What Love Goes Through

Chapter 1

It was a typical day in the titan's tower, unless you count the fact that everyone there was board out of their minds.

"There's nothing to do"! Complained Beast boy sitting on the couch.

"That's not true". Said Raven not taking her eyes off her book "there are plenty of things to do you just don't have a large enough attention span to do them".

Beast boy shot Raven a quick glare "well you know there are a lot of things you could do besides read".

"Whatever". Said Raven trying to ignore him.

"Robin you are sure there are no criminals in the city"? Asked Starfire.

"I've checked 5 times". Said Robin sighing "and no there are still no criminals in the city".

"Man we must be desperate if were actually waiting for someone to try to destroy the city". Said Cyborg he picked up the newspaper and held it up for them to see "we could go to the carnival"?

Starfire popped her head up quickly "Oh that would be marvelous"! She said her bubbly personality suddenly back.

"Dude I'm up for it"! Said Beast boy jumping off the couch and jumping in front of his friends.

"Sounds good to me"? Said Robin.

They all turned and looked at Raven

"What"? She asked closing her book and standing up.

"You coming along Raven"? Asked Robin.

"Yes friend Raven you must come and take part in the carnival"! Yelled starfire.

"Whatever". Said Raven in her usual tone.

"Um is that a yes or a no"? Asked Beast boy confused.

Raven sighed "it means I don't care".

"Then it looks like were going ya'll". Said Cyborg smiling wide.

"If we must". Said Raven rolling her eyes.

When the titans arrived at the carnival they all wanted to do different things. Starfire wanted to see what the big wheel that turns around was. Cyborg wanted to go find a good meat lover's buffet. Beast boy wanted to get on all of the wild rides. Robin wanted to do anything that Starfire wanted to do. And Raven, she just wanted to go back to the tower.

"Come friends let us take part in the fun"! Said Starfire happily.

Raven rolled her eyes "this is so pointless". She said folding her arms.

"Awwww come on Raven you know that you wanna have some fun". Said Beast boy smiling at her but his smile faded when he saw Raven's face.

"I do not have emotions therefore I can not have fun". Said Raven glaring at him.

"Hay do you guys mind if me and Starfire go off together for now"? Asked Robin.

Cyborg eyed both of them "Oh I get it". He said smirking "sure we don't mind, you two lovebirds have fun".

Robin and Starfire quickly turned away from each other trying to hide the fact that they were both blushing.

"Well go"! Said Cyborg shooing them away. Robin and Star quickly headed off in the direction of the Ferris wheel. There was a long silence then cyborg finally spoke up "well I don't know about you guys but I'm hungry".

"You just ate". Said Raven.

"So". Said Cyborg shrugging "anyway I'll see you two latter". And with that he ran off in the direction of a steak house.

"So what do you wanna do Rae"? Asked Beast boy.

"#1". Said Raven "don't call me Rae and #2 like I told you before everything here is pointless".

"Come on there has to be at least one thing here that you wanna do". Said Beast boy.

"NO". Said Raven

"Don't make me force you on a ride". Said Beast boy.

"Like you could". Said Raven crossing her arms.

"OK" said Beast boy "but remember you asked for it". He took Raven's hand and pulled her over to a ride.

"Fine you got me here but there's no way that you can force me on it". Said Raven "by the way what kind of ride is it anyway"?

"You'll see," said Beast boy.

"No I won't because I'm not getting on it". Said Raven "besides there's to big of a line".

"Nuh uh". Said Beast boy shaking his head.

"And what's that suppose to mean". Asked Raven.

"Come on". Said Beast boy pulling her over to a door on the side of a tall building.

"Beast boy where are we".

"Shhhhh". Said Beast boy "come on".

Raven rolled her eyes and followed him inside of the door. As soon as the door shut behind them the whole path became dark. "Beast boy if this is one of your stupid pranks I'll" Raven started to say.

"It's not". Said Beast boy "just keep walking straight".

"OK"? Said Raven confused.

A couple of minutes latter beast boy opened a door to a different room. He dragged Raven onto the other side. Raven looked around to find herself in the front of a long line.

"See told ya". Said Beast boy.

Raven rolled her eyes "so can you now tell me what kind of ride this is".

"Sure". Said Beast boy.

Suddenly a roller costar cart pulled up in front of them.

"Oh no". Whispered Raven softly.

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What's to come in chapter two: Raven gets the thrill of her life, and her and Beast boy get closer.