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chapter 1 – Haku-chan


"You are so lucky, dude."

"I know," replied the doe-eyed teen, still gazing softly at his accepted application form. He'd actually been allowed to get into the one private high school he'd been wanting, so despite his calm exterior, the male was actually quite ecstatic. "I still sort of can't believe they didn't ask for a physical, though...."

His friend beside him nodded. "Yeah, especially since it's an all-girl's school."

That was right. Yukio Haku's new high school, the one he'd been dreaming of getting into, was an all-girl's private school. The pristine, well-known, St. Ruto's School for Girls. Now, don't think it was so hard to get in. Considering Haku's looks, he was regularly mistaken for a girl, anyway. In his eyes, he might as well have put it to good use. Haku had soft, dark eyes and an odd, almost expressionless look on his face, only made seemingly more mysterious by his long, silky, raven hair.

"So that's why you've been growing out your hair?"

Haku nodded. "Of course. I want to look the part, don't I?" He suddenly checked his watch, eyes widening in rarely seen surprise. "Hey, I have to go now. My ride to the school leaves early, and I don't need to make any mistakes this early in the game." Haku picked up his form and stuffed it, neatly, into his bag, departing out the door. "I'll call you when I get there, okay?"

"You better!" called his friend, before Haku shut the door behind him. "Tell me if you meet any cute girls!"

As Haku left the apartment housing for his own, his mind ran back over all the details that lead up to his getting accepted. It had all started some odd number of months before, when Haku had received a letter from a friend of his, Haruno Sakura. She attended St. Ruto's, and had just wanted to tell him about their weird, new teacher, who went by the name Mochi-san, and was really strange, but sort of cool.

Like Sakura, Haku became interested in this, "Mochi-san," but unlike her, he was interested for different reasons. From Sakura's description of the man, he sounded suspiciously familiar. Familiar, as in alike to someone Haku had known a long time ago. And one he'd been searching for since. If the teen's hunch was right, the newest teacher at St. Ruto's was about to be paid a visit by the newest student.

This hunch was also the reason for Haku growing his hair out long. After all, he was so feminine-looking, the boy could easily pass for a girl even with short hair. However, the last time he'd seen the man he was searching for, Haku had long hair. He reasoned that perhaps Zabuza Momochi, as his pursuee was called back when Haku knew him, would actually be able to recognize him.

The male finally reached his apartment building, most of the structure's bricks tinted grey or black from years of constant rain and snow. Haku made his way through the quiet hallways, the only sounds being heard including his light footsteps and the occasional door opening and closing. Although Haku was only sixteen, he lived alone. Why? Well, the teen's parents died when he was just a kid, and after rejecting several foster homes, Haku was finally half-given up on and allowed to just live by himself.

It wasn't his fault all his foster families booted him out; the boy just wasn't very well-liked by most people. The reason was due to either jealousy, or fear. Girls envied his looks (Haku was, after all, sometimes stated to be cuter than most girls), and guys feared he held a sexual preference for those of the male gender. And so, Haku, aside from being alone family-wise, also couldn't make too many friends, despite him being one of the kindest people one could ever meet.

And now he was leaving the few friends he had for an all-girl's school, just to see if he could meet Zabuza once more. Perhaps he did hold a preference for boys, and perhaps he could easily get caught for false identity at St. Ruto's. Whatever it took, he'd see that man one more time.

Though, now that just made him sound like a stalker.

Haku sighed, after re-checking all his packed items. The male was going to be staying in a dorm room at the school for a while, and he was half-hoping he wouldn't be back for a long time (unless, of course, Zabuza decided to flee again...). Dark eyes glanced at a ticking clock in the corner of the room.

'Almost eight...' He'd have to sleep soon, seeing as how the bus that could take him to the city the school was located at only arrived at 6:05 every other morning. Lying in bed, later in the night, Haku told himself not to worry about it. He'd get his goal... nothing to fret. And so, the teen succumbed to the slow-falling sleep that eventually came after his mind ran out of things to ponder over.

Generally meaning, Haku had a hard time staying awake long enough the next morning to actually walk to the bus stop. Luckily, he got there just as the bus pulled up, it soon carrying him to his awaited destination.


"Sasuke-kun...!!!" A tall, male teen with spiky black hair and intense eyes turned towards the voice. It belonged to a girl with mid-length pink hair and clear, bright eyes. She was running towards him, waving a hand for him to stop. She finally came to his side, breathing only for a moment before speaking once more.

"Sasuke-kun, where are you going?" the girl asked, a slender brow raised in curiosity. Her hands absent-mindedly fiddled with the books she was carrying, due to the girl's obvious fondness for the spiky-haired male before her.

