He hadn't taken his cell phone with him that last morning, deciding to leave it switched off on the coffee table. There hadn't been any point in it really, since he hadn't thought he'd need it again. Few people called him on it anyway. However, shortly after the Asgard deposited him in his living room, he decided to pick it up and turn it on. He was slightly surprised to see the message indicator light was blinking, but that surprise doubled when he discovered that there were thirteen missed calls. He'd never had that many missed calls.

Unfortunately, the phone only stored messages for a week, and a glance at the date function told him he'd been away longer than that. He'd been gone for over a month. Consequently, there were only three messages waiting for him.

He couldn't help but smile as he listened to the last message play. So, she'd finally come out and said those three little words. He didn't know why she'd left those messages, or why she'd apparently called the other ten times, but he did know he had to see her. No one knew he was back in town, although most likely by now they knew he was missing, which gave him – them – plenty of time to talk.

But first he had a phone call of his own to make.

"Hi, this is Sam Carter. I'm sorry I can't take your call, but please leave a message and I'll get back to you. Bye."

"Love you too, Sam."

No doubt she was at the base, deeply buried in her work. Oh, how he'd missed watching her work, how he'd missed her. He definitely had to see her, but a glance in the mirror told him he should shower and shave first. Then he'd go over to her place, let himself in, and wait for her to come home.

Across town, something prompted her to switch on her cell phone. Noticing the one missed call and the one new voicemail message on the tiny screen, she began the process of accessing her mailbox.