Chapter 1

-Kaiba Mansion, 10:00p.m.-

Seto typed a few more words into his computer. A weak smile came onto his face. He had done it, a 50 paged report on the inventions and technology of Kaiba Corp. Seto could almost remember every night, him sitting in front of his computer and typing endlessly into the night, trying to finish the never ending report.

Well, he had finished it, and Seto felt almost on top of everything. Then the phone rang. Seto blinked and stared at the phone. Who would call at 10 at night? The last time one of his employees had called him that late, it had woken Mokuba up, and he then banded anyone to ever call him past 8.

He took enough of that shit during the day. So who could this be? "I'll get it!" Seto could hear his brother call. The phone stopped ringing. Seto rolled his eyes, once again his brother was up way past curfew. But I guess that was 11 year olds these days. Seto decided to make time and put on his pajamas.

"Seto! It's for you! Some lady person!" Great, what had gone wrong at Kaiba Corp. now? "Ok, and Mokuba, your not suppose to be up!" Seto said walking towards the phone in his room. "I wasn't up! It was Kita!" Seto shook his head and picked up the phone.

"Hello Seto dear, your brother sounds almost as cute as he looks in the pictures I took of him." Seto raised one eybrow, "Um... who is this?"

"Oh my, you don't even remember your own sole mate?" Seto looked around. He turned back to the phone. "Kita? Is that you?"

"Oh, of course not. No sole mate of yours would be a slut like her. I'm happy you finally finished that 50 page report on Kaiba Corp. you have been working on endlessly."

"Ok, who are you?"

"Oh, you look so cute in those blue pajamas of yours" Seto looked around. Where was this person? And who was she? "Look, tell me who you are or"

"Oh, am I making you nervous my dear? Your picking your fingers again like you do every time when Mokuba gets home late." Seto stopped picking his fingers. How was she seeing this? Seto walked over to the window and looked out. No one.

"Where are you?"

"I'm everywhere. I'm always watching my love, till the day we finally meet."

"Wait! Tell me who the hell you are!" The phone had been hung up. Oh, but Seto wasn't going to be in suspense anymore. Seto looked at his phone and looked up the number. It came out unknown.

"What? It's suppose to... she hacked my phone system?" Seto tried punching in his pass code to find the phone number. He had the wrong pass code. Someone had changed it. 'I'm everywhere...' Seto shook his head.

Someone was just trying to freak him out. Yeah, that's it. Someone was playing a huge prank to get back at him. Probably one of his fired employees that had worked with him for so long, they knew almost everything about him. Then when he had fired her, she wanted to get back at him by making a prank phone call.

Yep, that was it, he shouldn't have been worrying himself. It was a time to rejoice, he had just finished his long, hard worked report, this was a time to celebrate. And the best way Seto Kaiba celebrated something was to "I'm going to bed" Yep, that was Seto Kaiba alright.

Seto headed out of his office and down the hall. First stopped in front of his brother's room. Mokuba was glued to his video game. Seto smiled, this was the best part of being Mokuba's brother was walking in on him when he's suppose to be in bed.

Seto walked in. Mokuba's eyes disattached from his video game and looked up to his brother. "He he... hey big bro" Seto crossed his arms. Mokuba frowned, "It was Kita's fault!" there was a sneeze from another room.

"God damn! Stop blaming stuff on me!" Kita yelled from the next room. Seto turned back to Mokuba. "Oh, ok. I'm sorry Seto, I lost track of time." Seto gave him the serious look. Mokuba gave Seto the puppy dog eyes.

"No" Mokuba's eyes got bigger, "No..." Mokuba's eyes began to water, "Alright ok! Just stop before your eyes pop out of your head!" Seto said. Mokuba smiled, jumped, and gave Seto a hug.

"Promise you won't stay up to 10 anymore?" Seto asked, as Mokuba snuggled into bed. Mokuba smiled and nodded. Seto couldn't help but smile as well as he sat at the edge of Mokuba's bed.

"Good, now go to sleep, k?" Seto said, ruffling Mokuba's hair. Seto walked back over to turn off the lights. "Seto?" Mokuba's little voice asked. Seto stopped and turned around. Mokuba was frowning like Seto had forgotten something. Seto smiled and walked back over to Mokuba. He bent down and kissed him on the head.

"Night Seto!" Mokuba said, closing his eyes. Seto turned off the lights and turned to Mokuba. "Night kid" he closed the door.

He walked down the hall to his room. "He got you with those puppy dog eyes again, didn't he?" Kita asked, Seto rolled his eyes. "You make it sound like a bad thing" Seto said, climbing into bed next to her. "Seto, one day he'll do something he will regret the rest of his life, and the only thing he'll have to get him out of jail is those puppy dog eyes, and he ain't gonna be cute forever."

Seto smiled and kissed Kita on the cheek. "Let the kid play his games, he'll grow up soon enough. Right now he's only 11." Kita smiled and snuggled next to Seto. She rested her head on his chest.

"I guess your right..." she said sleepily. Seto turned off the light and began to fall asleep. Unaware of the intruder that watched his every breath as he lay asleep.

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