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"Naruto" speech

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"Hmm..." as Maaku surveyed his new hired workers. "You lot are still pretty young but that should be fine."

The whole grouped looked at the man. He was strange to say the least. He had dark red hair like Gaara but it was longer and went straight down. He was good looking (smirk) and of average height. He wore a completely black suit with a red tie. He had devilish smile on his face which some of the young ninjas showed blushes on their cheeks. The males were giving him suspicious looks.

Naruto POV

How did I get red hair? ... hmm... I got red streaks. This guy has red hair... Maybe he died my hair really quick. What if this guy is a legendary shinobi! I'll have to keep an eye on him. IDIOT. SHUT UP BAKA KITSUNE! I hope he has ramen at this restaurant. And you call me the baka...

Shikamaru POV

His smile kind of scares me. He's not normal.

Rock Lee POV

ANOTHER GOOD LOOKING GUY! I hope Sakura doesn't fall for his devilish charms!

Neji POV

He is hiding something. I sense he's not a simple restaurant owner.

Sasuke POV

He's not as good looking as me. But he looks strong. I want to fight him.

Shino POV

My bugs don't want to go near him... why...? Well all except Hikari... What do you mean's he's good looking. Your a bug how should you know? What do you mean that's why I don't have a girlfriend? Saya-chan counts right? What do you mean cousins don't count? Well it's true we are not going out but I know she likes me! At least I just don't hook up with just about any bug like you...

Shino was frowning with his conversation with Hikari, but it looked like he was glaring at Maaku.

Chouji POV

If I befriend him, would he let me eat for free?

Drool was about to escape Chouji's mouth as he thought about all the fancy food he could eat.

Gaara POV

Are we related?...but his hair is nicer and he has eyebrows... makes me want to kill him...

Sand was beginning to swirl.

Kankurou POV

Are we related?... but he's a pretty boy... makes me want to kill him...

Ignoring the stares of the men Maaku said, "Alright everyone, we don't have much time before we open but I'll have to assign you to the proper people to teach you how to do your job." Maaku explained.

Another man with black hair showed up with a very intimidating aura. His body was so muscular that the tux he was in looked like it would rip. He had an eye-patch on one eye that covered a huge scar.

"This is the person in charge of the valets. His name is Kuro-kun. Be nice, he's quite shy." Maaku smiled ignoring the sweat drops appearing on the young ninjas.

"Come." Kuro stated in low commanding voice as he started walking.

The three valets followed behind him very cautiously as he looked like he could attack at any given moment. As they left another person came in and this time it looked like it was a little girl.

She immediately jumped on Maaku's shoulders and cutely introduced herself, "I'm Lucy the head chef. All chefs will follow my orders and you will listen to what I say. The dishwasher will also come with us. Let's get along everyone!"

"Hai..." Hinata replied meekly.

"Hmm" Chouji said while nodding his head, while munching on chips.

"Hai..." Sakura replied with a fake smile. I DON'T WANT TO WASH DISHES!

"Seriously a little girl. What kind of joint is this? Why should I listen to this flat..." Kankurou complained but before he could continue he felt a cold chill go down his spine.

"I'M 25 YOU LITTLE - $ $HOLE. YOU WANT TO DIE? HUH YOU MAKE UP WEARING F$#%#T! It's not my fault my body didn't grow the way I imagined it..." Shouted the chibi girl but mumbled the last sentence. Her long pale blue hair covering her face but one eye which had a menacing look in her eyes as few tears came out. "Onii-chan, can I do what I want with him? I want to cut off his baby maker and put in a stew and feed it to him." Sweetly asked the chibi girl.

All the remaining males but Gaara paled at the thought of having their baby makers cut off. Kankurou was now sweating bullets and waiting for Maaku to reply.

"Now now, Lu-chan. That language is not befitting for a lady. I'm sure he'll apologize and make sure to listen to your instructions." Maaku replied as he placed Lucy down. He then walked towards Kankurou.

"I suggest you apologize to her and listen. I will not let my best chef be angry on an important day as this." Whispered Maaku to Kankurou before smiling devilishly and said, "Or else I'll say yes."

Kankurou paled and hurriedly knelt in front of Lucy begging for forgiveness.

Liking the apology Lucy smiled and said, "Good we understand each poopy head. Now everyone follow me." As she skipped to the kitchen.

Hinata and Chouji followed while Kankurou stayed five meters away to make sure not to incur her wrath. Sakura was strangely liking how the chef acted. HELL YEAH!

"That was frightening." Whispered Naruto to Shikamaru.

