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Chapter 1

A group of friends were walking through a park, enjoying themselves. Until they came across, what looked like a fight. Joey and Tristan were ready to intervene, when something came there way. The whole group ducted, to avoid from getting hit. But, when they looked behind them to see just what it was. They noticed it was a girl, now falling from the tree she hit, to the ground. Joey and Tristan were ready to give this creature, or whatever it was, what it had coming. Tea and Serenity went to the girl's side, to see if she was all right. But, Yugi and Bakura just stood there, in-between the two groups, wondering what to do. Just then the creature looked satisfied with what it had just done, and disappeared.

Joey and Tristan turned around to see if the girl was all right. "Tea, is she all right?" Tristan asked.

Tea shook her head. "I don't know." Tea answered.

"I think we should take her home. Maybe Grandpa will know what to do." Yugi stated.

"Right!" Tristan agreed, stepping forward and picked up the girl, very carefully, as not to harm her more.

Yugi and the gang made it back to the Game Shop, where they could get Yugi's grandfather to help the girl out. Unfortunately, all his Grandpa could do was have her rest in the spare bed room and call a doctor to look at her.

Before the doctor left, he couldn't tell them much, besides the fact that she would need a lot of rest and she shouldn't move around that much because of her injuries. But the problem was, they didn't even know who she was. All they could do was take care of her and wait until she woke up to find anything out.

About a week has gone by and the girl hadn't woken up yet. Everyone was starting to get worried. Until...

"Yugi, your friends are here." Grandpa yelled up the stairs to his grandson.

"Coming." Yugi replied, yelling back down the stairs.

After about a minute, Yugi appeared downstairs. "Hey Yug." Joey greeted.

"So, did she wake up yet?" Tristan asked.

"No, not yet." Yugi replied, leading his friends upstairs to his room.

"Yugi, Serenity and I are going to see how she's doing, alright?" Tea asked, once they got to Yugi's room.

"Ok." Yugi agreed.

"I'll go with ya." Joey added.

"Oh no you don't, didn't you say on the way over here that you were going to beat Yugi in a dual today." Tristan replied.

"I think we can handle ourselves, Joey." Tea shot back. With that, Tea and Serenity, headed off to the extra bed room.

Once they entered, they found the girl sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at the floor, not even noticing that they have entered the room.

"Yugi, she's awake!" Tea yelled, trying to at least get someone's attention.

With that, Joey, Tristan, and Yugi came running into the room to see for themselves. Again, she didn't notice that anyone was there. She just continued to sit there looking at the floor.

"I'll go and get Grandpa." Yugi stated, then left to go downstairs. Everyone, but Serenity, watched Yugi go. Serenity continued to look at the girl. After acouple of seconds staring at her, Serenity started walking towards her. As soon as she started walking forward, Tristan noticed that she was gone.

"What are you doing, Serenity?" Tristan asked, turning around to see what she was heading. Once Tristan mentioned Serenity's name, the girl on the bed jerked back with a gasp, snapping out of her trance, she had just noticed that there was someone else in there than herself. The girl looked at the group at the door, then to the girl walking towards her. She didn't realize that she had such a big crowd watching her.

Now she was getting a little scared, who where these people, and why was she here in this place? She continued to watch the girl come closer to her, with each step this girl took, the closer she got to the wall. "Don't be afraid, I'm not going to hurt you." The girl in front of her said, trying to sound friendly.

"Serenity?" Joey asked, trying to get his sister's attention, just noticing that she was missing from the group. Once Joey had said his sister's name, the girl on the bed had looked directly at him. Serenity saw this, and got an idea.

"Is that your name? Is your name the same as mine?" Serenity asked, still trying to sound as friendly as possible. The girl looked at Serenity, then back to Joey. She didn't know what to do next. Just then, Yugi and his Grandpa came into the room. Grandpa was surprised and glad to see the girl awake.

"Hey Yug." Joey greeted his friend upon entering the room.

Yugi smiled up at his friend, "I see she's not staring at the floor anymore."

"Yeah, she snapped out of it when she heard us saying Serenity's name." Joey replied.

"I think she may have the same name as Joey's sister." Tea explained.

"Anyway, I'm glad to see that you're awake," Grandpa said, gaining the girl's attention, "You were out for about a week."

"A week?" The girl finally spoke. She looked a little lost, not knowing what to do next.

"So, what's your name?" Grandpa asked, walking up to the girl, who continued to look at him.

Now she was looking at the floor again, this time she looked a little sad, "I...I don't know...I don't know what my name is."

"Your name must be the same as mine; you've reacted to it every time it's been said." Serenity pointed out, gaining the girl's attention.

"Do you remember anything?" Grandpa asked, the girl looked rather confused, so he continued, "Do you remember anything about yourself?"

Now she had a sad look on her face again. What was she suppose to say to that? She started to hug her legs now, almost ready to rock herself back and forth, but she didn't. Instead, she just shook her head no, "I...I don't even remember my name!" Now tears were starting to streak down her face, she couldn't take any more of this; she wanted to go home, where ever that was.

"I'm pretty sure your name is Serenity, but how about we call you Sere, so we can tell you and Joey's sister apart." Yugi suggested, sitting down on the bed next to the girl, trying to comfort her.

"You can stay here with us until you regain your memory." Grandpa offered.

"Than...Thank you, I...I guess." The girl answered, not looking at anyone or even moving an inch. She figured that this would have to do, until she got her memory back, at least until she started to remember something. 'Serenity...the name sounds familiar, where have I heard it before? I suppose it doesn't matter now.' The girl thought to herself. She looked up at everyone before her, 'Sere...I like that.' And for the first time that day, she smiled.

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