"...So now I hope you join me in raising you're glasses, to Peter Gerald...."

There were cheers and 'hurrah's' as the entire room gave Peter a standing ovation.

Juliet smiled, and sunk a little more into her chair.

Peter was gushing. "Oh, thankyou, thankyou!"

"We know you'll make us proud down in Oz... and show em' what the Wallace brothers are made of!" George Wallace finished, and then threw his head back, sculling the champagne.

Juliet took tentative sips from her glass, as she looked around the room at all the other lawyers and their wives.

Peter reached under the table, gently caressing her thigh.

She shifted a little, and gently pushed him away.

"Can I have some more champagne, please?" she asked a passing waiter.

"So, you're all sorted?" Henry Wallace leaned into Juliet. He was a close-talker. She hated close-talkers. And she hated the fact that Peter made her sit next to one half of the Wallace brothers.

She gave a small nod, "yep, pretty much"

"Now all that's left is the painful flight over!" he gave a hoarse laugh.

The waiter handed her another champagne, which she drank quickly, feeling the bubbles go to her head.

"Steady, there!" Henry warned. She ignored him, inching away from his face a little.

She sighed when she felt Peter's hand on her thigh again.

She was fed-up with Peter. He'd been running around like a headless chook ever since he got back. In such a panic to tie up all the loose ends. He was so passive with Juliet; sure she couldn't handle anything by herself.

She was fed-up with the slinky black dress she'd had to squeeze into for this hoity-toity evening. It was backless, and hugged her flat stomach. She was wearing a pair of awfully uncomfortable undies, and no bra. And at the end of it all, she'd have to pack the thing up, what a pain.

She was sick of Henry Wallace leaning in when he spoke to her about Australia. She was sick of his wandering eyes. And she was sick of his wife who didn't seem to mind her husband copping an eyeful!

And she was especially, sick to the stomach, of the thought of having to sit on a plane for hours.

"You ok?" Peter asked, looking at her.

She smiled wearily. "I just want to get home and get some sleep before we leave". They had 24 hours until their flight.

He nodded. "Just another hour or so, ok?"

She nodded, not bothering to smile.

"So...Australia." Henry was leering at her again, "You like Koala's?"

She eyeballed the waiter, who knowingly scurried off to grab her another champagne.

"What about Kangaroos?" Henry asked, with a crooked smile.


"Look at her tits!"


Mark rolled his eyes as he listened to the delinquents around the corner.

"Yeah, I'd do her!"

He couldn't take it anymore. They'd been leering at the same photo for the last twenty minutes. They had disgustingly talked of every which way possible they'd do the model, and now he just couldn't take it anymore.

"Oy! You lot!" he roared.

The three boys turned to him.

"...Have some fucking respect!" he bellowed.

The boys started to laugh. Jabbing each other.

".... Or piss off!" Mark warned.

The boys continued to laugh and snigger, but headed for the door anyway.

"You get off on em!?" One asked.

Mark hesitated for a second. And then gave him the finger. Quick thinking. Brilliant.

"Oooooo!" the pubescent was clearly unaffected.

"Yeah! You better run!" Mark scoffed, once the boys were out of hearing-distance.

He ran a hand through his hair, and headed to the door himself. Turning around the 'closed' sign and locking the door. He'd stay in the loft tonight.

Turning off the over-head lights, he tried to restrain from glancing down at his wristwatch, or looking to the clock that hung above his desk. The constant knowing hurt too much. Like someone clenching his heart, and never letting go.

His stomach had been doing summersaults all evening, just with the ever-impending thought that, in just a few hours time, his entire life was going to get on a plane and he'd never be apart of her again.

He had been trying to wrap his head around the idea. Trying to come to terms with his loss. But so far, no luck.

He didn't seem capable of understanding how his world would work without her.

Even when they weren't together, in love- even when she had never known of his feelings- she had still been apart of his world. He had still admired from afar. And for a long time, that had been enough. Just being able to have her close enough, he could still have loved her without her knowing.

But now, she was leaving. He wouldn't see her again. Only when she and Peter came home for Christmas and little holidays.

He sighed as he turned off the last over-head, and trudged up the stairs to his loft, the double mattress awaited him.

A small radio sat on his workbench; he flicked it on and slumped onto the mattress, desperate for sleep to take away his worries.

He silently cursed himself when a love song came on. Why is it, when you feel as though you're heart is being ripped out of you're chest and being broken into a million tiny pieces, the saddest possible song comes on the radio!?