"How troubl..." as pain hit his head, Shikamaru rephrased his last statement, "Even the little ones are frightening."

Rock Lee asked, "What did he mean by flat?"

"He meant her boobs." Kiba replied as the remaining girls glared at him.

"Yeah it's hard to believe that little kid is twenty-five. Most girls I've seen at the hot springs had boobs like these." Naruto made a pretty obvious gesture. He felt violence coming and prepared for impact.

"WHAT? We're men. We look at these things! Though I prefer the butts." Kiba replied to the glares they were getting. This earned him a smack from the remaining girls. "What? Why only me? Naruto made the gesture!"

"He's actually dressed nice today so we can't beat him up." Was Ino's excuse but she and the rest of the girls couldn't think of hurting Naruto as they blushed when he smiled sheepishly.

"My bad Kiba." Apologized Naruto, "I'll treat you to ramen after, dattebayo" As he held his hands in a prayer symbol as he truly felt bad that only Kiba got smacked for something he was involved in.

Gaara glared at the dog boy as well. Your next.

"Ahem." Maaku cleared his throat, "Now the remaining members follow me."

Maaku: Alright so I was a little mean.

Kankurou: A little!

Maaku: Oh Lu-cha~an!


"Well isn't this interesting." Jiraiya said as he watched Maaku."No wonder why you did those bets. If his restaurant is back in town."

"I'm not too sure what you are talking about?" Tsunade nonchalantly replied.

"Wait... you didn't tell us that HE would be the one they would be working for... I feel sorry for the kids." Kakashi grimaced.


"Gai your fly is open." Kakashi spoke seriously.

"NOOOOOO!" Gai yelled and bent over to check his crotch to find that he had no zipper to begin with since he's in his jump suit. "Kuso! Kakashi your too hip. To have fooled me without your sharingan!"

Kurenai and Asuma looked confused at the two sannin and Kakashi. Asuma spoke first, "So what's up with the owner that's got Kakashi even actually pitying someone?" Followed up by Kurenai's question, "How is he involved with the bets?"

"You'll see soon enough." Tsunade said.

Then they all started watching the crystal ball.

"OW!" Jiraiya exclaimed.

"Try to cop a feel again, and I'll break it." Tsunade scowled before staring back at the ball.

Jiraiya rubbed his hand and mumbled, "Then don't have such tempting jugs..."

"To our singer, Temari-chan was it. Can you please head to the hallway on the left and to the change room where you'll be getting ready before the dinner starts." Maaku explained as he pointed to the direction.

"Hai." Temari glanced at Shikamaru and then gave an annoyed face to Ino that said keep your hands off.

Ino just smiled coyly as she linked her arms with Shikamaru and smiled triumphantly as Temari walked away.

Shikamaru looked at Maaku and hoped he would do something. So annoying...

"Ino-chan you have your duties as well. Follow me to the bar." Maaku stated as he walked to the bar. "These are the drinks that are available, these are the lists of drinks we serve.

You have to memorize this list before we open tonight."

As he handed her the list she narrowed her eyes. "This is too hard for me to memorize in such a short time."

"Oh and I thought the Yamanaka's are known for their mind jutsu." Maaku taunted. Then he thought, "Well it's fine then you switch with the handsome lad you were linking arms with."

"So troubl... I mean I would be glad to serve your customers." Shikamaru replied with a fake smile. The pain he felt lessened whenever he was polite and gentleman like thanks to Kurenai's second part of the jutsu used on him.

"So I'm now the cashier?" Ino gasped as she realized what she done. Shikamaru is now able to see Temari and she can't leave her area as she also directs customers. "That's not fair..."

She then sulked and walked to the front.

"Not just the cashier, so perk up." Maaku smiled at Ino, "Your job is pretty important. You'll be directing the clients to their seats and taking their payment yes.

But a pretty young woman will not only give the clients something to look at when they get here but as they leave. So your like our poster girl."

Ino blushed at the compliment. Before it was ruined by Kiba. "I'm stuck with violent girl number two." Kiba sighed.

"Yes you'll be assisting her by taking any coats and making sure they are in order." Maaku explained to Kiba, "Also your dog will be able to be out in the open without bothering the customers."

"You noticed?" Kiba shockingly asked, as Akamaru jumped out of the shirt. "Thank you."

"Not a problem. But I do request you turn him to the clone of you so both of you can help each other out." Maaku requested before he turned his attention to his servers. "Now the rest will follow me to the kitchen."

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Maaku: When it comes to food, I know.

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