Just a little W/J fic, not sure how long it will be

Disclaimer: I own nothing, if I did Woody and Jordan would already be together, not to mention Jordan's hair would still be wavy.

Jordan's POV

"Hey Woody, what do we got?" man did he look cute today or what? Did I really just think that? Help I'm losing it.

"Victim's name is Sandra Hall, do you have TOD?" the words just rolled out, but the expression on his face was unreadable, I'm sure something's wrong, he wasn't being his regular happy-go-lucky self, it worried me, oh well, I guess I'll just have to ask him about it later.

"Well judging from lavidity and rigor I'd say four to six hours, can you help me roll her?" he just turned green and ran. This is starting to get weird, ya he is normally squeamish, but this was just getting ridiculous. I let go of the body and ran over to him.

"Hey Wood, you okay?" he just kept staring at the ground, "Woody, Woody, what's up?"

"I'm fine Jord, I just don't feel great, that's all, really," I could tell by the way he wasn't looking at me there was more to it than he was letting on. I was really starting to worry. Oh, good there's Nig I can have him take in the body.

"Nig, come here," I yelled

"Coming," his reply was short, but sweet for once.

"Hey, can you take the body in? I need to talk to Woody, I know something is up, but he just won't admit to it, I'm sure if I can get him alone I can get him to open up."

"Good luck love, you'll need it." He winked at me, then walked away, what was that for? Oh, well, it is Nig, that's nothing new, right?

"Hey, Woody, you wanna go for a walk and get some coffee?" I asked while trying to pull him to his feet. He complied a little, but he was still pretty heavy.

"Sure, Jo,"

After about a half an hour I just couldn't take it anymore, "Woody, what is up with you? You've been acting like this for weeks and I just can't stand it anymore!"

"Then don't, just leave, just like you always do," I know he didn't mean for me to hear the last part, but I did and it hurt, he knows I care doesn't he, he has to, I've never stuck around this long before, but then again how would he know about before, he wasn't here then. Well, I'll just have to prove it to him. It'll be a challenge, and I never loose a challenge.

"Woody, what are you doing for the next few days?'

"Nothing, why?"

"I was thinking maybe you would like to get away for a little while, maybe clear your head, I know I could use it."

"You.... want to go away.... with me?" I almost had to laugh at the tone he was using, he musta thought I had totally lost my mind.

"Ya, why not, I think it would be fun, maybe go up north for a little while, I have enough sick days and vacation days that we could stay up there for weeks if we wanted." Jordan what are you getting yourself into, a week plus alone with Woody, Jordan stop!!! You are so asking for trouble!!!

"Sure, it sounds like fun." Crap, he said yes, does he realize what he just agreed to, look, he's finally got a hint of a smile on his face, This will be tons of fun.

Woody's POV

Did she really just ask me to go away with her? Granted it has been my dream for the most part of the last 3 years, but she really asked me not the other way around, which is how I thought it was always going to happen it ever did.

Three Days Later

Jordan's POV

"I'm leaving," I yelled into Garret's office as I grabbed my bags and headed toward the elevator trying to avoid Nigel's prying eye.

"Bye," was Garret's reply while Nigel told me I owed him details, I told him to shove it. He just smiled at me as I left.

Woody's POV

Finally time to go, YES! But why is she driving? Oh ya, Jordan always has to be the strong one, well lets just see if I can play that against her, I'll let her make all the moves and we'll just see how she likes it. I'm going to stop chasing, this is supposed to help me relax after all, right. I'll just take my mind off of everything, the case, the murders, everything. Just me and Jordan away for as long as we want.

"Honk, honk," she's here, time to go.

"So Jo, where are we headed?"

"I told you, up north, but if you want more specifics my mom's family has a cabin in upstate New York by a lake that I used to visit when I was little, I figured we would get some food on the way up, at least a weeks worth and if we decide to stay longer we can just go to the country store up there." Jordan, organized, this was a new experience, I hope our little trip is filled with many more. Jordan in a swimsuit, oh this is going to worth anything she puts me through.

