Ah, this is truly a weapon worthy of my talents. I remember well when I got it. Walter had been working on it for some time when he brought it to me. After seeing it sitting in the case, I ached to feel its weight in my hand.

I picked it up, savoring its heft and balance as Walter reeled off the stats.

"The 13mm Anti-Freak combat pistol, Jackal. 39cm long, it weighs in at sixteen kilograms. Unlike the rounds you've been using in the .454 Casull, this pistol uses specially made 13mm exploding ammunition, six round magazines. No human could handle this pistol."

"The casings?" I asked as I slid the magazine home.

"Pure silver, Macedonia processed."


"Marvel Chemical Cartridges, N.N.A.9."

"The tips, Exploding or Mercury?"

"Mercury Ignition, and they've already been blessed."

I looked at the aging butler. "It's perfect, Walter."

"I am pleased you like it," the old man said, smiling and bowing.

"I'd bet I could take down Anderson with this," I said, looking at its beauty.

"Oh, is it that powerful?" piped the Police Girl as she came into the room.

"Ah, Miss Victoria," Walter said, picking up another case.

I kind of tuned out the ensuing conversation. I knew she was going to explode as Walter hauled out the two meter plus Harkonnen.

Maybe I shouldn't have planted that idea into Walter's head. She seemed to get a bit agitated at the man.

I still remember admiring it several hours later, still in awe of that magnificent piece of modern technology, and the raw power it can unleash.

It's such a shame that the damned doctor of Millennium destroyed it. I somewhat miss it, though I now have something even sweeter in mind.

But that's a story for another time…right now, I have a date with Walter, one that I have been commanded to be the only one to walk away from.

This promises to be fun.