TITLE: Overflow

AUTHOR: Matt, August 2004

SUMMARY: Jack's got a paperwork problem – Contains a spoiler for season 8


DISCLAIMER: Characters are not mine and I make no money. Got that? Good

For cryin' out loud, Walter had another memo in his hands. Jack cast a despairing glance at him, but the man didn't disappear. "What is it, Walter?" he asked with a weary sigh.

"Internal mail just arrived, Sir."

"So I have more to read?"

Walter, to give him his due, didn't answer immediately. He just looked at Jack as though the question had been completely rhetorical.

"What's it about?"

The sergeant looked briefly down at the document in his hands. "For your eyes only, Sir."

There was another sigh. "So I can't have you, Carter or Daniel read it and fill me in on it later?"

"No, Sir."

Not for the first time did Jack wonder how his predecessor, General Hammond, had managed to run the base and deal with people such as himself. "Okay, leave it on the desk."

He returned to the document he was currently reading – an update to mess hall procedures – only to look up again seconds later when he realised the younger man was still there. "What?"

"Um, just where should I put this, Sir?"

Jack looked at Walter, down at his desk, then back up again. Walter had a point; his inbox was already overflowing onto the rest of the desk. Jack was definitely in trouble.

"Is it too late to reject this promotion thing, Walter?" he asked weakly.

The sergeant nodded. "I'm afraid so, Sir."