Escape From Darkness

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I stood apart from them, my friends as they danced to the soft music, so happy in each others arms. Not caring that anyone would see them, think less of them for their relationships. So unlike we were.

We sought to hide, to keep it away from all who could scorn and frown upon us. All to save our pride, our images. Hiding destroyed me inside, destroyed us, our relationship.

So fragile, so untrusting that a simple argument was all it took to shatter it. To form the rift, the gulf I could see between us now.

It was so dark and deep, neither of us trying to bridge it. We just stared across the imaginary pit, neither speaking nor moving. Too many times we tried and failed, at a loss for the words.

My friends danced, embraced in a sweet moment. It made my heart ache, for you, for what we lost. I turned my back on them, unable to bear it. Unable to take the happiness and true peace they found in each others arms.

Even to this day I search for you, on days like this when people gather, the occasion doesn't matter. I am always looking for you, for what I've missed.

It's dark now, people are leaving and it's almost empty. I should go too, I won't be missed. Yet I stay, bound by whatever holds my heart, like the sad song that played as they danced.

The lights were going off, letting the darkness approach, my friends had left with the light. I was invisible to them, standing in the pale light of a half moon. They left, without a second glance, but I no longer felt it, the pain didn't come, the pain of losing you left me empty, broken, no longer able to feel it.

The sparkling grass shifted gently from a small breeze, rippling in waves, a sea of fragile green blades.

Clouds covered the light, enforcing the dark, enforcing the deep loneliness, the heartbreak. It's dark now, I use to fear the dark, here it feels different, I feel safe.

On the hill, a shadow darker than the others. Light shines down in full glory upon it, revealing an angel, revealing you.

The warm breeze tugs at our clothes, our hair. Blue eyes, those deeply familiar blue eyes of yours fall on mine. How long? How many nights like this passed before now? Too many to count, too lonely to remember.

A single unbidden tear, mirrored by your own falls down my cheek. The music is gone, only we remain, only we with our broken hearts, broken souls.

A timeless moment passes, a wordless moment, yet a conversation is had all the same. An outstretched hand from you, a way to finally right the wrongs we've done, a way to mend both our hearts.

Your eyes promise things will be different, things will be the same, we will be better.

Do I turn my back as I did on my friends? Just walk away and avoid the possible return of a broken heart? No, those beautiful blue eyes tell me otherwise.

As I take your hand, the feeling of completeness finally returns, the feeling of my broken soul mended. The breeze carries the barest ghost of a whisper from our lips away.



It does not matter, we've said all that's needed, all we ever needed to know.

The darkness has returned, but we are untouched, unmarked by its coldness.

We have found our light.


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