Title: Simple Change Drastic Results

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Inner Sakura: Talks like this.

Thoughts: Talks like this.



It is a very sunny day in Konoha as team 7 waits for their always late sensei too arive on the bridge they congretated in. As our beloved hero was just about to fall asleep until...

"Yo!" said Kakashi as he appeared from a puff of smoke.

Just like clockwork both Naruto and Sakura yelled "YOUR LATE!!!!" while Sasuke gave his death glare.

"Gomen, gomen, I was on my way here..." as Kakashi gave his usual excuse, just to be answered back by a blunt shout of "you liar" from the orange covered genin.

"I have an important C rank mission given to me by Hokage sama." spoke a very serious Kakashi as he continued to say, "The three of you will meet at the Academy at 6:00 am sharp, and I will give all the details of the mission there."

"WOOHOOO!!!!" yelled a over excited Naruto hearing of a higher rank mission that might bring them in another fight with jounins and chuunins of other countries,"Yosh, I've waited for some exciting mission than the boring D rank missions we keep doing."

His two team mates cringed at the loud out burst, but they mentally agreed with him about having only boring missions that no way compared to their mission in the country of wave.

"Naruto you baka! Do you have to be so loud?" yelled an annoyed Sakura. "Yes!! Kick Ass!!!"

"Dobe." said a bored Sasuke, smirking as he said that.

"SHUT UP SASUKE-BASTARD!!!!!" yelled an angry Naruto.

Feeling ignored Kakashi cleared his throat and spoke," Well that's all I have to tell you, so you can go now."

Without any other movement Kakashi disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Acknowledging her free time, she wanted to spend time with her Sasuke-Kun so Sakura asked him if he wants to go on a date, which always ends up to be flatly rejected. Just as this happens Naruto would ask her out on a date, which copying in a Sasuke fashion she would flatly reject.

But just before they all split up they noticed a square shaped rock coming out of the bushes. Naruto watched as the box got closer and closer, which in return made him run around the area to avoid the box.

In a tired tone Naruto spoke, " Konohamaru, who are trying to hide from in a square shaped rock." Resting his hands on the back of his head and eyes squinted.

"Just like I thought, my eternal rival always is one step ahead of me!" said a voice from the box.

All of team 7 just sweatdropped. Then an explosion of colorful smoke and coughs from where the box once was was heard.

"Still too much cough gun powder wheeze!" said a coughing Konohamaru.

As the Konohamaru Corps. finish their introduction, Konohamaru did an incredibly stupid thing.

"Naruto nii-san isn't that the scary, pink haired kunoichi who you want her to be pointing his pinky out?" bluntly asked Konohamaru.

As Naruto held his hand at Konohamaru mouth to shut him up, a sense of immense killer intent was in the air and both Naruto and Konohamaru flinched in fear. Even Sasuke was slowly slinking away from the angered Sakura.

Cracking her knuckles she started to beat on poor Konohamaru while Naruto tried to use his body to shield the young boy to no avail. They both ended up getting bruises all over their face. Happy with what she has done began too walk away until suddenly another stupid comment was made.

"Naruto nii-san why like a scary, ugly girl like her if she doesn't fall for your good looks?" asked Konohamaru.

Expecting a hit from Sakura, Naruto tensed up and prepared for the onslaught. But what Sakura did hit him harder then just a mere punches and kicks.

"WHY WOULD I FALL FOR A SCRUFFY LOOKING IDIOT, WHO LOOKS LIKE HE HAS WHISKERS ON HIS FACE LIKE A DIRTY FOX!!!!!" shouted the angered Sakura as she stormed off into an unknown direction.

Naruto looked as if he just got smacked by a 2X4 in the you know where. But not too worry his subordinates he quickly put on a great fox smile and said, "Well then I guess I'll have to start looking good then eh, Konohamaru. "

As the Konohamaru corps looked up they all said, "Right Leader!!!"

So as he sees his subordinates leave he decides he's going to change himself and will become more handsome then that Sasuke bastard.

Meanwhile behind a tree close by...

"Naruto-kun..." whispered a quiet Hinata.

Hinata's POV

How can Sakura be so mean to her Naruto-Kun? Her Naruto-Kun, was just something that only existed in her mind. I want to tell you Naruto-Kun, that your cute with that big smile on your face, on how your golden hair remind of the sun and the eyes. Your eyes were like a deep ocean of mystery and determination that make me jealous of you. My eyes are plain and white and always full of fear even when I'm with you.

As she was pondering on how she wished to have the confidence to tell him how she feels, Naruto walks by her and just stares at her, which made her blush as she got startled and started fidgeting with her fingers.

Naruto's POV

I wonder why she always does that? She reminds me of a giant red tomato. A red tomato is a type of food. Come to think of it I'm quite hungry. Hmm, maybe Hinata is also hungry. I know I'll ask her if she wants to come eat ramen with me so I have company.

"Hinata, do you want to go get some ramen I'm starving, hehe." Said a fox grinning blond.

"A... a ... alright." Said the very meek and quiet girl, soon after a dark red came over her face.

Hinata couldn't believe she was going with Naruto somewhere. Even if it's just to have some ramen, she just wanted to cherish this moment as much as she can.

Naruto and Hinata reached the icharaku (man someone give me the right spelling of that plz, lol) and sat on the stools near the counter. The old man who cooked the ramen noticed his best customer with a very shy girl and was about to tease the boy but soon decided it was best to listen in before he made any guesses what their relation is.

" Hey old man 8 pork ramen for me..." Naruto then looked at Hinata, "and one shrimp ramen for Hinata."

"A... Naruto kun how did you know I like shrimp ramen?" astounded by what he ordered her also began to blush (man Hinata blushes way too much lol).

" I dunno, you just looked like a shrimp ramen person." Said Naruto as he started rambling about how he guessed his sensei Kakashi liked chicken ramen and other things like that.

As Naruto was engulfing his fifth ramen, Hinata asked, "um, Naruto-kun, so h... how was training?"

Naruto just blurted out, "no training today but we did received a mission that we have to do for tomorrow." Starting on his seventh ramen.

"Um... our team got a mission tomorrow too," said a very nervous Hinata.

Naruto finishing his eighth bowl acknowledge what she said and replied, "really Hinata tell me about it."

So Hinata mustering up all her courage started to talk about how Kurenai sensei told them about the mission and basically the same thing Kakashi told team 7. So as it got darker outside Naruto notice this and knew that a girl from prestige clan can't be hanging around late at night, told Hinata that he would walk her home.

Naruto started to walk her home and when he finally got home wondered who else is will be joining this mission tomorrow. Then he went into his walrus pyjamas and went to bed.

Authors ending notes:

Too all my reviewer thank you and curse you for encouraging me. Now I have to get my lazy ass and type more of this story. Also this is a fixed up version of the first chapter. I just found out that the words that were suppose to be jkjl did not get those stupid stars. Also to Xoni thanx for the advice and even though there are three main characters doesn't mean I'll put so much effort and so much writing in the first chapter. But I will do this I, MarukuKenshin, will split the prologue in three different parts all happening on the same day ok.

Also need more input on who should be with Ino so far one for Chouji, I'm also going to add Neji as a candidate because ummm, he has no pairing lol. Sorry to all Kiba fans, I don't plan on giving him any good parts.