Chapter One: Beyond Gravity


Chris looked down at the city, its lights blinking brightly like the bustling people that walked its' streets. This was the way he wanted his time to be, full of love and happiness and all that other crap you hear on after school specials. Yeah he knew it was corny. He couldn't stand this time anymore. He was tired of his own mother distrusting him and his own aunts glaring whenever he was even in the same room as baby Wyatt, the precious twice blessed child.
He pulled out the bag of memory dust he had saved for when he returned to the future. There was enough in it for him to forget years, even twenty-two if he wanted. Why wait now though, he didn't even want to continue now let alone go back where no one remembered they were dead...or evil. He would use it and then jump, if he didn't use it now he would orb as a reflex.

"But if I don't remember then..."He trailed off sadly. He poured the bag of sparkling dust onto his palm and stared at it for awhile. Before he could use it, a rustle sounded behind him. He turned and came face to face with his Aunt Paige.

"Paige," He whispered out of surprise.

"Chris what are you doing with that?" She asked cautiously staring at the dust in his palm.

"What everyone else does with it Paige. I'm sick of this world and I don't want to go back to the other one. I'm sick of watching you and Phoebe and...Piper risk your lives everyday fighting demons and narrowly escaping them. Well you know what Paige? One day you won't. One day you'll leave behind people you love and they will hurt for their loss. And you know what the elders will tell them? 'They died for the greater good, you should be proud,' well guess what?! I'm not proud that my mother had to die and my father couldn't do anything to save her. I'm not proud that the Titans took over the world and killed so many people in the process and I'm most certainly not proud that my own brother killed our own FATHER for power!!!" Chris took a breath and calmed down, a smirk played on his lips lightly, "I was the only one left to help my brother, but I guess that just wasn't enough. Do me a favor Paige, continue my mission to protect Wyatt and DON'T DIE!" The last two words were strained as tears - which Paige could clearly see- fell down his face. He threw the dust into the air and after letting it swirl around him he fell backwards before the effects took total control.

"CHRIS!!!!!" Paige yelled orbing after him, not caring about the exposure to magic knowing that people could see the lights. She was about to reach for his hand when the scene stopped. Everything was frozen from Chris all the way to the last car at the edge of the bridge. She turned seeing the two cleaners there and she glared at them.

"What are you doing witch?" they asked calmly.

"I'm trying to save my whitelighter!" she yelled angrily.

"By exposing magic?" one of them questioned.

"We will not allow it," the other said.

"So what do you want me to do?!" she barked.

"Leave him," they continued before she was able to protest. "We will take care of him, the elders have deemed him a slight threat to the greater good and therefore this works out for everyone. He will go on living a normal life without knowledge of his past and your future. He will be a normal boy working through life. He will not remember the Charmed ones or anything magical. He may not even remember his name for that matter but that is his own doing, not ours. You will be the only one to remember him, your sisters and Leo will not. You will say nothing to them about this or we will be forced to repeat the process only this time you will not be spared. Is this all clear?" Paige just nodded, shocked that she was doing nothing to stop this.

"What will happen to him?" she sobbed, not even trying to hide her tears.

"He will be found somewhere and taken to the hospital and lead a healthy life, the elders acknowledged his good deeds even though most were... misguided," they were careful not to say anything to upset the Charmed one. Paige nodded, satisfied with her answer...kinda.

"Do it already then," she said between sobs. She looked back one last time at her young friend before being blinded by a bright light. She would him miss so much.

xThree Years Later x

The rock music from the night before still played loudly on the black and silver stereo in the corner.

"Chris, get up now!" a voice yelled from the other side of the door.

"Shut up Paige!" Chris screamed from underneath his covers. He fell off his mattress which wasn't far to fall since it was on the floor, and slowly stood up, letting the blood rush back to its respected places.


"JEEZ Paige this is a public building you can't scream like that at-' He turned to look at his clock, '1:32 pm...okay well don't yell like that anyway... ever, my head's still reeling from my latest dream,"

"What the same ones you've been having for the last two years?" she asked inviting her self into the medium sized apartment building. "You know you should clean more often," She sighed poking a banana peel that was on the counter.

"Yes Aunt Paige,"

"What?" She asked turning around.

"What, what?"

"Well normally when someone says something like that it's yes dear or yes mother but not aunt...why'd you say aunt?"

"I don't know," Chris said throwing random things into the trashcan. "You just seem like an aunt,"

"One of those young kewl ones, or one of those weird ones that pinch cheeks?" she asked raising a brown eyebrow.

"The weird one," Chris joked. Paige slapped him when he came to pick up the banana peel.

"You wanna catch something to eat before you gotta go to work?" she asked taking a seat on the bar stool they had bought just last month.

"Nah, you go ahead, I need to get ready. I over slept and my interview starts in an hour. I don't have the job just yet you know, and I won't if I don't show up on time!" He laughed knowing she knew what he was talking about.