"I have to go and get a new student from the station," Sasuke replied, before walking off again.

"A new student? Wait!" She grabbed his arm before he could go further, her brows furrowed in confusion. "Do you know who it is, at least?"

"Her name...? Ah, Yukio Haku..." And with that, the pink-haired girl released his arm, allowing the male to be on his way, as she stood in shock.

"H-Haku...?!" she gasped. 'Un, but... I thought the school only allowed Sasuke in as an exception beca— unless...' The girl's face turned into one of mixed determination and perplexity, as she suddenly turned and started hurrying back to her dorm room, accidentally bumping into someone along the way, but quickly regaining herself before taking off again.

"Sakura, you moron! Watch where you're going!!" demanded the other girl, her light hair tied up into a single, high ponytail. "Damn, you'd think they were selling new hairstyles half off in that direction, from her idiocy...!" Ino humphed, continuing on her way.

Sasuke approached the sight of where the bus was supposed to stop, his hands dug into his pockets. His face showed annoyance, from his having to always be the one to greet new students, especially considering how anti-social the male usually was. But, it was what he had to do to stay in St. Ruto's, besides keep a high GPA. After all, Sasuke thought of being kicked out of the school as the last thing on his agenda. Whatever happened, he could not leave that school, for reasons the brooding teen hadn't decided to share with anyone.

A sudden surge of people appeared from seemingly nowhere, signaling that the bus had arrived. He wasn't going to bother searching for her; she'd have to already be wearing the school's uniform, which could easily be told apart from normal clothing, as most uniforms aimed to do.

Sasuke's eyes spotted her, finally, the girl just exiting the bus. She carried one, large bag, which surprised the male just a bit, if only for a moment. Most of the girls just moving in had several bags, with nothing but shoes filled in the majority of them. 'Impressive...'

The flow of people had finally ceased a bit, so he looked her up and down as she waved a friendly goodbye to the bus driver, a smile on her face. Her hair was long, and a shiny ebony color, reaching to just below her shoulders. On her head was a navy blue, cloth headband, with two loose bits of long bangs hanging in front of it. The girl turned and flicked her hair back as the wind started picking up. Sasuke saw that her eyes seemed to have a mellow appeal to them, though the teen could still tell she hadn't slept very well the night before.

He walked over to her, the girl jumping when she first noticed him. She backed away a bit, obviously unaware that he's the one who's supposed to take her to the school.

"Sorry, but..." she starts, her voice as soft as powder snow, "I'm waiting here for someone."

"Yeah, you're just moving into St. Ruto's," Sasuke stated, which only made the newcomer look at him strangely.

"Obviously," she muttered, rolling her eyes downward to her new uniform. The St. Ruto's High School dress code included a white blouse, with a blue and green plaid skirt falling just above her knees, along with their trademark navy blue bowtie, tied loosely around her collar.

"Heh, come on," urged Sasuke, not wanting to be late due to a surprised, new student who couldn't get a clue. "You'll make me late."


"Yeah... I'm the one who's going to 'escort' you to our school."

"But..." The girl stared in disbelief, one eyebrow raised high. "But, you're a guy....! Er, I think.... sorry if you're not....."

Sasuke rolled his eyes. "Yeah, yeah, just come on. I'm not going to rape you, if that's what you're afraid of."

'Hn, I hope not...' she mentally mumbled, glancing off to the side, as she reluctantly followed him.

"So, now that you believe me, my name is Uchiha Sasuke." He waited before stating, "I already know your name but... most of the girls like to introduce themselves a bit more 'formally,' per se."

"I see," replied the dark-eyed teen, a slight smile reappearing on 'her' lips. "Well, then, you may call me Haku, Sasuke-kun."



Sakura got into her assigned seat in her math class, her eyes eagerly glancing back at the classroom door every few seconds. She was anxious because math was one of the few subjects she had with Sasuke, and she knew she couldn't fully concentrate without his presence in the room. Apparently, by the similar reactions of a couple other girls in the class, they all felt the same way. She frowned.

Another reason for her jumpiness was due to her suspicion that the Yukio Haku she knew was joining the school. She had paid a visit to the principal, asking if he'd just admitted any more boys to enter, but he'd denied it. So, maybe it was just a girl with a similar name...? Still, Sakura had an odd feeling about this. What was going on?

'And where is he...?!' she wondered of Sasuke, starting to feel tempted to go and search for the male outside the classroom; however, the girl knew she wouldn't gain any mercy from the teacher if the bell happened to sound if she was out the door. Still....

