"I suppose it was roguishly charming..." Mark raised an eyebrow and rubbed the stubble on his chin as he hesitantly paced around his apartment.

He quickly turned on his heel and started back the other way, towards his bathroom. "This charismatic little endeavour was supposed to be the end of something...." He turned around abruptly once again, scratched his chin a little harder and quickly sucked in some air ".... something very, very wrong... and sick... and stupid.... And....and....wrong!'

Turning again, he tilted his head to the side slightly, as if in quiet contemplation "but it hasn't ended anything... it's done the bloody opposite... she's done the bloody opposite!"

He stopped his manic pacing and threw his hands in the air, then dropped them like dead fish by his side as he sucked in more air, straightened his head and whispered, "She kissed me for god sake!".... and then, he gave the smallest of smiles.

Across the street from St. James's Park, Juliet wasn't coping much better.

To me, you are perfect....

She spat out the white foam, turned the tap on and filled her mouth with water, rinsing thoroughly. She straightened, and looked at herself in the cabinet mirror, hard.

She turned her head slightly, admiring her high cheekbones and fairly clear skin.

Reaching up and gathering her shoulder-length hair into a piled bun, she took a closer look at her long neck, and pouted slightly as she continued to marvel. ...To me, you are perfect... his words echoed somewhere in her heart.

"Perfect?" she whispered ever so quietly as she stared at her reflection.

"What are you doing"?

She jumped, her hair falling around her shoulders again. She stared at Peter in the mirror, standing behind her wearing boxers and a plain white t-shirt.

"Ahh...nothing" she answered quickly, hearing her heart pounding in her ears.

He gave a cheeky smile, and stepped inside the bathroom, behind her, tucking his arms around her middle and delving his lips into her neck.

Coming up for air, he whispered in her ear "perfect..." and she blushed as he started kissing her again.

...And my wasted heart will always love you...

"Peter..." she suddenly spoke his name, a little snipe in her tone as she turned to him, gently pushing him away.

"What?" he was still smiling, which made it very hard for her to refuse him as he looked pointedly and lovingly into her chocolate brown eyes.

Cracking a little, forced smile, she cocked her head slightly to the side, and tried pouting her lips again as she had done in the mirror. "Look... I have this god-awful headache...and...it's probably because I'm under all this bloody stress... what with Christmas coming up... and both our families coming down...and I still haven't found a single, bloody guest who has a decent bloody photo of our wedding...and..."

"Well didn't Mark have a video tape? That was all you wanted... a video... right?"

Her mouth was agape. Her eyes wide... and she was sure the colour was draining from her face as the silence dragged on.

"Well, didn't he?" Peter asked again.

She blinked. "Ah...no...it was crap...Mark is crap with a camera.... terrible...friggin terrible...rubbish!" she vomited the words, desperate to get them out convincingly. Which, she failed to do.

Peter raised an eyebrow.

"He's a bastard, isn't he?"

Her eyes grew wider. To the size of billiard balls...

"Wh...what?!" she breathed.

Peter ran a hand through his hair, and turned around, walking towards their bed...Juliet following closely.

"Jesus! I knew this was why you hadn't mentioned anything....I am going to kill him!"

Peter took a seat on the edge of the bed, his teeth clenched as he stared at the carpet, shaking his head slightly.

"No...no! This is not Mark's fault...if anything its my fault for...."

"No, no babe! This is just Mark being...Mark...he's always hated my taste in women!"

"...If I hadn't have..." Juliet was mid-sentence, when she bit her tongue and stared down at her husband. "Pardon?"

He looked up, seeing she was hurt. He stood infront of her, reaching for her hands and staring into her eyes comfortingly, "Look... it's not you... he can just be a jerk sometimes, ok?" she gave a small nod. "Let me talk to him tomorrow... see if I cant convince him to be civil towards you..." He kissed his wife's forehead lightly, "after all, you are my wife...and he'll just have to get used to you, wont he?" he smiled, and she nodded again.

"Let me go downstairs and get you an aspirin!" he said, letting go of her hands, leaving her standing alone in their bedroom.

She could still taste his lips on hers. They were cold, but the kiss had warmed her... he tasted a little like beer.... perhaps that's how he'd found the courage to stand before her and admit his crush.

She slowly raised a finger, and traced the outline of her lips... where his kiss still lingered.... She smiled.


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