Helen had nothing to do over the weekend so she decided to go over to Chris Thorndike's house and see if Sonic or one of his friends wanted to play with her.

The twelve year older girl steared her wheelchair up the Thorndike's front walk and to the front door. She reached up and rang the doorbell.

Chris Thorndike, a boy from the school she went to, opened the door. For some reason he didn't seem happy to see her. "Uh, hi Helen," he said nervously, "what brings you here?"

"I came to see if Sonic wanted to hang out with me," she explained.

"Well, uh, he can't," Chris said quickly, "he, uh, is busy at the moment."

Helen had a feeling he was lying. "What's he doing?" she asked.

"Well, you know, uh, hedgehog stuff," Chris said feebly.

"You're lying," Helen said.

"Uh, why do you say that?" he asked.

"I cant tell," she said in annoyance. "you don't want Sonic, or anyone else, to hang out with anyone but you."

"I think you'd better go," Chris said in a hurry.

"They don't belong to you, you know," Helen snapped, "they aren't your pets!"

"You'd better go," Chris said, beginning to shut the door.

Helen turned away from the door angrily.

"See you later," Chris said.

"Not likely," she called back.

And that was all. She said nothing more. She left. She was too angry to say anymore anyway.

Helen took her wheelchair all the way to the lake. Her usual place to think and just be by herself. She stopped it along the shoreline and stared over the crystal clear water at the island in the middle. She thought about her conversation with Chris. It was easy to tell he didn't want her to hang out with Sonic and the hedgehog's friends. She just didn't understand why.

He's a greedy brat, that's why, she thought angrily, he wants them to only talk and hang out with him! He shouldn't do that though.

Helen was suddenly sad. "After all. They're my friends too," she said closing her eyes.

Helen sat there for a few minutes just thinking. She wished she could walk. If she could, maybe she'd be able to do more things, and see Sonic more often.

"But I can't," she said closing her eyes and holding back tears, "it's not my fault. That shouldn't be held against me."

She started to cry and put her hands over her eyes to hide them. Just because she couldn't walk didn't mean Chris had to keep Sonic and the others away from her.

Suddenly Helen's thoughts were interupted by the sound of indistint voices behind her. She turned her chair around ahd looked in the direction of the forest, but saw no one.

"I wonder where those voices are coming from," she said to herself, "They sound like they're coming from the forest."

Helen steared her chair into the woods following the sound of the voices. Eventually she reached a spot where the voices seemed very close. Infact she could make out most of what was said. What she could hear made her very curious about the speeker.

She got a little closer and peeked around a tree. "Hmmm........," she said to herself.

When she saw who it was she gasped half in surprise and half in fear.

She could see Dr. Eggman and his two robots Decoe and Bocoe standing just a few feet away from where she was hiding. They were having a very important discussion.............. about how to get rid of Sonic and take over the world.

What are they doing here? she thought as she watched them, Maybe if I listen long enough I'll be able to find out their next plan.

Helen made no sound as she listened to the three bad guy's discussion.

"This plan is fool proof," Eggman was saying, "No one will be able to stop me this time not even that no good Sonic."

"Very brilliant, Doctor," Decoe said in enthusiasm, "This has to be your best idea yet."

"I know," Eggman said, not even trying to be modest, "and the best thing is not even Sonic can stop it! This time I won't let anything get in my way! The Egg Destruction Switch is my best plan yet!"

Helen gasped. Egg Destruction Switch? What was that? What did it do? Was it activated yet?

"I'd better warn Sonic," she whispered, "I'd better do it now, before it's too late!"

Helen backed up her wheelchair and turned it around. She tried to move it as quietly as possible, but the one wheel rolled over a dry twig snapping it loudly.

Helen froze. Eggman was bound to hear that. I hope he didn't.

Eggman indead heard it.

The sound had been pretty loud.

"Who's there?" he demanded.

No answer, but his sharp eyes caught the back of her wheelchair anyway.

"Hey you!" he shouted.

Helen looked over the back of her chair with a panicked look on her face.

"You, don't move!' he ordered.

Helen wasn't about to listen. Pressing the Power button on her chair's controls she zoomed it as fast as it could go away from Eggman and his robots.

"After that girl!" he shouted pointing after her fleeing figure.

