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Chapter 7

47-year-old drug addict Lisa Street dies of cocaine overdose. Funeral took place on July 19 at the St. Joseph's Cemetery outside Trenton. Street leaves widowed husband Mark Street and two children.

Megan read and re-read the miniscule article in the obituary section of the Trenton newspaper on the flight back to L.A. Megan and Jim left right after the funeral and reception. The reception was small, planned by a few elderly members of the church their mother used to faithfully attend.

She was tucked under Jim's arm and leaning against his sleeping body. Jim hadn't gotten much rest during their time in Trenton, and it was finally catching up with him. Megan, however, simply read the article about her mother over and over again.

The article was not the important thing on Megan's mind right now. She kept thinking how her father had given up custody of her and how Jim now was her legal guardian. The papers had all been signed, and it was now official.

--------------------2 months later--------------------

"Megan! Hurry up, your boyfriend is going to be here any minute; you don't want to keep him waiting, do you?" Jim teased at her from the other side of her bathroom. Megan and Pete had been going out ever since she and Jim arrived back in L.A. Megan didn't return to Edgar Jones for about a week or so, but she and Pete became even closer after that.

"Haha, very funny Jim. I'm almost ready." She opened the door and modeled for Jim. "How do I look?" She asked.

Megan, now sixteen, was dressed in a blue jean mini skirt, a black shimmery top, and a pair of black dress sandals. Her thick black hair was curled and pulled back away from her face. Having finished their last exam, Pete insisted on taking Megan out to celebrate the end of school.

"You look great. Now, remember what we talked about…..right?" Although Jim couldn't be happier with being Megan's guardian, he still wasn't that comfortable with 'the talk'.

"Yes, Jim. I know the rules." Megan said.

Pete picked Megan up about twenty minutes later and they made their way to the fair that was in town.

They hadn't really talked about the death of her mother, and Pete didn't really know if he should bring it up or not.

"Hey, Megan." He said as she got into the passenger side of the car. After giving her a quick kiss on the cheek, he said, "You know, you look really beautiful tonight. How are you doing?"

Slightly blushing at this, Megan said, "I'm alright. It's kind of a difficult transition, you know, but I'm adjusting." She knew he meant how she was holding up, but tonight was supposed to be special, and she didn't want to be upset.

They parked two blocks from the fair, deciding it was a nice night and it shouldn't be wasted. Pete got out first and came around to open her door for her. After she got out of the car, he locked it and put his arm around her shoulders. Being several inches taller than her made the maneuver very easy.

Pete paid the $2 per person for entry and then they made their way to the booths. He won her a stuffed teddy bear at the 'test your strength' hammer game. After sharing a piece of pizza, a funnel cake, and a caramel apple, Megan and Pete took their bag of roasted chestnuts onto the ferris wheel and sat close together.

While up at the top, waiting to go back down, Megan started to shiver a bit.

"Are you cold?" Pete asked her, looking into her slender face.

"Well, I am wearing miniscule clothing, so yeah, a little." She laughed innocently.

"Here." Pete said as he took off his leather jacket and draped it over her shoulders.

"Thanks, Pete. It's warm."

They both smiled and she leaned against him, he closed his arms around her and held her close. Pete wouldn't know it, but this was the best way he could help her cope with her mother's death.

When the got off the Ferris wheel, they left the fair wand decided to go for a walk on the nearby beach. The beach was close to the fair, but was much quieter.

They just walked silently, hand in hand, and just smelled the salt water and the sand. They took off their shoes and walked barefoot in the sand, talking about their summer plans and what they wanted to do.

Megan and Pete did not know what would happen over the summer; all they knew was that they were two kids who were crazy for each other. Nothing was going to ruin that for them, for they had not a care in the world.

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