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Midori is the maid that is made up.

Ash Satoshi
Gary Shigeru
Misty Kasumi
Brock Takeshi
Tracy Kenji
May Haruka
Max Masato

Norman Senri

Mitsuko Carolyn

Delia Hanako

Daigo Steven

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"Sire, Princess Haruka would like to stay in her chamber for dinner," Midori said.

"Why? Does she feel ill?" Senri asked.

"Yyes…" Midori answered.

Senri gave her a strange look "I'm going to see Haruka," he announced and walked to her chamber.

"Haruka?" Senri asked.

"Yes?" Haruka tried to say it in a tired tone.

"Are you okay?"

"I think so…"

"Can I come in?"

"Err…" Haruka pretended to cough "I don't think you should, I don't want you to catch my cold," She said quickly.

"I don't mind," he said as he turned the doorknob to enter…

Chapter II

A loud shriek was suddenly erupted from a girl on route 101, causing the nearby flock of Taillow to spring away.

"Huh?" They asked as they spun around to see what was happening. The red head quickly hid behind one of her friends.

A puzzled look appeared on her friends' faces. "What?" They asked her.

The red head's answer was a trembling finger pointed at a small red and beige worm.

"It's a harmless wurmple," Satoshi and Shigeru stated in an uninterested tone, causing her to narrow her cerulean eyes in anger.

"Oh right, Kasumi is really afraid of bugs." Kenji remembered.

"Thank you, at least one of you remembered!" She said to Kenji.

He smiled in return. "Hey, guys, do you mind if we stayed her while I sketched this wurmple?" He asked, taking out his sketch book and a pencil.

"No!" Kasumi yelled. "Bugs are icky! Why would you want to draw that?"

The rest of his friends laughed at Kasumi, "Sorry, pal. We need to get going." Takeshi answered. "If we don't keep on moving, we'll never reach Oldale,"

"Plus, don't you already have around fifty thousand drawings of Wrumple already?" Shigeru sarcastically asked.

Kenji sighed. "Alright," He said as he packing away his sketch book and pencil. "And I do not have fifty thousand drawings of Wrumple!" He protested. The rest of the group laughed.

The brunette quickly slid into her covers, hiding the cast on her left arm.

The door clicked open and let her father in. "Daughter, are you okay?" He asked.

"Ya, I think so," She answered, 'Not too fast, or not to slow, or else he'll know!' She told herself and sniffed. 1.

Senri nodded "Alright, get some rest right now, I'll tell the kitchen to make some soup for you instead. Midori will call you up when the soup is ready." He said. He got up and exited the room.

'Phew!' She silently signed in relief.

"It's getting late," Kenji noted as he starred up at the sky.

"How come we still aren't at Oldale yet?" Kasumi asked.

The rest of the group shrugged. "It should be nearby," Takeshi answered.

"I'm hungry," Satoshi complained.

"Me too," Shigeru said.

"So am I," Kasumi added.

"How 'bout we search for another fifteen minutes and if we don't find it, we'll set up camp to stay for the night?" Kenji suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Takeshi answered.

The rest of the group solemnly nodded and continued their search.

Suddenly, the door opened again.

"Haruka, I forgot to give you this," Senri said as he held out an oval shaped azure jewel fastened to a thin silver loop big enough to fit on her wrist. "Here," he said mentioning her to lift up her wrist so he can put it on for her.

The brunette lifted her right arm so her left arm will remained concealed in her blankets. "It's beautiful!" She said truthfully.

Her father nodded but didn't put on the bracelet. "Yes, an ambassador from a far city presented this to us as a gift today." He explained "Mitsuko told me to give you hers too," he said holding out a matching necklace, "She wanted pink ones but he said that there weren't pink ones and these blue ones were a delicacy,"

"Oh," she smiled to herself for not getting pink jewelry for once.

"Haruka, I need your left wrist," he said.

"W-why!" she asked.

"The ambassador said that it only is at it's true beauty when the body, mind and it are all connected, and since it is in your left arm's blood that flows directly to your heart, he said to wear it on your left arm." He explained.

