Chapter Two: Spaghetti and Photos


"So what experience do you have with photography Chris?" Phoebe asked in a very professional voice as she looked over his sample photos.

"Well I've done some model shots for a small magazine before, but besides that I used to run my own business for about a year but I gave it to a friend so I could work here," Chris was abonormally nervous. Jason had made it seems like he had this job in the bag but Phoebe kept on glancing at the clocks and she didn't look too happy. He clicked his teeth together lightly, a bad habit he had picked up in the hospital from his bed neighbor. Phoebe raised an eyebrow.

"You know Chris there's nothing to be nervous about. I think we can end this now. I like you and I like your work,' she said holding up his samples. 'You're hired,"

"E-excuse me?" Chris squeaked, not sure he had heard her right. Phoebe smiled at how goofy he looked.

"I said you're hir-," The door banged open causing them both to jump.

"Phoebe I found your blouse and you said that you wanted it A.S.A.P. so here," Paige handed the blouse over to her sister. She then turned to Chris to introduce herself. Her hand stopped short and her shocked eyes stared into Chris' green ones.

"Umm miss?" Chris asked nervously. God what was it with him today? Everything about this place made him nervous. Wait, no, not this nervous. He was fine until Phoebe showed up, now he just felt out of place.

"Chris this is my sister Paige Matthews," Phoebe smiled doing what Paige was seeming to have trouble with.

"Nice to meet you, that's funny I have a friend named Paige" Chris said taking the hand that was suspended in the air. Paige seemed to come out of her trance and she...hugged him. It felt like one of those hugs that you only gave to family, but maybe she hugged everyone like that.

"Chris it's so good to see you- I mean meet you. Phoebe told me that they had a new photographer coming in," Paige smiled, quickly correcting herself. 'Great he thinks I'm a nut, okay awkward moment much,' Chris looked intently at her.

"Have we met before?" He questioned.

"Nope don't think so, hey I have an idea since Piper's making a home cooked meal, why don't you come over?" Paige asked just dying to see how Chris was doing. Chris looked over to Phoebe who shrugged.

"That's a good idea Paige but do you think Piper will be happy about that?"

"I wouldn't want to impose," Chris lied. The thing was he hadn't had a good home cooked meal in ages.

"Oh nonsense come over a 6:00 and you can tell us all about your self during dinner and you can meet Piper and Leo too! Oh and the boys, they're only four and two but they're so adorable!" Paige smiled taking both his hands. There was that nervous thing again. Chris had never been very good with sharing his life, well the parts he remembered anyway. God did she have to hold his hands like that? 'It's not so bad really it feels comforting,' Well that thought lasted long. His mind was racing the more she held onto him. He needed to get out. He breathed in and out in and out. That always helped him before.

"O-okay I guess if it's alright,"


"No it's not alright Paige! You need to tell me these things like a day before hand! Now I need to go back to the store! I barely had enough pasta for the family and now this!" Piper fussed while pouring the pasta into the pot on the stove.

"No big deal I'll just orb to the alleyway next the market and then orb back it'll take me five minuets at the most," Paige suggested.

"Why do you want this guy to come over so badly anyway?' Piper asked. Before Paige could answer Piper slapped her forehead. 'SHOOT, Paige we were going to summon Grams tonight so she could spend some time with the boys!"

"Can't we summon her another night?" Paige suggested.

"No it's alright, as long as she's corporal no one should suspect anything,' Piper sighed and then nudged Paige, 'Go on go hurry up it's already 5:15 I need this done by 5:45 so we can summons her before our new guest gets here!" Paige orbed away before her sister could blow a gasket...or something else up. Phoebe walked down with Chris in her arms and Wyatt bounding down the stairs.

"Hey sweetie, how you doing?" She asked placing Chris on the island. They both smiled when Wyatt orbed next to his baby brother.

"Not so good. Did you agree to having this boy over?" Piper questioned. Phoebe played with a lock of hair jokingly.

"No ma'am I most certainly did not!" She said in a child like voice.

"Did not did not!" Chris giggled. Piper glared at her younger sibling, who just smiled innocently.

"Do me a favor Phoebe, could you go and summon Grams now before this Chris guy gets here?" Baby Chris looked up at the sound of his name.

"I'm here!" He pouted. Piper smiled and ruffled his brown hair.

"Take them upstairs too please I don't want them getting hurt, you know how I can get when I cook in a hurry," Phoebe put on a shocked face.

"Oh no come on boys let's go!" She picked up Chris and Wyatt orbed down to follow his aunt up the stairs. Just then Paige orbed in with an extra box of spaghetti noodles.

"Here you go. Hey where's Phoebe?" Piper motioned upstairs and Paige orbed up into the attic. Just then Leo orbed in dressed in casual clothes. He kissed Piper on the cheek and smiled.

"What is this the orbing bus stop? Why does everyone orb where I'm trying to cook?" Piper asked more out of curiosity than annoyance.

"Well I sensed you in here and I wanted to talk to you," Piper nodded.

"You're still coming to dinner right?" She asked narrowing her eyes.

"Yeah I'm still coming to dinner, but the elders have just found a new whitelighter energy somewhere in San Francisco, they said it's an energy like Paige's and the boys',"

"What you mean? Like half whitelighter half witch?" She asked. Leo nodded.

"I wonder what that's about. Are we supposed to find this person?"

"Maybe, but not tonight the elders aren't even sure it's a new one they think...well I don't really know they don't tell me much after...Gideon," Leo cast his eyes down ward. Piper cupped his face in her hands and brought it back up.