I didn't hear you leave
I wonder how am I still here
I don't want to move a thing
it might change my memory

He didn't have the strength to reach over the change channels. Instead, he lay down, kicking his shoes off, and just stared up at the ceiling. Juliet swamped his thoughts.

Oh I am what I am
I'll do what I want
but I can't hide
I won't go
I won't sleep
I can't breathe
until you're resting
here with me
I won't leave
I can't hide
I cannot be
until you're resting
here with me

Against his will, Mark looked down at his watch. - 8:30. Her flight left at 10:30 in the morning. Bugger. He still had time. To do what?!

I don't want to
call my friends
they might wake me
from this dream
and I can't leave this bed
risk forgetting all that's been

She had surrendered herself to him two days ago. She'd told him she loved him, and would leave Peter. So, what did Mark do?! ....He pushed her away. He'd thought, at the time, it would make things easier. For her.

Oh I am what I am
I'll do what I want
but I can't hide
I won't go
won't sleep
I can't breathe
until you're resting
here with me
I won't leave
I can't hide
I cannot be
until you're resting
here with me

He had, not too convincingly, tried to tell her things wouldn't work between them. Even as he'd said the words, his heart and his head were telling him to take her in his arms and hold onto her forever. Instead, he'd said goodbye, and walked away. He silently cursed himself now, for not turning back one last time.

The song ended, and he rolled over, forcing his eyes shut.

He couldn't think about her. Not now. He had to forget. About her. About them.


Juliet stood patiently by the door, hand luggage in one hand, and two tickets in the other.

"Did you shut the windows upstairs?"

"Yes!" she called.

"Let me just check..." Peter said, racing up.

She rolled her eyes. Of course, she was too incompetent to shut a bloody window.

"They're shut!"

She bit her bottom lip and lightly tapped one foot as Peter strolled down the stairs.

"This is it, Jules" he smirked.

She nodded, and tried to gulp back tears that had been waiting to flood her eyes ever since she got up that morning.

"Say goodbye!" Peter wrapped an arm around her as they both looked at their little house one last time.

"One chapter of our life, closed" Peter whispered.

She quickly sucked in some air and thought of Mark. He had often crossed her mind over the last few days.

She had offered him everything she thought he wanted. She'd promised to stay. With him. But he had walked away, and that was that. Their relationship would remain a secret between the both of them for the rest of their lives. And, that thought, scared her to death.

"Lets get going" Peter said, taking her bag from her hand.

And now, knowing Mark was no longer a possibility for her, Juliet tried to think ahead. Tried to imagine a clean slate with Peter. But she couldn't.

Things had changed between them, obviously. It wasn't his fault, he was brilliant. But she knew, without even having said it aloud. She knew she'd fallen out of love with him.

But, stupidly, she thought things would change, over time. Change back to how they were.

He opened her passenger door, and she slid in.

"Ok, so we are dropping by Jamie's..." Peter started, as he pulled out onto the road, "...and then to the airport.... and then to Australia!", he couldn't contain his excitement.

She looked out the window, at the bleak sky and the sleet covering the sidewalks, gardens and rooftops.

"Lucky us.... leaving this dreary weather for a red, hot Aussie summer!" Peter exclaimed.

A single tear slithered down her cheek, she roughly wiped it away, and turned to her husband, with a gritted smile; "yay" she said, lamely.


He hadn't slept. Of course. He'd only thought of Juliet. He had been counting down the hours, and with each passing, he had felt his chest tightening, his head throbbing, and his breaths quickening.

It was now 8:00 AM. Two hours until they left.

Good. He could hang out for two hours. And then, once they were gone, there was nothing to be done, and that would be that.

Juliet would be gone, and so would his love for her.

He got up, pulling on his clothes, and made his way down to the studio. If he could just busy himself for two hours- be completely preoccupied, then the time would slip by without him even knowing it.

Mark had been determined to avoid any sort of confrontation with Juliet that he'd called Peter last night and lied about having to leave town on the day of their flight, to deliver a few purchases. So, Peter and Mark had gone out to the pub for an hour or so, had a few beers, and said their goodbyes. This way, there was no excuse for Peter and Jules to drop by before heading to Heathrow.

"Right...." Mark murmured, glancing down at this watch. - 8:15 AM. Just gotta hang in there, he thought, as he glanced around his studio, thinking of any chores that needed doing.


He wrapped his arms tight around her, "don't know what I'm going to do without you," he murmured as he released her.

