Chapter 5

5:00p.m., Downtown Domino

"Kita?! What are you doing here?!" Seto said, he ran over to Kita. She dropped the knife to the ground. "Is that anyway to say thank you? I already called the police."

"But Kita, how did you get out?" Seto asked. Kita turned around. "Oh no! Mokuba!" Kita ran to Mokuba's side. He was the one who bit Stalking Love? Kita quickly felt his forehead.

"Seto, call an ambulance, now!" Kita threw him her cell phone. Seto looked at it, "Wait, I'm lost, what's going on?"

"Just dial!" Seto didn't say a thing, he just dialed 911 as the police arrived.

5:30p.m., Domino Hopspital

Seto entered the room. He had just gotten his chest bandaged. Kita sat next to Mokuba, her eyes lost. "Mokuba found me" Seto looked up at Kita, "He took my cell phone and called the police. He used your tracker to find me. While she was distracted, he found the keys and saved me."

Seto looked down again, "Mokuba..."

"He was in horrible condition, he could barely walk. But when we heard the word 'knife' he quickly ran to the rescue and used all his strength to save you." Seto gripped his fist. This was horrible, and it was all his fault.

"Did they find out her name?" Seto asked, not looking up. "Yes, Lauren. Lauren Detrama. She use to be a secret agent for Japan, but was fired after killing an innocent man on propise. She then took a liking in you when you were so cold to everyone."

"Damn her..." Seto muttered. "She wanted you. She studied you for years, while stealing technology and sticking it in your house right under your nose. But she wanted more than just your good looks and your bad attitude, she wanted you to love her."

"That sick bitch!" Kita turned around, "What's wrong?"

"This is all my fault! If she hadn't"

"Seto, she's dead." Seto slammed his fist against the wall. "I know... but now there's no hope for Mokuba, you heard what the doctor said. He might not make it." Seto was trying everything to hold back the surprising tears that were breaking their way out of his eyes.

"He was all I had."

"He still is." Seto looked up. He let down his fist and knelt down next to Mokuba. Kita placed her hand on Mokuba's chest. "They say memories of loved ones will bring back the lost sole that cannot find it's way home." Seto stared at her as if she was crazy, but was silent.

"Mokuba... try and focus on my voice... remember the time when Pegasus had kidnapped you? When he had taken your sole as well as Seto's. But do you remember what happened after Yugi saved it?"

"Seto!" Mokuba called, running through the castle. "I give up, where is that creep Kaiba? It's just like him to leave his brother hangin' like dat!" Joey complained as they quickly followed Mokuba.

"Set" Mokuba stopped when a giant door opened. There stood Seto, his hand in his pocket, and a smile on his face. Mokuba quickly ran to him. "SETO!" Mokuba jumped into his arms, tears falling down his face.

"Oh Seto! I didn't know what happened to you, but I never stopped thinking about you, big brother!" Mokuba cried. Seto smiled and knelt down to face him. "I know... I would've risked everything to save you, Mokuba."

"Yugi told me you risked allot, and now we're together again, Seto!"

"So whadda' you say, little brother? Ready for me to take you home where we both belong?" Mokuba smiled, "You bet!" (exact quotes from episode 41)

"Even though it seemed hopeless, you never gave up faith on your brother. You always believed in him." Seto stared at him. It had been so long since their first seperation, it had been so horrible.

But in the end, it was worth it all. "Let me give it a try" Seto said, walking over to Mokuba. He placed his hand on Mokuba. He took a deep breathe. "Mokuba... do you remember when, after Duelist Kingdom, the Big 5 had lied to me about my virtual reality game, even though you had warned me?"

Kita smiled. "How I didn't listen to you when you said it was bad? Well... remember when you came in there to save me, and we were battling against that dragon. I thought it was over..."

"Mai!" Yugi yelled in horror. "Joey... Mai... how could this have happened?"

"They were too weak, now my dragon will attack." Seto said, glaring. "Wait Kaiba, we have to work together to defeat him!"

"Oh please, save your friendship speech for someone who cares" Seto snikered. "Well Kaiba, since your so confident, Mystic Dragon, attack!" the Big 5 ordered. The Big 5's dragon shot a huge blast towards Seto.

"Kaiba! Summon your Blue-Eyes Ultimate!" Yugi yelled. "I can take care of this myself Yugi!" Seto yelled back. "Seto! That monster isn't attacking your dragon, it's attacking you!" Seto looked up, horrified by the blast that was about to hit him.

Mokuba shoved Seto out of the way and got hit himself. "MOKUBA!" Seto yelled in horror. He ran over to Mokuba. "Se... to..." Mokuba gasped. Seto stood in front of him. Mokuba smiled then fell unconscious.

Mokuba broke up into cyber space before he landed in his brother's arms. "MOKUBA!" Seto fell to his knees, shocked at losing the one person he loved.

"You gave up your only life in the game to save me. And if we hadn't won, you probably would've been gone from my life forever." Seto said. He was blinking back tears. Kita looked up at Seto. She smiled.

Mokuba turned his head. Kita and Seto looked at Mokuba. "Hey! I think he heard you Seto!" Kita said happily. Seto smiled. He turned to Kita, "You go, maybe you can remember another one."

"Sure do" Kita placed her hand on Mokuba. "Ok, come on Mokie. You HAVE to remember this. Remember the time when Noah had kidnapped you and brainwashed you into believing Noah was your real brother? And then you were protecting Noah, and... Seto told you the truth."

"Mokuba, I have to tell you something I've never told anyone before! Mokuba, listen carefully. Back when Gozaburo was working me to the bone, and you stood by my side. Well, if you hadn't, I don't think I would've made it Mokuba! You saved me Mokuba! You saved me!"

Noah snickered. "Oh please, Mokuba will never believe that rebish." Seto smirked, "Wanna believe it?" Seto held up a card. "I sacrifice my 2 monsters for the Blue-Eyes White Dragon!"

Mokuba froze. The name, the look, the dragon. It was the dragon. The one and only dragon Seto loved and believed in. The one thing he treasured. He snapped back to reality. "Seto?"

"See Noah, you may have brainwashed him, but you will never remove the bond me and Mokuba have." Seto smirked. Mokuba ran from Noah's side. "For once, good Kaiba!" Joey yelled.

"It was the first time Joey cheered Seto on, and it was the first time you ever heard your brother say that someone saved him. Mokuba, you have to see how much this guy loves you, please see and wake up for him." Kita beckoned.

Seto pushed Kita to the side, tears falling down his face. "Mokuba, I love you! You have to be the best little brother there could be in the world! You're the only person I would die for. So please, wake up!"

Kita put her arm around Seto. Seto elbowed her off. He shut his eyes, even though tears already feel down his face. "Please Mokuba... you're the best..." Seto sniffed, "And I love you..."

"Seto..." a soft voice said. Seto and Kita looked up. Mokuba's eyes were slightly opened. He gave a faint smile. "I love... you too..." Mokuba gasped. "He's awake! Seto, you did it!" Seto hugged Mokuba.

"I'm glade your ok." Mokuba smiled. "And I'm glade your not crying anymore" Kita said. Seto hit her off, "Hey, you tell no one that happened!" Seto barked.

Kita laughed, "Sure, whatever Mr. 'Mokuba, you're the best' tough guy." Seto put down his fist and smiled. "Yeah..." Kita put her arm around his shoulder. "Don't worry Seto, I still love ya, even thought you're an idiot."

Everyone laughed together. But from afar, out side of the safety of the hospital lurked one whom loved Seto very much. So much, that she would stalk him for his love...

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