For Jen23

a sweet presence on FFN

Thank you for your work and kind words. I like to think this goes along with that latest fic of yours. ;D

( After this drabble, two more pieces will be posted, then I'll be retiring from the G Gundam fandom. However, I won't hesitate to revisit if I'm inspired. )

by Jess Angel

In the form of new life—of love—I'm reborn.

Growth. Inside me, around me. I am made whole.

Hands so small and delicate have made us crumble at their subtle force.

His eyes are mine, but his smile is yours. And realization settles like rising dawn.

Precious heart… he is ours.

Small existence encompassing, yet within our own.

We have come face to face with immortality. Generations, old and young, are bound in blood—not only of body but loving spirit; soul. In his laugh, the future and past sing their abiding song. Bright eyes, his.


In ours.

·:·. Fin..·:·

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