Decoe and Bocoe ran after her with Eggman not far behind.

Helen tried to make the chair go faster, but it wouldn't. She looked over the back again and saw the robots and Eggman getting closer.

She let out a half scream/half gasp and steared the chair to her right. She hoped that if she zig zagged her chair around enough they'd give up the chase.

No such luck. They kept after her always not far behind.

Helen's heart began to sink. If they caught her it would be all over.

"Go away!" she shouted at them, "leave me alone!"

They either hadn't heard her or didn't choose to hear her. Either way they didn't leave her alone. Instead they ran even faster.

Helen turned another large tree and saw Eggman and the two robots skid around it after her.

Suddenly Helen saw that her space was coming to an end. She braked her chair just in time. She looked down into a deep ravine.

She sighed in relief. She's seen it just in time.

Her chair began rolling backwards.

She looked behind it again and saw Eggman's two robots pulling on the handle bars.

"Leave me alone!" she yelled. "Leave me alone!"

The robots didn't comply.

Helen, out of desperation and anger, started hitting them with her left hand.

Decoe and Bocoe backed away from her reach but didn't let go of the chair.

She turned slightly and began to hit them with both hands.

Helen's knee fell on the Power button pressing it down hard.

The chair's wheels squealed metalicly and they rolled forward pulling the chair away from the two robots.

Suddenly their grip loosened and Helen felt the chair lurch forward. She turned around just in time to see herself and the chair plunge over the edge and into the ravine!

Helen screamed as her chair crashed down the rocky slope.

The chair hit a rock and she was flung from the seat and sent rolling down into the canyon. She was knocked unconcious when her head made contact with a rock.

When she finally stopped rolling and hit the bottom she was covered in scratches. She lay sprawled along the bottom.

"Did you get her?" Eggman asked coming up behind Decoe and Bocoe.

"Not exactly," Decoe said pointing into the ravine.

Eggman looked where the robot was pointing. He saw the prone figure laid out on the bottom.

"Should we go down and get her?" Bocoe asked.

"I don't think that will be necessary," Eggman said, "I don't think she will be causing anymore trouble now."
He turned away from the ravine.

"Come on," he said begining to walk away, "let's go."
The two robots cast one last look into the ravine at Helen's unconcious form before they turned and followed their boss.

A long while later a small dark figure stumbled down into the ravine. How long he'd been walking he didn't know, but he knew it hadn't been long.

He cast a look into the sky a few times, as if expecting something. Then, apparently disappointed, he's look back the way he was going. He'd been doing that for awhile now but he couldn't figure out what he was looking for.

The little creature kept mumbling something indistinct to himself. It was so messed up he wasn't sure what he was saying.

He stumbled and fell. He scratched his knee against a sharp stone but didn't cry out. He just knelt there, his forehead rested on the dirt, his eyes closed, holding back tears of agony, his teeth grinding at the pain.

The creature finally sat up and inspected his knee. It was bleeding but it didn't look too bad. Unlike his right arm which had a huge cut in it. It was also sprained and slightly swollen.

I guess I didn't walk away from the fall unharmed after all, he thought staring at his throbbing arm.

Eventually he slowly got back on his feet and began walking again. It was getting dark and he could see the sun setting. The sky was a pinkish purple. It was pretty but he barely noticed.

He walked on.

Just when he thought he'd finally regained his balance he stumbled over something and lay sprawled on the ground.

"Oh.............," he moaned his eyes shut and feeling suddenly tired, "I might as well give it a rest."
That's when he realized the thing he'd stumbled over was soft. He quickly wiggled off of it and stared at in curiosly.

It was a girl.

A girl with blond hair and wearing pink and white clothing. She was pretty and looked about twelve.

He didn't really notice that though. He was too busy staring at her face. It looked very fermilar.

Then it hit him. He didn't know how or why but............

He knew this girl!

Authors note: Okay so I don't like Chris I hope that doesn't affend you much. This is my first try at a fanfic after the show Sonic X. I've seen enough episodes to know where everything is but I haven't seen the episodes with Shadow yet so I have a slight problem. I can't tell you what it it though. You'll have to wait till I make the next chapter to find out. Well see ya soon.

P. S. I made this fan fic about Helen because she's my favorite human on Sonic X and she's not in very many episodes.