"Hey that was not my fault!" She poked him in the ribs.

"It was to your fault! If you hadn't argued over a salad with the manager at McDonald's, then it wouldn't have taken us an hour and forty-five minutes to eat! And I wouldn't have been late!"

"Yeah, but you didn't have to eat, you could've left," she said simply.

"Bye, bye Paige!" Chris fake glared and pushed her out the door. He sighed and turned to his dirty apartment. "Well better get dressed," He sighed and began to shift through his closet for an appropriate outfit.


"Paige, where's my dark blouse?!" Phoebe yelled walking from her room to her sister's.

"Guys, shush I just got Chris asleep," Piper whispered angrily as she walked out of Wyatt and Chris's room.

"Don't shush me, shush her," Paige whispered back, pointing at the middle sister.

"Yeah, okay, pointing later, blouse now," Phoebe rushed. "I need my dark blue blouse. You borrowed it for you date to P3 a few nights ago," Phoebe said pointing to Paige.

"Whatever happened to 'pointing later, blouse now'?" Paige asked sarcastically.

"Okay, enough! Phoebe can't you just wear something else? Why do you want to wear this?" Piper asked. To tell the truth she had enough of the settling of the fights. Chris and Wyatt were still stealing the other's toys via orb. She was running around the house all morning trying to stop them.

"Well, you see we have the new guy coming in for the position of photographer and...he's supposed to be really cute!! And I don't want him seeing,' She gestured to her one month old pregnant stomach. 'That blouse is the only one I have that really covers it up," Her sisters looked disgusted. "What?"

"Phoebe you're married. To JASON!!! You should be proud of your little girl!" Paige cooed rubbing her sister's stomach.

"Okay, now I know how annoying it was for you Piper," Piper smirked at this, finally some pay back. "And I'm not ashamed I just don't want to close out any options," She said trying to put on an innocent smile but, was failing miserably.

"Phoebe go! Now! Use other shirt!" Piper said pushing her into her room.

"Fine, but I want my shirt back as soon as you find it!" Phoebe yelled back before the door slammed in her face.

"Okay, I know, A.S.A.P.!" Paige smiled until she saw the glare Piper was giving her. "I think I'll go look for that shirt," she said nervously before running into her room. Piper smiled and walked back into her sons' room. She smiled at the small tuff of brown hair that peaked out from the Harry Potter covers. She smiled remembering this morning. Chris had been crying because Wyatt had orbed his teddy bear to the island in the kitchen right out of his reach. Just after Chris told her, Wyatt orbed it down and apologized and even gave his little brother his last Oreo to make him stop crying. Piper remembered how big Chris smiled. Paige said something like it was good that he smiled sometimes; they wouldn't want him growing up to be neurotic. Chris wouldn't be neurotic...would he? Growing up around magic could be stressful and leave permanent damage. But she wouldn't let that happen, not to her baby.

"Piper good morning," Brian said as he orbed into the hallway. She closed the door softly, giving the young new whitelighter a soft glare.

"Be quiet, I just put Chris to sleep. Is there something you wanted?"

"Just need to glance at the Book of Shadows real quick. I heard of a demon that's trying to become the new source and I wanna try to vanquish him before he gets a chance to work his way up. You know?" He smiled his brown hair fell slightly in his blue eyes. A boy flashed in her memory, at first glance you'd think it was Brian but his eyes they were green not baby blue like the whitelighter's were. They were... Chris's eyes but that was impossible this boy must have been at least twenty. 'Maybe it was a...premonition? But why would I be getting premonitions? That was Phoebe's power,' Piper remembered that trial, she still couldn't believe the Council of Demons and Elders had taken away Phoebe's powers. Granted they weren't really powerful, but the levitation helped with her fighting and they didn't save as many innocents as they used to. Although it seemed the Charmed ones were missing more than just a few powers.

xBay Mirrorx

"Hi Chris, I'm Jason Dean. I run the Bay Mirror. I know that you thought I was going to be interviewing you but I'm going to a last minuet staff meeting so my wife is going to do it. Are you alright with that? She's been here forever. She does the Ask Phoebe section...she's Phoebe," Jason laughed at his corny joke. Chris just smiled nervously. Jason smiled. "It's okay. I know my jokes have never really been all that funny. You don't need to be nervous just because I might be your boss. We're very outspoken here if you don't like something then you just say it alright? God knows Phoebe has enough," Chris laughed at this. "Shoot I better get going. I'll just let you into her office. She might be a little late, she's got family issues almost every morning," Jason said as he pulled out the keys and unlocked the door.

"I'm here! I'm here! Wait I'm right here!" Phoebe yelled as she ran from the elevator. "Hi,' she said after she caught her breath. 'You must be photographer boy. I'm Phoebe Haliwell,"

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