She gently wiped away tears and smiled softly, "you have a mission of lurve to keep yourself busy with!" she playfully poked him in the stomach.

Jamie nodded half-heartedly.

She went on her tippy-toes, and kissed his cheek, "I'll call when we land". He nodded, and watched as Peter opened her car door for her. Before Peter got in himself, Jamie called out to him "look after her!", Peter smiled and nodded, "or I'll bloody kill you" Jamie mumbled under his breath, and waved as the car pulled out.


After clearing his desk, sweeping the floor for five minutes and dusting a few photo frames, Mark found himself in a hopeless panic. Looking to his watch every five seconds.

It was now 9:05.

There was nothing left to do but sit and wait. Which he just couldn't do. Not while thinking about Juliet. It was impossible. He wanted her. He needed her.

"Bollocks! Bugger! Fuck! Shit! Horse-radish!" ...Ok, so the last one just slipped out. He couldn't help it. He was a mess.

With nothing left to do in the gallery; he trudged up to the loft and flicked the radio on, and looked out the window to the world below as a new song started to play.

You don't know what you do to me

Sometimes I find

You knock me off my feet

Oh how I wish

That we could be alone

Oh how I wish to me

That you belonged

Just. His. Luck. Another bloody love song. Typical.

I often watch you

When you're least aware

Even though I know

It's really rude to stare

Sometimes I find

I just can't help myself

'Cos I want you

want nobody else

Try as he might, he couldn't block the words out, and while he listened all he couldn't think about was Juliet.

My heart skips a beat

Whenever you are near

And I just don't know

What I'm gonna do

The first time they'd made love, he'd never known himself to feel such a sensation of pure and utter happiness.... and then such guilt and pain.

Oh how I wish

That you were here

Oh how I wish

That you were near

Holding me tight

Spending some time

Wish you were mine

She'd said she loved him.... the fist time she blurted out those words her eyes were wide and pleading, as tears ran down. He'd taken her in his arms and silently promised himself to never let her go..... oh god, why didn't he do that a few nights ago, when she'd said those words again? Instead, he'd walked away.... he'd walked away when he should have kissed her, held her.... Oh. My. God.

My thoughts revealed

I'm showing all the signs

When we're face to face

I can't look in your eyes

Sometimes I find

I just can't help myself

'Cos I want you

Want nobody else

"Bollocks!" Mark hissed. He didn't need any more persuasion; he knew just what he had to do. He raced down the stairs and out of the gallery, onto the street, quickly hailing a cab.

He'd be an absolute twat to let her go.


My heart skips a beat

Whenever you are near

And I just don't know

What I'm gonna do

"Tickets, sir?"

Peter handed them over, grinning like an idiot. "Jules, you taking that bag?" he asked, turning to her. She didn't reply, she was too busy listening to the song that was playing, lightly tapping her foot.

"Jules?" he said again, "Jules?"


"The bag?"

"I'm taking it in board" she murmured, concentrating on the words.

Oh how I wish

That you were here

Oh how I wish

That you were near

Holding me tight

Spending some time

Wish you were mine

"Come on" Peter said, grabbing her hand and pulling her along, she walked stiff beside him.

It was 9:15, still plenty of time to go for a wander through some duty-free shops, maybe have a cup of coffee...and then head for the gate. But Peter was so excited, he insisted on going straight to the departure lounge.

My heart skips a beat

Whenever you are near

And I just don't know

What I'm gonna do

They walked through massive crowds, Peter pulling her along like a dog on a leash. She tried to listen to the song as they walked along, but the words were lost amidst the noise.

"Peter, slow down!" Juliet insisted.

"Lets just get to this gate 9 and then I'll relax,..." he said, over his shoulder, dismissing her.

"No, Peter, can we just..." she tried calling out, but it was no use. He was a man on a mission in Heathrow Airport. Not a pretty sight.


Finally, she slipped her hand out from his, and stood firm where she was. It took Peter only a second to feel she was gone, and backtrack.

"What are you doing, Jules? Come on! We have to go..." he said, reaching for her hand again.

Tentatively, she stepped back.


She sucked in some air, feeling as though she was about to faint. "I...." She started, wearily.

"Jules!" Peter whined, "Come on!"


"What?" he huffed, "oh? Look if you want a bloody coffee, I'll go get you one once we are at the gate!"

She shook her head.

Here they were, standing amongst a sea of bustling people. Some passers by thought there might be a scene to watch, some sort of drama about to unfold. But Juliet knew Peter better than that.

"I...I cant" she stammered.

