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Okay, the summary also fantasy and the supernatural 3000 years ago, where evil has roamed the world, Ash's ancestor had defeated it by locking it upon himself. Now, Ash, a half vampire, half human, is almost finished his quest with his friends, May, Gary, Misty and Tracey (I'll add others later). After a strange incident, Gary turns into his rival and evil arises. Can Ash, May and their friends save the world again? Is possible that he destroy the evil that was created by his own hands?

AU Advanceshipping Misty is in this as May's friend Probably Orangeshipping

This ISN'T a May, Ash and Misty triangle, okay?

Warning: Violence and a bit gory.

This story was inspired by

Bound Forever by Blood by: Queen-Raiden


LH's Across Pain and Time

And I don't know how but also by

Mr. Panda's Guardians of Pokemon


Pokemon Knights by Star AJT 84

Though I've never read them... -.- but I would like to say arigato D (thank you)

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(PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE A POKESHIPPER, AKA AAML AKA AshXMisty, SatoshiXKasumi) Before I start, or you start reading my fic, let me warn you that the paring is ADVANCESHIPPING, AKA AshXMay, SatoshiXHaruka. You heard me (or read it) right, MAY, HARUKA, SAPPHIRE, the girl in Pokemon Advance with the brown hair, the girl as Sapphire in the manga. So, PLEASE DO NOT FLAME JUST BECAUSE THAT THIS IS AN ADVANCESHIPPING STORY, OKAY?!?! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE PAIRING, DON'T READ THE FIC, IT'S THAT SIMPLE, AND DON'T FLAME IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIC. Okay? Okay D

For you Misty fans: she probably will be appearing in this fic but not as a rival of May for Ash's affection, but as a friend. I don't like the wars that break out from them that turn them OOC so Misty is May's friend. If you are wondering who she will be paired up with, let me answer you that I don't know yet, it will probably be with Tracey, Orangeshipping (I think... right?) but if I will change it to something else if you people don't like it. (For Pokeshippers, NO, I WIIL NOT make it pokeshipping even if you ask so really nicely)

For you who have read my stories before and is upset because it isn't hoennshipping: I don't know why this isn't hoennshipping XD. Brendan would seem more like a vampire with white hair and red eyes... but... I dunno... I kinda have a feeling that it would be better as an advanceshipping story...



I'm using some of the colors in this chapter, and I go by the Japanese ones so Green is the guy that looks like Gary and the blue is the girl that is in FR/LG.

Most of the prologue is in italic so the normal writing in the italics is kind of 'highlighted' (instead of going like this to emphasize the word, the prologue will be written like this and this is how the word is emphasized, okay?) So it might be a bit harder to read.

The prophecy is in between –s and I was never good at old English or writing poems... :sigh: Please don't flame because of it! (If someone can help me with the prophecy, it'd be great )) After the prophecy, I'm going to italicize the prophecy so, ya...

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---------------------------------------------------Prologue Part I---------------------------------------------------

-Within thy hearts, there is evil, -

-From thine Heart, Book and Sword-

-Evil shall be unleashed into the world, -

-Chaos shall rule until hero with pure hearts, -

-Brace it into him... –

3300 years ago

After many years of searching, the man named Green had finally found It; the sacred 'Book of Night' was in front of him, waiting, calling, taunting, and longing for someone with the right heart to open it. The brown haired man picked up his torch and toured the red cavern, searching for the right carvings of instructions to opening the fruit of his labor. The man finally reached the end of the cave; on the left side had faint carvings in a heavenly sky blue while the right side with vivid carvings in a demonic red. He straight and saw another set of carvings in an honest yellow. The brown haired man raised his hand and delicately traced his fingers in the carvings, it read:

-Choose thy path wisely, -

-For there is no turning back, -

-For good or evil, thine heart shall know, -

-Shrouded in darkness or filled with good. -

-From your decision thou shall know, -

-Which side is thine foe, -

-For justice shall tell thine heart, -

-And set your decisions apart. -

"No, that's not the one that held the secret of opening the book," he murmured as he turned to the blue carvings.

-Be wise and leave, -

-Or a heavy burden the would shall heave, -

-Never venture here again, -

-For the secret of opening the book shall remain. -

-Leave this place and world as it is, -

-For opening the book wouldn't do any good. -

The carvings continued about what happens if the book was open. Then, came this-

-If you are opening the book for power, -

-Let me tell thee that it is not infinite, -

-For a hero shall stop it, -

-And the world shall be acquainted with peace again. -

-I hope ye shall hear, -

-The right voices near your ear. -

-For choosing the wiser choice of leaving, -

- Or the world will fear, -

-The evil that is near. -

-If I don't change your mind, -

-Thou and thy kind will confine, -

-In a world with no good or hope. -

-If that shall happen, thou shan't mope, -

-That you have done wrong and regret, -

-For thine hope thou shall wait, -

-For there is no other way, better late, -

-Than no hope for your world. -

"I have searched for so long and you just want me to jut leave the book?" Green snorted, "I guess it is this one then," He said and turned to the red carvings.