The 16-year old stood, pushing her chair out as she did so, and approached the open door, peeking back to make sure the teacher wasn't inside to see her escape. Smirking in triumph, Sakura was just about to tiptoe out the door, when a large obstacle abruptly halted her progress. Her blue eyes snapped up in surprise, only to see the half-masked face of Mochi-san. Simultaneously, the bell rang for school to start, making Sakura jump.

Mochi-san, a tall, mysterious man with short black hair and seemingly no eyebrows, appeared to glare down at her, as he asked, "So... where are you going...?"

"S-sensei... nowhere, um, just checking for the teacher, tha—"

"Sakura-chan?" Another voice suddenly came from the side. Both Sakura and Mochi-san turned, only to see Sasuke standing there, another girl by his side.

"Sa-Sasuke-kun...! You're back!" gasped Sakura, ignoring the 'female' that stood next to her love quarry. She nor Sasuke noticed the wide-eyed stare Haku was giving Mochi-san, or the silent gaze the teacher was returning to 'her.'

"Of course I'm back," Sasuke stated, blandly. "I didn't exactly go anywhere...." A light blush fell on Sakura's face.

It was that moment that Mochi-san chose to leave, saying, "Your teacher will be in shortly. Don't leave the classroom anymore." Sasuke heeded his words, and walked into the room, his form closely followed by Sakura's watch. Once he sat down, she immediately turned to Haku, her eyes widening soon after realizing he had been standing there the whole time. His own were still staring at where Mochi-san had previously stood, but Sakura's next words jolted him out of his daze.

"Haku!" she yelled and whispered at the same time, trying to make it as loud enough to intimidate him, yet quiet enough so that no one else could hear their words. "What are you doing here?!"


"Don't 'hn' me!" she hissed, as she stood with her hands placed on her hips. "You'll be caught! And you'll get in trouble...! And I don't care who you are, boys aren't allowed here!!"

"What about Uchiha-kun?" he returned with, raising a brow in inquiry. "He's a boy, unless I'm mistaken..."

"Yes, but... but..." The girl started stuttering, unsure of how to answer specifically. "Um, well... he's different...! So there!" Sakura crossed her arms in victory, a proud, 'you got served' smile plastered on her face, with just a hint of vagueness still about her.

"Then, if he's so different," began Haku, peeking into the classroom, "why's he separated from the rest of the class?" The girl gulped, knowing the full reason why, but resolute not to tell this boy. "Well...?"

Sasuke wasn't necessarily seated alone, but the desks and chairs closest to him (the ones on his left, right, front and back) were empty. Apparently, because he was a boy and the teacher made sure no girls could sit by him.

"Don't tell me it's like this in all his classes," Haku mumbled, turning his gaze back to Sakura. Hesitantly, the girl turned away, and lightly nodded, defeated in this game. "Hn. Well, we'll see about that." And with those last words, the cross-dressing male walked into the room, his unpacked backpack hanging off of one shoulder.

The girls in the class looked up at him as he walked by, madly whispering to one another when he passed each one of them. Some commented on his height, others seemed to envy his hair. And then there were those who were happy that they had more of a chest than 'the new girl.' Haku hadn't felt the need to exactly... stuff his bra, per se, so one could see where the girls were getting at.

Their whispers, however, only turned into gasps and quieted rants when he approached where Uchiha was seated at. With a fake shy smile stuck on his face, Haku sat himself down in the desk to the right of Sasuke, the other boy glancing at him in slight disinterest.

"Be careful not to hang around me so much," warned Sasuke, with an almost blunt tone to his voice. Haku snorted in return.

"Don't worry your little bishounen head," 'she' replied, hanging her bag on the head of her chair. "I'm not sitting here because I have a petty, schoolgirl infatuation with you. This one merely feels a bit sorry that such an obviously popular boy like you has to sit alone." With that, Haku motioned to the flustered girls that resided in the room with them.

The ends of Sasuke's lips twitched up a bit, in a not-too-obvious smirk, as Haku brushed a hand through 'her' raven-colored locks. 'This chick's a bit eccentric...' his mind couldn't help but remark, as she pulled her new math book out of her backpack.

The teacher, a man with spiked, silvery hair and one eye covered by a large eye patch, with a leaf pattern beset on it, finally took his place at the head of the classroom. In his one hand were his notes and papers for this particular class, which he placed down on his desk as soon as he came to it, and in the other hand was a strange little book with a picture of a man chasing a woman on the cover, under the bold-lettered title of Come Come Paradise.

'He's acting almost as if there isn't a class to teach,' Haku's mind commented, an odd look of confusion appearing on his face as he watched the man just stand behind his teaching desk, still reading his novel.