Peter, realizing she wasn't about to move anywhere, took a stance infront of her, as if waiting for her to explain herself.

"I can't do this Peter..."

"What? Do what, Jules?" he eyeballed the one or two people who thought their conversation was for public viewing.

"Australia? You don't want to go?"

"I never did.... but that's not what I mean!"

"Then what, Jules?!" he was starting to get angry. Angry and nervous. This wasn't the Juliet he knew.

She felt her knees uneasy beneath her as she slowly spoke. By the end of it all, she half-expected Peter to step forward and slap her...or, something. But she knew that wasn't Peter. He'd never hurt her. Although, right now, having said all her truths.... she wanted him to do something, to say some angry, hurtful words.... to make her feel bad, worse than she already did.

But in the end, he said nothing. He opened and closed his mouth a few times. Debating whether or not to say something. But, what could be said?

So, instead, he walked away. He turned from her, and made his way through the crowd. In a second or two, he was lost to the body of people.

And in so many ways, that hurt more than if he were to hit her or yell at her.

She sighed, enjoying the split second of elation that came from the truth.

And then, she turned and started running...


"Please, please?"

She shook her head firmly.

"Look..." he noted her name tag, "Cynthia?...The woman I love is about to get on that plane and I have to stop her or else I will live a miserable, lonely life, and on my death bed do you know what my final words will be?"

She shook her head again.

"Why! Oh why didn't Cynthia let me through?!"

She raised an eyebrow, but said nothing.

"Excuse me?" the man behind Mark pushed through, shoving Mark out of the way.

"Shit!" Mark yelled, attracting eyes.

"Could a Mr. William Smith please come to departure gate 11....Mr. William Smith"

Mark's eyes lit up as an idea formed in his head.


Juliet looked out of the cab's window. Suddenly, the weather didn't seem so bleak.

The sleet seemed to have disappeared from the gardens, rooftops and sidewalks.... and she was almost certain that the sun would break through the clouds...even though, at the moment, there was a light drizzle.....she just had a feeling.


"Be quick, alright mate?"

Mark nodded obediently.

He'd slipped the woman one hundred pounds to turn her back while he gave one last attempt to win Juliet.

He cleared his throat, and switched the mic on.

"Err.... hello?"

His voice was heard throughout Heathrow. Coming through loud and clear on every single speaker in the airport. Nobody payed much attention as another announcement came on.

"Err...Juliet.... Juliet?" he cleared his throat again, "Look, Jules, its me.... Mark!"

All but one person payed any attention to the message coming over the loud speaker.

"I know I walked away. I know I told you to forget about me...to forget about us..."

The man's voice was beginning to attract some attention. A few people in the stores stopped what they were doing, and turned to the speakers to listen to his words, as did the people waiting in line, eating, reading the paper....

The woman behind Mark gave him the signal to hurry up. Her manager would be up here soon.

"But....ummm...don't!...OK? Look, I was an absolute twat!....I, I love you...really, madly, truly, deeply, honestly love you.... I have loved you for the longest time and I will not see you get on that plane because if you do...then....then I don't know what I'll do because you're my whole, entire world....you're it, Jules...you are all I need.....you're all I ever needed...."

"Hurry up!" the woman hissed. Mark nodded, turning back to the mic.

"So.... don't go, Jules..... Come and meet me at the main building...." He suddenly had a thought, and winced as he said his next words, "oh and...Peter, you are my best friend, I love you to death, man....and I'm sorry....but I do love Juliet!"

There was a mixed reaction around Heathrow. Some cheered, some booed.

"Go!" The woman behind him suddenly ordered.

He flipped the mic off, planted a kiss on the woman's cheek, and ran out the back door, to stand and wait for her...to pray she'd heard him and was now on her way.

To Mark's surprise, a small crowd had formed around the entrance aswell, as they waited for the mysterious Juliet.

"You stole you're best mates girlfriend?" Somebody jeered.

"That's pathetic!" came another.

"You horrible, horrible man!"

"Yeah.... alright, I'm a bastard!" Mark huffed.

Suddenly, the crowd parted.

Mark felt his chest heave with the anticipation....and then, deflate when he saw Peter striding towards him.

"Peter, Peter....look!" Mark tried, holding his hands up defensively.

Peter said nothing. Merely clenched his fist and punched Mark right in the eye.

He recoiled when the blow came, holding his face; "Jesus!"

"You lowsy son of a bitch!" Peter murmured, only to receive cheers from the crowd of on-lookers.