-To unleash the power of the book, -

-Thine shall have a sword. -

-And simply, use Thine sword. -

-For it shall pierce the keyhole on each nook, -

-And the power is thine, -

-Not to keep, but help ye reign. -

-Thou world shall be shrouded in darkness, -

-Like it has fallen in an abyss. -

-Light may come, -

-But your reign shall be over by the time that there is some. -

"So I just use the sword as the key, eh?" He said as he went back to the book. He picked up the Bloodbitter and pierced it into each of the corners of the book.

"There," The man with spiky brown hair. He gingerly held the cover and slowly opened it. As soon as he lifted the cover open at the height of a thimble, the cover forcefully and quickly opened the rest of itself. The first page still read the title, 'The Book of Night' It seemed perfectly fine after that so the man turned the page and as soon as the page was turned open, ghostly black sprit-like things sprang out of the page and flew out of the cave. Green looked out of the cavern and saw the sky quickly fade from it's original blue to an instant black. Suddenly, something forcefully hit his back went into him. He lowered his head like he was in pain, his long bangs hung over his eyes shadowing them. As he raised his head again, his usual green eyes (A/N: or is it black/brown... or what?) had turned a crimson color tinted with black color. He threw his shoulders back and laughed manically revealing the fangs that had replaced his canine teeth as bat like pokemon surrounded him. There was something different about him too... his new eyes seemed soulless...

300 years later (A/N: This would be 3000 years ago from where the story is starting)

For three hundred years, they have put up and lived in this darkness, tortured, look down by, tormented. For three hundred years, they were ruled by vampires, Vambats. Dracubats (A/N: made up pokemon of vampire/Dracula plus bats... duh!). Even all of the other species of pokemon are afraid of these bloodthirsty monarchs. For three hundred years, they have been waiting for this day, for the hero. The world, has just been waiting for one person, him.

The man kissed his wife and son goodbye again. "Bye, honey," Satoshi waved.

"Bye, daddy." Red said.

His wife stood there beside him, holding their child, Red, she was crying uncontrollably. She couldn't say the words 'Goodbye,' it was too painful seeing her husband leave he. Sure, he left her during his journey of finding his weapons but this time was different. She had a bad feeling about this, for the last month, she had been having nightmares of him.


Satoshi and King Shigeru stood on the roof of his castle, face to face. Soon, they started battling, their swords clanging, their armor rattling, their pokemon fighting alongside with them. After a difficult and long fight, her husband had finally defeated King Shigeru. Soon, black spirit-like things came out of King Shigeru's body as he lay there motionlessly...

--End Dream--

"Don't worry, I'll be back!" The black haired man responded to his wife's silence.

She slowly nodded her head. "I love you," she said.

"I love you too," Satoshi said and gave each of his family members a kiss. "Bye!" He said as he set off to King Shigeru's castle.

Screen changes to another cave, the screen enters it, and you see the same colored carvings. (A/N: you can imagine this part like the ones on TV or in a movie where it shows a stone tablet of prophecy, you know what I mean?)

(A/N: This is what the carvings read)

-When the hero is ready, -

-He shall venture with a medley, -

-Of danger, bravery, fun and adventure, -

-To find the weapons to assist him, -

-A sword, a shield shall aid, -

-The one who shall need the sate. -

-For whom he is fighting is strong, -

-But his sword, Justice shall fight along, -

-While his shield, of truth shall protect. -

Back to Satoshi

The black-eyed man stood in front of the castle and drew his sword. He was ready; he had his magical sword, amour, and shield and was still mounted on his loyal Rapidash. He was ready for Them; here was his final battle. The battle that determined the whole world, the reign of the vampires and his very own fate. He dismounted his Rapidash. He took out the pendant of his necklace, shaped as a sword "If anything happens to me," He whispered, "please let Delia and Red live happily," Then, he released his pokemon and said, "Let's go!" as he slammed the door open...

(A/N: I didn't make May or Misty the wife or else it would seem like that they are brother and sister, which I don't want so let's just pretend that it is Delia, okay?)

With Satoshi's wife (A/N: Red is about one... or the age when you just kinda understand what people are saying, I don't know when that is XD)

She tightly held Red in one arm, and holding the sapphire pendant of her necklace. "Please," She whispered, "Let Satoshi come home safely..."

Once again, tears came streaming out of her eyes.

"Why are you crying, mommy?" Red asked trying to comfort her like she always does for him.

"Mommy is sad," She answered.

"Mommy is making Red sad too..."Red said as he began to cry with her.


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