It wasn't until Sakura, having returned to her seat without notice, cleared her throat loudly that the teacher perked his head up. However, all he had to say for her was, "You should get that checked, Haruno-chan," before returning to the confines of his book.

Sasuke rolled his eyes. Leaning over to Haku, the teen muttered, "Kakashi-sensei does this everyday. I doubt we're learned anything useful since school started...."

"I heard that, Sasuke-kun," Kakashi said, from behind them, making Haku almost jump. How did he appear there so quickly? The teacher patted Sasuke on the head, mockingly, before looking at the newcomer oddly. "Hello... don't think I've met you before, Miss," he stated, causing the cross-dresser to twitch, from the way Kakashi'd said 'Miss.' Could he have....? Did he.... know?

"Um, my name is... Yukio Haku, sensei," Haku quickly informed the teacher, finding that he'd become quite rigid from the surprise of Kakashi's statement.

"Ah, yes, now I remember!" Kakashi beamed, mussing the 'girl's' hair with one hand, before returning to the front of the room. "Yuki Haku from... North City? Heh, nice place. I hear there's lots of snow around this time."

Haku nodded, curtly, not paying much attention to the man's words, but rather to what he'd just done; how was the teacher able to slip behind them without his notice...? His eyes narrowed. 'So weird...'

"So, do you think it wise to sit by Sasuke-kun?" Kakashi asked. Apparently, the 'only male student of the school' was also the only one he called by his first name. It was at this time that the boy posing as a girl chose to return to his senses, with much grace in doing so, as she answered the man's question.

"Should I believe it unwise...?" 'she' returned with, a tone of mock questioning in the words. Sasuke glanced at her from the corner of his eye.

The teacher shrugged. "Believe what you want Yukio-chan." Haku tilted his head slightly, his brows poised in confusion.

Wasn't this man going to tell him to move? Or, perhaps the girls in class were always allowed to sit by Sasuke, and they just believed otherwise. Either way, the jealous women behind Haku were glaring at the back of his head, pouts sweeping all over the room as they realized that Kakashi-sensei was going to allow the 'new girl' to sit by their beloved Sasuke.

It went on like that for the rest of the day, in whatever class Haku had with the other boy, which totaled three. Haku would sit by Sasuke, the teacher would question his decision, and then allow him to do as he pleased. This, of course, resulted in many, many angry, glaring girls passing by him in the halls. However, the cross-dresser didn't mind it; all he cared about was finding a way to meet up with Zabuza, a.k.a. 'Mochi-san,' once more.

When the bell rang at three o' clock, it signaled that school was done for the day. At that point, all Haku had to do was figure out which room he was in from the dorm manager. As he walked out of the school's heavy, metal doors and down the sidewalk that led to the dormitory buildings next door, he tried to remember what Sasuke had said earlier that day.

'First door, one with the sign...' Haku repeated in his mind, before pushing open the wide entrance of the building, holding it open for some girls that were going outside. He meandered for only a few feet, before finding the right place. He didn't even have to go inside to find out. There was a list of names and dorm numbers posted on a bulletin board that hung right next to the Manager's door. 'Probably just in case some oddball can't remember her room number all of a sudden,' he deduced, quirking a brow before proceeding to read it. It was obvious they didn't try to create an entirely new list to add him in, seeing as how the name 'Yukio Haku' was just scribbled in at the bottom of the last page, his dorm number written equally messily beside it.

"Number 103...?" he read aloud, the sloppy lettering making him feel like he should be seasick or something along those lines, because whoever wrote it must've been. The male shrugged, before re-adjusting his backpack's strap on his shoulder, before deciding to just switch it to the other side. Slowly, Haku made his way through the halls, faintly reminded of his apartment back home. It took two stair climbs up until he reached the hundreds, where he found Sakura just opening the door to her dorm.

"You live in 101?" he asked her, making the girl jump. She hadn't seen him come up beside her, and nearly cried out in surprise at the sound of his voice.

"Gyah, Haku-kun!!" she yelled, having a good mind to hit him. However, she stopped her plan of action, seeing three girls walk by them in the halls. She smiled at them, in mock innocence, before turning back to the accusing male with a scowl. "What do you think you're doing up here?" Sakura harshly whispered, with quite an amount of force behind her words. She'd thought that, at least, the male would've gotten a room in some random hotel. But, no, he was going to risk even more by staying in one of the school's dorm buildings.

"I'm staying in 103," he replied, blinking in confusion of her anger. "You shouldn't yell so much, Sakura-chan. You'll end up dying early—"

"Wait!" she suddenly said, clamping a hand over his mouth. The boy narrowed his eyes, starting to get a bit irate in reaction to her antics. "Did you just say.... 103? Not 102 or 104... or even 105?! But... 103...?"