"Leo if you hadn't have...stopped him then he would have seriously hurt Wyatt and you saved Chris and me. I know they understand that," Leo smiled.

"How is it that you always manage to make me feel better?"

"It's a charming trait of mine," they both smiled at the goofy pun. Piper looked at the pasta and realized that it was done. She poured out and strained the bowl just as Grams- along with Phoebe, Paige, Wyatt and Chris- walked down the stairs.

"Oh Piper, Leo it's so good to see you two!" She said in her normal happy voice. Piper smiled and hugged her grandmother. Just as everyone finished hugging the door bell rang. Paige was the first to react.

"I'll get it!" She yelled as she ran to the door. Piper sighed.

"Why is she so excited about seeing this guy?!" Phoebe just shrugged.

"He's nice and all, and cute too, but she's been acting strange since she saw him,"

"Do you think she knows something we don't?" Piper asked.

"Oh girls hush let's all just have a good time," Grams laughed. Paige was practically dragging Chris into the kitchen.

"Piper, Leo, Grams this is Chris Perry," Chris just smiled nervously and whispered a soft hello. Piper stared, shocked. It was him! The boy from her vision thing. She quickly recovered however and walked over to shake his hand. Phoebe smiled. She was just so happy, she didn't know why, it felt like they were a family again. Leo looked at Phoebe and pulled her into the dining room while the other walking into the living room.

"Phoebe you're levitating!" He whispered. She looked down to see her feet hovering slightly off the ground. She levitated up and down showing her excitement.


"No, not 'yay' what if you can't control them? You've been without them for three years,"

"I will not let this spoil the evening," Phoebe said pulling Leo into the room after planting her feet on the ground.

"Hey guys, so nice of you to join us," Piper said sarcastically. Paige just looked at them questioningly.

"Um Piper where's the bathroom?" Chris asked.

"Up stairs and third door to the left," She smiled. He thanked her and left the room.

"He's such a nice boy," Grams smiled. There was a sudden crash upstairs. Piper, Paige and Phoebe ran upstairs leaving Grams and Leo where they were. Piper sighed as they rounded the corner and saw that it was just baby Chris and Wyatt that had knocked down a box on the shelf. She then noticed that the door to that bathroom was wide open and Chris wasn't in there at all.

"Guys," Once they saw this they ran up to the attic as a reflex. Chris was standing a foot away from the book just staring down at it.

"Chris what are you doing up here?" Piper asked nervously her hands ready the blow him up if he was in fact a demon. He didn't answer her and continued staring at the book.

"It must have called for him," Paige whispered. Both sisters looked at her oddly.

"Why?" they both asked. Paige smiled.

"Chris?" He looked up now but only for a second, then his eyes were directed back to the book.

"W-what is this?" he asked just as his finer tips touched the triquatra a horde of demons shimmered into the room, along with darklighters. Chris looked all around him surprised.

"Paige get him out of here!" Piper yelled. Paige nodded but just as she moved a darklighter aimed his bow at her and fired.

"Paige!" Chris yelled orbing on instinct right in front of her, taking the arrow himself. Piper stopped blowing things left and right and Phoebe stopped punching and kicking to stare. Chris lay gasping on the floor from the pain Paige was trying to get to him but demons kept on shimmering in.

"LEO!" Paige cried, tears streaming from her eyes as Chris visibly became weaker and weaker. Leo orbed up and went straight to Chris just as Piper blew up the last two. Leo went to grab the arrow but Chris pushed his hand away.

"No, the poison," He rasped.

"How does he know that it'll affect you?" Piper questioned. Leo just shook his head. Phoebe bent down and quickly pulled it out causing Chris to breath in sharply. Leo's hands glowed brightly as he healed his wound. Chris sat up slowly and Paige helped him to the couch.

"How did you know that I was a whitelighter?Do even know what a whitelighter is?" Leo asked.

"He orbed in front of Paige," Piper said still not sure if this was alright.

"What's going on up here?" Grams asked carrying Chris on her hip and Wyatt on the other.

"Chris was just about to tell us how he can orb," Piper said not bothering to hide her suspiciousness.

"I don't know I didn't even know I could do that!" Chris held his head in his hands.

"Chris it's okay Piper's always like that," Chris just nodded not really listening to what she said. Piper just huffed taking Wyatt from Grams.

"Chris how did you know that I was I whitelighter?" Leo repeated. Chris stood suddenly.

"I need to get outta here," He was hyperventilating now, he ran past them and to the attic door, as soon as he got there he orbed away.

"Leo can you sense him?" Paige asked urgently. Leo closed his eyes for awhile and finally came up with nothing. Paige kicked over a box causing the contents to fall out.

"Come on let's split up, Piper you go to P3 Leo you just orb randomly, I'll do that too, we can start from different ends of the city, Phoebe and Grams you stay here in case he comes back,"

"I have his address,' Phoebe said, 'He had to put it on his papers," Paige nodded.

"Go there then we can't let him leave like that, he could hurt someone or himself," Everyone nodded and left. Paige stayed behind and picked up the album that fell onto the floor.

"This was Chris's. It's the stuff he left a P3..." She said distantly as she tossed the album gently onto the couch and ran downstairs. The album lay open on a page of a family. In the photo was a boy with brown hair about 16 was being noogied affectionately by another boy with blond hair that looked 18. Their family was around them all smiling. It was a picture of Chris, and his family, the Charmed Ones.

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