Published: 22 Sep 2004.

Disclaimer: Gundam SEED characters belongs to Sunrise, Bandai and Sotsu Agency. However the plot of this quirky tale is mine.

Author's note: A Between Friends side story. Athrun and Kira shounen-ai. Set during the timeline in the main story. Hmm, does anyone even bother reading these :D :D ? Beta by ElsewhereCW.

◊ Between Friends ◊
Side Story Contentment

The late afternoon sunlight reflected off the surface of the sea as they sped along the hairpin curves of the coast road at intoxicating speed.

Kira laughed as he held onto Athrun's waist; the wind whipped the bangs off his face as the powerful 1130cc luxury tourer ate up the miles. He hadn't felt this alive for a long time. He pressed his chest against the dark-haired boy's back, his grip on Athrun's waist tightening.

Presently, Athrun decelerated and brought the machine to a standstill on a grassy verge. They got off and walked towards the cliff edge, arms slung casually around each other. They sat in silence until the sky near the horizon turned a shade of crimson, and the first stars made their appearance.

Sighing contentedly, Kira cast a lingering glance at his best friend. Athrun smiled in return, the breeze ruffling his shoulder length hair.


Kira smiled and pushed a stray strand of hair out of his eyes. Slowly, he reached out and caressed Athrun's face, his thumbs trailing gently across Athrun's cheeks.

"Athrun," Kira's voice was low like liquid smoke. "I want to remind you, that I –"

Placing his forefinger against Kira's lips, Athrun cut him off. "Don't tell me. Show me," he murmured, his voice seductive. His arms curved around Kira possessively.

Kira leaned forwards, until their faces were so close and all he could see were the vivid green of Athrun's eyes. He lifted his hands to cover Athrun's eyes and gently licked the corners of the other boy's mouth. Then gently still, he slid his tongue into Athrun's mouth, moving it from side to side and in and out, using motions that hinted at more intimate forms of pleasure to come.

Athrun's lips curved with ecstasy at the sweet sensation. He pulled Kira down beside him. Kira made no verbal response; his body wriggled sensually under Athrun's hands.

Their eyes locked on each other.

And there was nothing left between them but the rapid beating of their hearts and the feeling of contentment as they lost themselves in their private world.


P.A. © 2004