"Err…" Haruka didn't know what to say. If she didn't bring up her left arm by herself, he would make her bring it up anyway, if she did bring it up, he would know, so either way, he would know that she broke it. "Father," She started.

"Hmm?" He asked as he fastened the necklace around her neck.

"I-" She released a sigh, "I rode the new Ponyta today," she confessed.

"What?" He exclaimed as he dropped the bracelet on her bed.

"And I broke my arm doing so," She admitted as she released her bonded arm from its covers.

Senri shook in anger, "Did Masato ride it too?" He asked.

"No," she quickly said, "He didn't, just me" She lied.

"What did I say this morning!"

"Not to ride it because it wasn't tamed," she answered, lowering her head.

"Did you just ignore it?"

She opened her mouth but didn't know what to say. "I-I guess…" she answered remorsefully. "I'm sorry," she apologized. She felt tears starting to from in her eyes.

"Humph, as your punishment, you will be staying in your room for the rest of the week, and I will lock the doors to your balcony and cover the windows!" He said furiously and rushed out her room in anger. 2.

Haruka's tears spilt out of her eyes and streamed down her cheeks. "Not the balcony!" She whispered. She loved her balcony; it was the only thing that she felt didn't feel stressed about. She felt like a Gyarados in a cage, she wanted to escape this horrid place, her home and venture out in the country, in the open, where she could be free. It's not like it mattered to be missing a princess, Max is going to be king anyways. Why can't they just set her free? It was her dream to explore her father's entire kingdom, why can't they just let her do what she wanted for once?

Suddenly, the door knocked, interrupting her thoughts. "Yes?" Midori answered.

"It's Daigo, the king told me to lock your balcony," He solemnly answered.

Haruka let out a heavy sigh "Let him in," she ordered her maid.

"Yes, ma'am" Midori said and quickly opened the door for Daigo.

"Midori," Haruka whined.


"How many times have I told you not to be formal with me?" She asked.

"Sorry, your maj-"

"Haruka!" the brunette corrected.

Midori quickly curtseyed "Sorry, Haruka,"

"Haruka, I'm sorry to do this but it's your father's orders," Daigo said as he got out a brass key.

"It's okay," She said half heartily, "You know how much I love the balcony," She told him.

The blue haired man nodded, "You begged for it for months and even made it both your birthday AND Christmas present," Daigo remembered.

Haruka nodded. "Daigo, do you mind if I go onto the balcony once more before you lock it?"

"Not at all," he said as he opened the door for her. His arm directed outside of the balcony, gesturing her to go.

"Thank you," she smiled as she stepped out onto the balcony. She took a deep breath of the refreshing air outside and starred at the golden sunset and exhaled. "Nature's beauty is incomparable," she declared.

The blue haired man nodded, "Yes, it's magnificent," he agreed.

The two stood there gazing upon the landscape, which had been shaded gold from the sun for a while longer. Then, Haruka turned to Daigo. "Thank you, Daigo," she said.

He smiled. "You're welcome," as they went back inside.

"Sorry for wasting your time," she said with slight embarrassment.

"No, not at all," he said, "That scenery was marvelous," He answered as he turned the key to lock the French doors of the balcony.

"Yes," she answered dreamily.

"I have to go now," he said opening the door to exit her chamber. "Enjoy," he said as he winked and walked out the door.

"Enjoy?" Haruka repeated. Her eyebrows knitted together in confusion as she thought. "The balcony!" She figured and ran to it. As hinted, one of the doors was still fluctuated back and forth for her to enter. "Thank you Daigo!" She screamed.


1. "Ya, I think so," She answered, 'Not too fast, or not to slow, or else he'll know!' She told herself and sniffed." You how people 'sniff' when they're sick? That's what she's trying to do… there is a more detailed explanation on WHY people do it but I don't think you want me to explain that…

2. "…I will lock the doors to your balcony and cover the windows!" He said furiously and rushed out her room in anger." The doors to the balcony are French doors; they are those 'window doors' so Senri needs to cover the windows so she can't look outside anymore.

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