He pulled her hand off his mouth, taking a deep breath after doing so. "Yes... 103. Why? Is it haunted or som—"

"No!" Yet again, she cut him off, this time with her words. "Sasuke-kun lives in there!!" She balled her hands up into fists by her sides, her whole body seeming to shake with envious anger, as she glared at him. "Why do you get all the luck, Haku?!"

Haku crossed his arms, gazing at the door beside Sakura's own. "So, that's where he sleeps...?"

"Are you even paying attention?!" She grabbed at the white collar of his shirt, the exact same as her own, her face just inches away from his. It would've been an awkward situation otherwise, but at that moment, she was quite annoyed at the boy's blasé attitude. "You... get to live with... the one and only... Sasuke... Uchiha....!" she hissed, putting emphasis on the last two words.

"So...?" He was quickly answered with a swift shaking from the pink-haired girl.

"So?! I ENVY you! Everyone else in this whole bloody school would die and/or kill to be in your shoes!" Sakura practically starting screaming again, as her words became louder and louder with each syllable.

"Shh, okay, fine, I care....!" Haku tried to assure her, not wanting any more random attacks from her. "So... is he already in there?"

"He gets home every day at 3:08, except for Saturdays and Sundays, when the time can vary," she quickly replied, in an almost robotic, monotone voice.

"Are you a stalker?" he jokingly asked, before regretting it as she shook her fist at him rapidly. "Okay! Sorry!! I'll be going now...!" With that, Haku started walking towards his room's door, taking note of the name tags that were stuck up on the wall next to it. They were made of paper, and apparently slid into their metal slots easily.

However, just as he was about to open the entrance to the room, Sakura instantly added the words, "Don't you dare touch him...!" before disappearing into the door of her own dorm, slamming it as she went. The cross-dressing boy nervously laughed, due to a small group of girls that happened to be passing by when she'd said that, and quickly opened his door and escaped inside it, not wanting any more embarrassment from his newfound neighbor, Sakura.


'What's her deal...?' Sasuke had thought to himself, during that first class with Haku, when she'd been allowed to sit beside him. The day only became more and more tedious, as it appeared that she was fond of sitting next to him in each of the three classes they had together. Worse, the teachers didn't seem to mind it. What was she, some sort of hypnotist?

The male was glad to leave the grounds once the bell rang, quickly making his way out the doors and down the sidewalk, into the dormitory building his room was in. At least there, he could escape from the gangs of fan girls that seemed to pop up out of nowhere and annoy him to death. He didn't even like girls, so why did they insist on attacking him with random hugs?

Not that he was gay or anything... Sasuke just didn't have an affinity for girls. Yet.

He finally reached his room, taking no heed to see if the new girl, Haku, was moved to his room. All it would have taken would've been just checking the name tags outside his door. There was no need to, after all. Sure, the school never said they wouldn't put girls in his room; it's just that there'd be a whole lot of complaining parents if they did. There was a reason, after all, as to why their daughters were going to an all-girl's school in the first place.

However, it wasn't like Sasuke wanted a roommate, either. He'd always though he was better off without one. After all... what good would being followed around by an adoring fan be, if all the boy wanted was peace? All in all, he needed no one, especially not a roommate. And not because he didn't like girls.... yet.

Besides, the teen had his hands full just being neighbors with Sakura. She could be pretty creepy at times, and fairly obsessive, conditions only made worse by his living next to her.

Speaking of the pink-haired girl... Sasuke sat up on his bed, having just fallen onto it moments before from mental exhaustion. He glared at the door. Was that her screaming bloody murder outside?

'She's way too loud...' the male mentally remarked, just about to lie back down, when he hears her again. Then, again... and again. "Shut... up...!" Sasuke unwilling slid off his bed and onto his feet, before stalking over to the door.

He reached for the knob, opening his mouth to tell the girl to quiet down, when the door suddenly swung open, missing his face by half an inch.

"Watch where—" Sasuke stopped his rant when he realized fully who it was. "Y-Yukio...?"

Haku blinked twice in confusion, before replying, "I thought I told you to just call me Haku."

"That's not important...! What are you doing here?"

The cross-dressing boy pouted. "It seems like everyone wants to know that of me, today..." When Sasuke glared in response, Haku rolled his eyes, stating, "This is room 103, ne?"

Sasuke stepped back, staring blankly at the 'girl' before him. "Yes...." So, a girl was going to share his living space. And that girl ended up being the odd, yet cute, Yukio Haku.


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