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Unmei no Hana

Chapter 15: Epilogue (And so the Journey Ends)


It's been a month since everyone came back. At first all the villagers were eager to hear about their latest adventure, but things have quieted down since then. Piers decided to go back to Lemuria for a while. Isaac and Jenna have gotten closer as well as Garet and Mia. But unfortunately for Sheba, things haven't been so easy. Both Ivan and Felix are all she can think about. Her heart's been in constant conflict and it's been an ordeal for her to make her final decision….

It was a crisp, cool, but pleasant, winter day. A blanket of snow had encased the village and it looked like a winter wonderland. But despite the weather outside it was very cozy inside the houses. With a nice, warm fire burning and the smell of freshly baked cookies lingering, all was peaceful.

People exchanged season's greetings with one another and a warm atmosphere encased the new village of Vale. But Sheba was unable to feel any of this peace and happiness. For months, both Ivan and Felix had tried to win her heart over, leaving her confused and frustrated. But at last, she had made her decision, with the help of Mia and Jenna.


Dinner had just ended at Jenna's house. Showing Mia and Sheba to her room, which they would all be sharing during their visit in Vale, Jenna noticed a troubled look on Sheba's face.

"Sheba, are you okay? You seem troubled…."

Casting her eyes down, Sheba sat on her bed. "I've been thinking for a bit you see… about Felix and Ivan. I just don't know which one I truly want to be with." Her eyes watered up with glistening tears.

Smiling sympathetically, Mia sat down next to Sheba patting her hand gently. "I know it's been a hard time for you—it was hard for me too when I was deciding between Isaac and Garet," Mia paused for a second, glancing at Jenna, "and in the end, I had to take a deep look into myself and find out who I truly loved. It took awhile, but in the end, when I finally looked hard enough, it was right there, in plain view."

Smiling gently, Sheba thanked Mia, and thought deeply about what she said.

End Flashback

Looking around for the two of them, Sheba quickly made her way through Vale. Soon she spotted them both working together on the new plaza. Nervously she went up to the both of them.

"Um… could I talk to both of you… in private?" Glancing at each other, Ivan and Felix nodded and followed Sheba away from the plaza. Once they were out of earshot of the other villagers, Sheba wrung her hands behind her back and nervously began.

"I…I've been thinking a lot about, you know, our relationships…and love. And, I've finally made up my mind."

Sheba walked up to Felix, and whispered "I love you" to him before softly kissing him on the cheek. Surprised, Felix turned her head to his, meeting her lips with his. Ivan watched the scene heartbroken. But, as he was about to turn away, Sheba broke the kiss and gently shook her head.

She then walked over to Ivan and whispered "I love you too" before once again kissing him on the cheek. He too turned his head and kissed her before she broke his kiss too. She gently backed away before explaining to the very confused Ivan and Felix.

"All night I stayed up, thinking over who I loved more. But I couldn't choose one or the other. I love you both equally. It was then that I realized that during our adventures, I grew equally fond of both of you and loved you both equally. But, not the kind of love that you think, but instead, I love you both as my brothers—as the family I've never known." Though heartbroken, Felix stepped up and slung his arm around Sheba's shoulder.

"And I too love you like I love Jenna." Ivan too slung his shoulder around Sheba's shoulder.

"And so do I."

Laughing happily at their acceptance, Sheba dragged both of them back to the plaza, before she tripped over a rock and fell into the snow, bringing with her both the stumbling boys. It was then that Ivan decided to make a snowball and throw it at Sheba. Sheba made an indignant sound before she too threw a snowball at Ivan. Forgetting about helping build the plaza, the three of them spent the afternoon having a snowball fight.

Watching from the window of a nearby house, Jenna smiled.

"I'm so glad that it's all settled between the three of them." Next to her, Isaac agreed before sweeping her into a tight embrace.

"So am I. And I'm glad that it's all settled between the two of us." Smiling, Jenna turned her face up and met Isaac's in a heartfelt kiss.

The End

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