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The first thing that hit me was the pounding pain in my head. Then the dizziness.

I groaned and slowly opened my eyes, cringing against the bright light. I quickly realized that I was in my dorm room, lying on my bed.

"Welcome back."

I finally focused in on the person sitting beside the bed, and I realized that it was Skittery. I looked around, confused.

"What are you doing here? What happened?" I asked. The last thing I remembered was walking into that party…nothing past that.

Skittery leaned back in his chair, closing the book that he'd been reading. "Jack Kelly spiked your drink with Rohypnol at the party last night."

Rohypnol…I'd heard of that before. In health class…

It was a date rape drug.

"But I didn't…did he…he didn't…" I stuttered, so scared that I couldn't manage a complete sentence.

"He didn't do anything to you, if that's what you're wondering. I didn't give him the chance."

I cringed. "But…how'd you know where I was?"

"I was worried when you didn't show up at English. I spent all day tracking down your roommate, who just happened to have heard you were going to that party. And by the time I got there, Jack was already dragging you upstairs."

I was shaking now, simply from shock. If Skittery hadn't come to that party to find me…I couldn't even think about it.

He obviously noticed me shaking, because he sat down beside me on the bed and hugged me. I held onto him and closed my eyes, taking deep breaths, trying not to think of what might have happened.

"Ssh…you're fine. You're okay," he said quietly, trying to calm me down.

"I'm sorry…"

"It's not your fault. You didn't do anything wrong."

"No," I said. "I'm sorry for what I said at the fountain. You…you didn't deserve to hear any of that."

He hesitated, and then smiled. "Nah…I needed to hear all that," he said, and I looked up at him, confused. "You're right, Snitch…about all of it. And I wanna try and fix things. I didn't even realize it…not until I thought about what you said. But…you're right."

"About the doctor thing…or the straight thing?"

He smiled. "Both."

He leaned in toward me, and-


I promptly grasped my head in pain at Dutchy's yell as he ran in and rushed to my side.

"Are you okay? Did he hurt you? I swear, if he hurt you, I'll-"

"He's fine. Don't talk so loud," Skittery said with a smirk.

Dutchy finally seemed to notice Skittery, and he grinned. "Hey! If it ain't Mr. Prodigy…"

"Mr. Prodigy?" Skittery asked, raising an eyebrow. I slapped Dutchy on the back of the head, and he got my point rather quickly.

"You sure you're okay?" Dutchy asked me, and I nodded.

"I'm fine, thanks to Skitts," I explained. Then, a question popped into my mind. "Dutchy…why aren't you hung over?"

"What are you talkin' about? I am hung over."

Oh good Lord. If this was him hung over, I was glad Specs was occupying him while he was drunk.

Speaking of Specs, the brunette entered the room at that moment, breathing heavily.

"Dutchy…when I said…that Snitch was still in bed…I didn't mean…that he was dying," he said between gasps for air. "Damn, you…run fast…"

"You know, guys…I'm fine. You didn't have to run over here," I said quietly.

"Just wanted to check on you and make sure you were doing alright," Specs said. "And, uh…we wanted to apologize for, you know…not keeping an eye out for you at the party."

I laughed. "Specs, you two were so drunk, I don't think you would've recognized me."

"Well, true, but still…"

I rolled my eyes. "Go on, you two. Dutchy's gonna be late for ballet."

"It's swing," Dutchy said, pouting.

"Well, either way, you're gonna be late."

With many protests from the blonde boy, Specs dragged him out of the room. But no more than a few seconds later, the door slammed open again.

Pie stumbled in, kissing Itey hard, slamming the door shut and pushing him up against it. And as he moved his kisses to Itey's neck, Itey finally noticed Skitts and I sitting there looking pretty horrified, I'd guess.

"Pie…" he started, and then gasped as Pie hit a sensitive point. "Hey, Pie…PIE!"

Pie finally stopped his assault and looked up at Itey, who pointed at us. The room was pretty much dead silent as Pie Eater turned around to look at us.

He frantically started buttoning the top buttons on his shirt, saying apologies that I only half understood as Itey adjusted the collar on his shirt.

I barely resisted the urge to just burst out laughing as Itey muttered some excuse about having to go do homework, his face bright red as he left the room. Pie watched him go, and then turned to me, still a little out of breath.

"Snitch…thought you'd be at class."


He blushed again, and then grabbed his backpack and left in a hurry, probably to catch up with Itey. As the door shut, I couldn't hold back any more; I just started laughing. I guess the scholarship problem was…well…no longer a problem.

But I was abruptly cut off when Skittery kissed me.

I immediately decided two things:

One, that I was going to major in criminal justice.

And two…that my new lucky number was 44.

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