A/N: I felt there was a bit of a scene missing from "Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller" well... there was a lot missing from said episode. In this gentle viewers eyes, it pretty much sucked. It was gross, stupid, and just not GG.

Disclaimer: Rudy Can't Fail is the Clash's. Play That Funky Music is Wild Cherry's, and the Ghostbusters theme is... Cory Hart? No.. that's... No. It's not mine! ASP owns the characters... sadness. Not mine.

Summary: A little missing scene from Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller

Spoilers: Say Goodbye to Daisy Miller

Rudy Can't Fail

Jess looked down at his cell phone. It was ringing. Well... not really ringing... it played 'Rudy Can't Fail' by The Clash when it rang.

He glanced at the number of his caller... and didn't recognize it.

He sighed and picked it up as he entered the old, run-down apartment complex that he unfortunately called home. "Hello?"


Jess blinked as he pulled his keys out of the pocket of his jeans. "Who is this?"

"Who does it sound like, smart-ass?"



"You're not calling from your number," Jess commented as he put his keys in to open the door. It was stuck. Again.

"How do you know?" Luke asked, a little baffled.

"My phone has caller ID," Jess muttered, trying to shove the door open.

"Oh," Luke replied bluntly. "What's that noise? What are you doing?"

"Looking for the treasure of the Sierra Madre," Jess muttered, completely serious, as he kicked at the door. "Where the hell are you calling from?"

"I uh... I got a cell phone..."

Jess stopped pulverizing the door.

"Jess? You still there?"

Jess started laughing.

Really laughing.

"Hey!" Luke cried. "What's funny?!"

"You hate cell phones," Jess chuckled. "You kick people with cell phones out of the diner."

"I won't have it on in the diner," Luke defended.

"You'll forget to turn it off one day," Jess went on. "And it'll go off. You'll have to leave your own diner on principle."

"That's not gonna happen."

"What's your ringer?" Jess asked.


"Your ringer," Jess repeated. "What is it?"

"...Just a plain ringer," Luke replied quickly.

"Liar," Jess snapped. "What is it?"


"Lemme guess... The theme from Ghostbusters," Jess joked.

"No!" Luke cried. "It's Play That Funky Music!"

Jess laughed again. "That's sad."

"Shut up," Luke growled. "Listen, your mom and TJ got into an accident in Maine. I'm heading up there now to help them out."

"They alright?" Jess asked, finally getting his door open.

"Yeah. They both broke a couple of things," Luke replied. "But they're okay."

Jess stood awkwardly in his run-down apartment. "Tell them... Well, tell Liz..."

"Yeah," Luke replied curtly. "No problem."


"G'night, Jess."

Jess smirked a little. "Play that funky, music."

Luke hung up.

Jess sighed and hung up as well. He then dialed a different number and put the phone to his ear. "Hey, Liz... yeah, I heard... you guys okay?"