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Rating: G

AN: Just a fun bit of fluff.

Summary: "Nope, you don't deserve any kisses today, Leo."

The President stopped pouring his coffee as he strained to listen to the sounds coming from his Chief of Staff's office. The doors between the two offices had not been closed tightly, and he could hear the voices of Leo and Margaret.

"That is not fair, Margaret. You can't tease me like that," Leo's voice was edging towards a definite whine as he spoke to his assistant.

The President smiled as he heard Margaret laugh, "I'm not teasing, Leo."

"Then give me a kiss," Leo's demand nearly made the President drop his coffee cup, which he did set down quickly as he moved towards the door to hear better.

"Nope," Margaret refused flatly.

"Please," Leo's voice had definitely hit the whining stage.

"Nope, you don't deserve any kisses today, Leo."

Quietly easing the first door open, the President slipped closer to the other office, listening carefully.

He could hear Leo sigh and slump into his chair, "What did I do now, Margaret?"

"You yelled at Larry about something that wasn't his fault and you never apologized," the President chuckled as Margaret scolded Leo.

"So, you're punishing me by withholding kisses," the question made the President blush slightly.

"Yes. Until you apologize to Larry, I'm not giving you another kiss."

"For how long?"

"Forever," Margaret's voice was just slightly teasing.

Leo's toned matched that of her, "You couldn't, you'd cave."

Margaret's voice dropped causing the President to lean on the partially closed door, "You want to test me?"

"I'll call Larry," Leo relented with a moan.


"Yes, woman," the edge that the President knew from hours in the Sit Room was back in Leo's voice. "Now, will you get over here and give me a damn kiss?"

"Ask nicely," she was definitely teasing now, much to the President's surprise.

"Margaret, if you don't give a kiss, I'm coming over there and taking one," the President hear Leo starting to move toward the sound of Margaret's voice.

"You wouldn't dare," a little fear laced the statement.

"Watch me," the President's eyes grew wide at the menacing growl in Leo's voice, which was accompanied by the sound of a body hitting the door to Margaret's office.

The small yelp that Margaret let out was enough to make the President burst into the room, "What the hell is going on in here?"

Leo spun on his heels to face the President, "Excuse me, Sir?"

"I... ah... I heard...," the President trailed off taking in the scene in front of him. Margaret was pressed against the door, Leo's back was practically pressing into her front they were standing so close, but what made the President stumble over his words was the bag of silver foiled, Hershey Kisses that Margaret was holding over her head and out of Leo's reach.

"Is there a problem, sir," Leo asked again a little concerned.

The President's eyes didn't leave the bag, which was being slowly lowered from its position in the air, as he felt a blush touch his cheeks, "No, I just wanted... um... to know if you wanted some coffee."

"We have some," Leo waved a hand to indicate the two mugs on his desk. "Thank you, sir."

"Ah, okay, well, carry on," the President started to suddenly back out of the room, but was halted by Margaret's voice.

"Mr. President, would you like a Kiss," she asked, holding out the bag over Leo's shoulder.

Turning beet red, the President shook his head as he back peddled out of the room, "Ah... No, thank you, Margaret."

Once he had closed the door between the two offices, Leo and Margaret shrugged at each other smiling. With a smirk, Leo grabbed the bag from Margaret and laid a gentle kiss on her lips.