6 or so hours later

Jordan's POV

"Hey Wood, are you still alive?"


"We are just about there, I want to stop and pick up a few things that I forgot about" Woody offered to go get them, but I reminded him that this time was about making him feel better and I ran to the store before he could unlock the door to follow me in.

Woody's POV

Leave it to Jordan to be the difficult one, ya I'm going to let her make the moves if I can convince her that she wants to, but I can still try to be the good boy scout I was raised to be, what would my mom think if she knew that I let a woman take care of me without me doing anything for her.

Jordan came back quickly, I got out to help her with the bags, she scolded me, it was okay I was used to it. I could handle just about anything she threw at me except indifference, and that was one thing I hadn't gotten anywhere near so far this trip, so I was doing just fine. I put the bags in the back of the explorer and ran to open her door before she even knew what I was doing.

"Wait a minute," she started scolding, "what do you think your doing?"

"Being the grateful caring man that you love," I replied, she gave me a look of complete confusion, I'm not sure if that is good or bad guess I'll find out soon enough. She got into the car and we were on our way again. Jordan was quiet the rest the way up to the cabin. I knew she was thinking about what I said to her.

We arrived about 20 miles later at the top of a hill looking down over a clear, smooth lake. Boy was I going to like this vacation. How long did she say we could stay up here?

Jordan's POV

Did he really say that I love him, is he right? Do I? Crap this could be the longest vacation ever.

Just make the best of Jo, just make the best of it.

"Jo, Jo is this it?" Woody pulled me away from my train of thought, probably a good place to be pulled away from I thought.

"Yep, this is it, ya like?"

"Actually I'm a bit disappointed."

"What, why, I thought you were into all the outdoorsy woodsy stuff?" I'm sure he could tell he shocked me.

"Relax Jo, I'm just kidding, I love it, but will you really be able to handle being out here for so long?"

"What? are you joking, I live for this stuff!"

Woody's POV

One more thing to add to the I still don't quite understand Jordan yet box, but if she says she likes it, then well, she'll just have to prove it.

"So what are we doing for dinner tonight?"

"I'm cooking," she answered, I couldn't help but let out a smothered laugh, she glared.

"Sorry Jordan, I guess I never really pictured you as a cook, do you want some help?"

"I can do just fine by myself, now sit down and let me make you a fabulous meal," I packed the Pepto, right? This should be fun. I sat and watched her pull out innumerable amounts of ingredients, she stared at all of them for about 15 minutes and then she started, I had to try so hard not to laugh, she looked so cute running around the little kitchen trying to put things together, I watched her mix a bunch of things together, I'm not quite sure what, as soon as she stopped stirring I had a spoon at my mouth, she was asking me to taste it. "Your kidding right?"

"You will eat whatever I put in front you, now taste," that was one command I didn't expect from Jordan, but I obeyed and opened my mouth. It actually tasted... good, wow, how did she do that?

"Jo this is great!"

"Don't sound so shocked, I can cook a few things" but when she said it she had this look of relief on her face that I could tell she was trying to hide. It was cute, she was actually worried about what I would think of her cooking, things are starting to look up. I might actually have a chance.

"Wood, go downstairs and grab a bottle of wine, or anything that looks good to you." she said completely nonchalant. I went down and grabbed a bottle of champagne or maybe two, I'll grab two and let her pick.

"Jo, which one?"

"Both. I'm sure we can probably use it I need to relax to, we may even need a third or fourth." she said and smiled at me. This could be night of whole new beginnings.

2 hours later

Jordan's POV

"Jo, dinner was great, a bit of a surprise, you always play like you can't do anything feminine." Oh he did not just say that, time to teach him a lesson.

Woody's POV

How could you say that, she will likely never talk to you again, you stupid, stupid air head. Now she is never going to near you again, better play it cool for awhile before she decides to pop me one.

"Jo, you want to watch a movie or something, I think it is getting a little to late to do anything else tonight?" please don't fight with me, she has to know I feel awful about what I just said, look at my defeated face please, I really didn't mean it.

"Sound great, how about The Princess Bride?"

"Jordan, I'm shocked!


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