"Yes! Yes I know I am!"

"How the bloody hell could you?" Peter asked, looking at his former best friend as he held one hand over his already swelling eye.

"Because I love her!"

The crowd gave a low murmur of 'ahhh's'

Peter sniggered. "How long?"

"I have had a crush on her ever since you introduced us...."

"You hated her!"

"I liked her!" Mark retorted, trying to stand tall as he spoke with him, "I liked her too much, so I tried to hide it"

Peter shook his head in disbelief.

"I am so sorry....but....then things just happened....against my will, she found out how I felt and...and...."

"How long have you two been...?" Peter started, unable to finish the words.

"About two months"

The crowd gave another displeased boo.

Peter hung his head.

"But I really love her!....and I cant see her leave..... I can't not have her in my life!"

The crowd gave another low 'ahhhhhh'

"She feels the same way," Peter whispered.

"What?" Mark asked, suddenly realizing something, "where is she?"



"....After you..."


The crowd sighed lovingly as they listened in.

"She told me everything" Peter looked up, "you're little announcement merely pushed the dagger in deeper"

"Sorry" Mark murmured, trying to control his excitement. Juliet had left.... to go and find him....

"You better go" Peter mumbled, looking Mark in the eye, "she went looking for you not twenty minutes ago...."

This time, the crowd gave a merry applause.

Peter and Mark seemed to only just now notice their fans, they looked around them curiously.

"Well, go!" Peter roared.

Mark nodded, and pushed past the cheering crowd.


She had been waiting on the stoop of Mark's studio for twenty minutes.

A black cab rounded the corner. Juliet thought nothing of it, until it pulled up infront of her, outside Mark's studio.... and Mark himself stepped out.

She stood up, her smile disappearing when she noticed his swollen black eye.

"What the hell...." She started to ask.

"I went looking for you!"

She stopped herself, "what?"

"At the airport!"

She looked at him in disbelief. "I...I went looking for you too..."

"You told Peter?"

She nodded solemnly.

"...I told the whole of Heathrow" Mark sighed wearily.

"You did what?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Long story...." He started.

"Cut short?" she interrupted.

He grinned at her. "....Long story cut short...." He started again, "...I love you. And I'm sorry I was an absolute twat the other day when you tried to tell me how you were feeling...I should have listened.... I should have kissed you, and held you and never let you go....but I was an idiot.... I don't know why...."

She put a hand up, silencing him as she stepped forward, "You went chasing after me?"

He nodded sheepishly. "I'm glad you didn't go...."

"Me too"

"I'm sorry you had to tell Peter alone.... under those circumstances..."

"Is that how you got the black eye?...Peter?" she asked.

He nodded. "I love you, Jules"

She smiled, and felt her eyes begin to well yet again. "I love you too"

"I need you.... I just don't want to ever come close to losing you again"

She opened her mouth, about to say something...when Mark got down on one knee, and reached for her hand.

"I'm still a married woman, you know,..." she reminded him.

He smiled up at her, "well...I'm just making sure no one else gets in before me, once you're on the market again!"

She giggled.

"So....Juliet...will you do me the incredible honour of marrying me...?"

She got down on her knees aswell, and stared into his eyes, "you know I will!" she whispered, before wrapping her arms around him and pressing her lips against his.


Later that night, sitting together on the couch infront of the telly.....

"And in other news tonight.... While at Heathrow Airport this morning, filming the PM as he arrived home from America, our camera crews caught this display of tough love..."

Juliet stared at the television in disbelief as it cut to Peter punching Mark in the eye.

She looked up at Mark who was blushing slightly.

"You got on the loud speaker at Heathrow Airport and proclaimed you're love for me?" She was smiling from ear to ear.

"Err...yeah...sort of...." He murmured.

Juliet leaned in, kissing him softly, and then pulled away, "you are brilliant!" she giggled, "I'm just sorry I wasn't there to hear it!" He wrapped his arms around her tighter and they both watched as they replayed Peter's punch in slow motion....

O fim

The End


The two songs were;

Dido 'here with me' (which was used in the Mark/Juliet scene in the film)

And, Gabrielle 'I wish'.

Alrighty. So that's the last of it.

By the way 'O fim' is (maybe) Portuguese for 'the end'. Just incase you didn't pick up on that.

I don't know how I feel about the ending. I had two in mind.

The other was Juliet actually hearing him over the loud speaker. But I don't know, I just thought this one was cuter because Juliet got to have her little romantic moment when she left Peter to go looking for Mark.

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