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"You're drunk, Margaret."

Margaret's angry green eyes snapped to him, "Damn straight, I had the day from Hell so I came home and got slowly bombed outta my skull. I ain't hurtin' anyone, but myself, so you can just go away, Leo."

"Do you really want me to leave?"

She studied him for a minute before sinking into her couch, "No."

"Okay. Why are you drunk tonight, Margaret?"

She sighed heavily into the room, "I work for a damn Republican, Leo. He's a jackass and I'm trying to forget that,"

"Williams isn't a Republican."

There was a harshness to her voice, one that had been there for months and was growing harder with each day, "Tell him that."

"You're not drunk because of Williams. Tell me the real reason."

She could sense him moving towards her, "You know."

"Just tell me, Margaret. Say the words."

Tears crept into her eyes, "You left me, Leo. You left me to work for an idiot. You left me alone in this god forsaken town."

"I'm sorry. I tried to take care of you."

She barked out a harsh laugh, "Yeah, an amount of money added at the end of a legal document. It didn't make up for the fact that you left me."

"I'm sorry."

She fought against the sleep that wanted to claim her, "I just don't care anymore, Leo."

"That's not true. You care, Margaret. You care too much."

The tears fell, "That's why I'm drunk now, Leo. I care. I care about you and you left. You left me."

"I didn't just leave you."

If she could have she would have thrown something at him, "But everybody else had someone. You left me alone. I had to leave the White House. I should have left the city."

"No, Margaret, leaving would be giving up. You can't give up. That's why you need to stop drinking and you need to sleep."

She shook her head, "No! If I stop drinking, if I sleep, you will leave me again."

"I'll never really leave you. I'll always be here."

She felt a gentle pressure on her chest and a stirring in her heart as the glass moved from her hand and the bottle emptied. In the morning the room would be just as empty as it had been tonight, but she would face the new dawn with clear eyes and renewed peace.