A/N: This is the final chapter of Beauty and the Beast. There will be an intense moment in this chapter. Hope you will enjoy.

Chapter 14.

Zack was growling facing Rufus. Rufus was trapped glaring at his attacker. "You are so dead, Shinra! I'll knock you off this roof!" He yelled starting to lunge. Rufus started to brace for impact. Suddenly there was a flash of yellow and Zack was just punched hard in the face. He flew to the ground. The spikey blond haired man stood above Zack. "Zack! You idiot! What do you think your doing?!" He yelled.

Rufus straightened with amazement. Zack glared up at Cloud. "Cloud! You'll pay for that!" He yelled kicking upward. He nailed Cloud right in the chest. Cloud gasped flying backward right off the roof. Rufus's eyes went wide as he stepped forward. "Cloud! No!" Tifa screamed. Cloud fell onto his back on the balcony. He was unconscience.

Tifa started to climb the roof now. Zack stood and faced Rufus again. Rufus gritted his teeth. "I don't want to fight you!" He yelled. Zack flashed his knife. "Too bad!" He yelled starting to lung forward. Just then Tifa jumped in front of him and sent a kick into his chin. Zack staggered back. "What?!" He exclaimed. Tifa was breathing hard from running so hard. "Zack! Stop it! Your so stupid! Leave Rufus alone! I love him alright?!" She yelled.

That caught Rufus by surprise. His eyes went wide. Zack gritted his teeth and swung his hand. He back handed Tifa right in face sending her flying across the roof. Rufus gasped. "Tifa!" He yelled. Tifa hit the ground hard almost falling off the roof. Rufus let out an outraged yell. He lunged at Zack. Zack gasped as he saw the young president running forward.

He swung his knife trying to slash Rufus but the blond ducked under the blade and grabbed Zack by the neck with his right hand. He grabbed his wrist that held the knife and slammed it into the chiminy close by. Zack cried out with pain. Rufus was shoving Zack backward towards the side of the roof. He stopped only inchs holding Zack tightly. Zack was scared. He was about to fall off the roof. "No! Please! Don't hurt me! I'll do anything! Anything!" He yelled.

Rufus growled but then sighed with anger. He back away abit then threw Zack to the ground. "Get out of my city and never return." he said coldly. Zack stared upward massaging his neck. Rufus turned slowly and saw Tifa standing there. She was smiling. "Rufus!" She said happily. Rufus smiled. "Tifa." He said. He started forward starting to hold out his arms to take Tifa into them.

Just then there was a yell of anger. Tifa let out a shriek. "No!" She yelled. Rufus spun around getting slashed in the arm by Zack's knife. Zack was coming in for another attack when suddenly something red flashed. Vincent had just jumped in front of the knife getting it in the side very deep. He let out a yell of pain but then swung his fist. Zack gasped and flew back ward. He staggered to catch his footing but then he fell over the side of the roof. He let out a scream and then silence. It was quiet now. Only the sound of rain.

Vincent pulled out the knife. He flung it to the ground and turned around. He was breathing pretty hard now from the wound. "Are you two alright?" He asked. Rufus and Tifa nodded slowly. Vincent nodded. "Good." He said. He fell to his knees. "Vincent!" Both Rufus and Tifa cried out hurrying forward.

Rufus caught Vincent before he hit the ground. He bent down and held his head up. Vincent winced. "I'm alright. Just a scratch." He said. Rufus scowled. "That is not just a scratch!" He snapped. Tifa looked Vincent over. "Please don't die on us, Vincent. Please." She begged. Vincent's breath was raspy.

He flinched from the pain. "Look, Rufus, at Tifa." He said. Rufus and Tifa looked at each other."You tell each other what you have been trying to say for weeks." Vincent said. Rufus smiled softly. "You came back, Tifa." He said. Tifa nodded. "Of course I came back, Rufus. I love you. I suppose I started to fall for you when I found out the real you." She said.

Rufus smiled. "Tifa, ever since you came I loved you. You are the most interesting person I have ever met. Your kind, beautiful, passionate, if it wasn't for you, I would probably be that cold hearted man I used to be." He said setting Vincent down softly. Tifa smiled andthrew her arms around Rufus's neck and she kissed him. Hestarted at first but smiled between their kiss and kissed her back.

The wind was blowing hard around them now. The rain stopped suddenly. The moon light came out and shone onto the two. Shooting stars began flying across the sky. Vincent smiled. "I have full filled my duty as your Head of Security. And the wishs of your mother." he whispered weakly.

Then his eyes closed. Rufus and Tifa pulled away and looked at Vincent. "Vinnie? No." Tifa cried. But Vincent's life was gone. Rufus just hugged Tifa close. They cried into each other's necks abit.

"Don't cry for me. Shed not one tear. I will be always there for you. In your hearts. Forever and ever." They heard Vincent's voice.

Rufus and Tifa looked up and saw the spirit of Vincent. He was hugging a woman in the clouds. It was Rufus's mother, Danielle. Rufus and Tifa smiled and hugged each other. They shared another kiss in the light of the moon. Shooting stars racing across the sky. From the side, Cloud was leaning against the wall smiling. He was truly happy for them.

2½ years later.

They all stood in the hospital's waiting room just waiting full of worry. Was she dead? What was happening? Cloud was holding Aeris's hand tightly. Aeris was showing signs of a big belly, which actually contained Cloud's child. Yes, they got married after dating each other for a few months.Elena had her arm around Reno's waist.Mr. Lockhart was pacing the room staring at the ground. Everyone was waiting to hear what happend to Tifa.

Just then Rufus hurried in with worry on his face. Everyone went quiet and held their breath. Rufus's face was pale and he hadnervous sweat beads rolling down his fac. Light tears in his eyes.

Then a smile broke out on his face. "I'm a father of twins." He annoucned. Everyone smiled and started to cheer. Cloud jumped up pumping his fists in the air. "Alright! It's time for Uncle Cloud to spoil the kids!" He said happily. Mr. Lockhart broke down in happy tears. "What are they, Rufus?" Aeris asked standing up. Rufus grinned. "A boy and a girl." He said happily.

A few minutes later, they were talking to Tifa. She looked so tired but happy. She was holding her baby girl and Rufus was holding the baby boy. He was staring down into his baby's eyes, which were strangely ruby red. Just like Vincent Valentine's.

"So, what are their names going to be?" Elena asked. Tifa smiled brightly bobbing her baby abit. "This is going to be DanielleTifa Shinra." She said. Rufus nodded. "And this is Vincent Rufus Shinra." He said. Everyone smiled. "You named them after your mother and Vincent, didn't you?" Cloud asked with a smile. Rufus nodded with a grin. "Of course." he said. He went over and sat down next to Tifa. They shared a kiss. Now that they were parents to two lovely twins, they would be happy for the rest of their lives.

What?! Aw! Fine. I'll just do it the traditional way. And so they lived happily ever after.

The End.