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Chapter 1: Under the Stars

Unmei no Hana

Jenna trudged along beside her captor. Her clothes were dirty and torn, her hair was matted and needed to be washed, but despite all of that, her eyes still held fierce determination. She started to slow down, and her captor, a tall man with hair as black as a crow's tied in a high ponytail and cold, icy blue eyes, harshly tugged on the rope that bound her hands together, making her trip and fall.

"Get up girl!" he barked.

Gritting her teeth, Jenna slowly got up. 'How did I get into this mess again? Oh yeah...I remember now.'


Jenna leaned against the bridge that separated her house from Isaac's. She looked up at the bright stars, remembering a scene from long ago...

2nd Flashback

A young, 14 year old Jenna and Isaac looked up at the bright stars from the bridge that separated their houses.

"Oh, look, it's the big dipper and the North Star," Jenna said excitedly to Isaac.

"There's Sagittarius, the archer, in the horoscope," Isaac said.

"Wow, how do you know so much about stars?" Jenna asked, her eyes full of admiration.

"Well, er, I guess you, um, just learn these things after a while," Isaac said nervously, silently thanking the darkness for hiding his blush.

"I see...well, that's cool," Jenna replied somewhat disappointedly, "Do you think you could teach me some?"

"Sure, look right there, that point that looks like a very bright star, that's Venus, the goddess of love," Isaac softly whispered as he gazed into Jenna's soft brown eyes. Jenna blushed, looking into Isaac's clear blue eyes. Slowly, their heads started to move together. Just about as their lips were about to touch...

"ISAAC! What are you doing to my baby sister?" a very angry Felix shouted.

"Sheesh. Felix always butts in when things are about to get good," Jenna muttered, "Coming, Felix." She quickly kissed Isaac on the cheek and ran to a fuming Felix who was glaring at Isaac. The next day, the boulder fell and soon the romance between her and Isaac was forgotten in their grief.

End 2nd Flashback

"Hey Jen, what are you doing?" Isaac asked, coming up from behind Jenna, startling her from her daze.

"Hmmm, oh, just looking at the stars. Remember when we used to gaze at them before all this mess began? I'm glad it's all finally over."

"Same here..." Suddenly, Jenna sneezed and shivered in the crisp autumn air. Noticing her shivering, Isaac draped his yellow scarf around Jenna's small form.

"Thanks, Isaac," Jenna said shyly, leaning against Isaac. He then pulled her into a warm embrace, "W-what are you doing Isaac?" she said blushing like mad.

"I missed you, I thought that I might never see you again," he said softly, inhaling her sweet strawberry scented hair. Their faces slowly started to move together, lips millimeters apart. Then, a bloodcurdling cry split through the peaceful air. A tall man with raven black hair tied in a tall ponytail with a bamboo hat on his head and piercing, cold, and icy blue eyes, leapt from a tree, onto the ground, facing the two lovers.

"Finally, I have found you, the reincarnation of the son of Venus. The first key...oh I see, the daughter of Mars is with you. Hmmm…taking you on would be unwise, for with your passion, you're strength increases. I'll just take this girl with me. Follow me if you wish, and bring your friends with you to the Starlight Point." In a flash, the mysterious man, grabbed Jenna and teleported away.

End Flashback

Sighing, Jenna kept on trudging along. They were supposedly going to this temple on top of the Starlight Point, a famous spot. It was so high up, that people said that it reached into the heavens. Looking at her captor, who she still hadn't figured out his name, she suddenly grimaced. A long scab on her thigh reopened and blood slowly trickled out. Gritting her teeth in pain, Jenna trudged on.

'Please find me soon Isaac. Please, don't let me suffer anymore.'

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