouble with a word of sage advice, and plus without you I never would have learned how cool a person Shakespeare was..." Tino paused, uncertain of what to say next and even more uncertain of what he was feeling. He wasn't sure why but this was hurting him more then he expected, like losing Tish was akin to something more then just losing a really good friend. Unable to understand he simply shrugged off his confusion and smiled back at Tish

"So uhhh how cool is it being discovered and all? I mean how many kids get invited to study at an exclusive theatre school on the east coast" Tino said, still amazed that it had even happened

"I know" said Tish "I mean I never guessed that small part in The Tempest would lead to such a change as having to move. But that scout I met after the play was over said I had taken that part and added real life to it. Even then I didn't think much of it but when he contacted me later about a scholarship to such a well known school as Asbury so I could make something of my gift, I just couldn't say no, it's just such an honor. I'm not going to change though, I'll still write you guys ever week to let you know how I'm doing"

"That'll be great Tish, I can't wait" Tino said, even as those words fell hollow from his lips

"Tishy come on, it being time to go" Tish's mom said from the doorway of their now vacant house

" Tino" Tish said, hugging him tightly and looking at him

Tino was puzzled, she was looking at him almost like she expected something, but he didn't know what she was waiting for. Then she turned and got into the van, taking one last look at her old house and the truck started up and headed out the driveway. Tino just stood there, he felt horrible and as the truck turned out of the driveway and began to go down the street he could swear he saw tears in Tish's eyes as she looked back and waved goodbye.

His life became less interesting after that, his adventures never quite as fun and exciting as they had once been, and always he felt that pain of Tish's absence in his heart. True to her word Tish did write them every week, telling them of her new life that the school, of how tough her classes were and how much she missed them, but soon the letters began to come later and later, and soon they stopped all together. As the years went bye and Lor and Carver and Tino grew they remained friends but they never sought a replacement for Tish, and though none of them would ever admit why they all knew it was because there wasn't anyone who could ever replace Tish. After they graduated from high school together, Lor went on to a renowned sports college, where she would later join the WNBA and lead her team to world wide recognition. She had even managed to grace the cover of sports illustrated, a feet which she never let Tino forget when they met every Christmas. Carver had gone on to work for Nike, planning to design the shoe of his dreams for the entire world to wear. Lor and Tino didn't see him as much as they would have liked but he did always make sure to call them every now and then, if only to brag about how the hottest shoe in the market was all his doing. Tish was something else all together, soon after the gang had gone their separate ways Tino had seen her picture in an add for a hit Broadway play and after doing some research found out that she had made quite a name for herself on the stage. She not only had dozens of awards to her name but she was also rumored to be sought after by Hollywood for feature films. Tino sighed softly to himself, all his friends had made it big and his life had remained just average. Even after moving away from Bahia Bay he had not managed to doing anything anyone could ever consider famous or exciting, he simply lived. Tino got up and went to his bed, stripping out of his work clothes and collapsing onto it. He knew where his life had gone wrong, he should have told Tish that he loved her, maybe if he had realized his feelings for her before she had left, maybe it would all have been different, maybe he would have been different. But that was it wasn't it, he thought. That was the question that always haunted him even in his dreams, What if? He knew he would always love Tish even until the day he died, and he knew that nothing he ever did would change what had already happen, but he also knew he would spend the rest of his life wondering what could have been and so he closed his eyes, pulled up his covers and drifted off to sleep, perchance to dream.

Author's note – Well there we go, the first chapter of my very own weekender's story. I'd like to think that people will enjoy it, and at the very least if they don't, they'll let me know. I'd like to dedicate this first chapter to my four friends, Lord Malachite, Lord Canti, Shinji, and Attic Man. You guys inspired me to write this with your wonderful stories, and in Shinji's case, just by being damn cool. If you enjoy this story do drop me a line and let me know, or better yet leave me a review. Let me know what you thought, what you didn't like, guesses for how the plot will develop, or just random funny quotes. I hope to add the next chapter soon, and who knows if it's well received maybe a chapter after that, but until then my dear viewers, Later

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