As they descended from the Stargate onto PX1-979, Carter felt some trepidation in meeting the natives. A small group of the inhabitants of the planet were waiting for them. They were dressed plainly. The women in long flowing skirts and peasant blouses, the men in breeches and short sleeved linen shirts. Some of the men had black tattoos along their arms. They were all carrying daggers and scythe like weapons.

One woman, seeming to be in her mid-50's, and quite lovely, with long auburn hair, stepped forward. The only thing setting this woman apart from the rest was the bronzed circlet crossing her forehead.

"Welcome," she said in a lilting voice, with a hint of an accent " for you are welcome here, as long as you come in peace."

Carter walked forward. "Yes, Ma'am. We are peaceful explorers, from a planet called Earth. I am Lt. Colonel Samantha Carter, my friends are Teal'c, and Dr. Daniel Jackson."

"Welcome to Fenesia,' the woman smiled. " I am Corlana, and these are the council of Elders behind me." The woman gestured to the group behind her. " You say you come in peace, yet you carry weapons, and have a Jaff'a with you?" At Sam's startled look, Corlana spoke again, "Oh yes, we have seen his kind. In most circumstances, they are the bringers and protectors of the Sly Ones, however, we know that you are not a Sly One. This is somewhat confusing for us, for why else would he travel with you?"

" You are speaking of the Goa'uld," Teal'c stated, "I do not follow those false gods. These people, the Tau'ri fight against them, and I am pledged to help in the ultimate destruction of all Goa'uld. The weapons are carried to protect ourselves. Not all planets inhabitants are as friendly, as you have been thus far."

" So, you are the Tau'ri. It was prophesied that you would come one day." Corlana smiled, then turned, "You are most welcome here. Come follow me."

The group made its way for about a quarter of a mile, and came to a small, but prospering village. Corlana spoke on their way, telling them of her people, the Fenesians. She told them to feel free to look around, or ask questions, and she would see them that evening for the late meal. Then left them, saying she had some matters to attend to.

Corlana entered the tent, and spoke quietly with the inhabitant.

"The individuals are here." She said bowing her head.

"How many?"

"Three. They say they are the Tau'ri. I feel they are honest, yet come with weapons and a Jaff'a. Are they a danger to us?"

"Nay. I feel no threat from them, however, I do feel a threat coming. I fear it." the voice whispered. "It is a great change on the horizon."

"The Chosen have protected Fenesia thus far," Corlana assured, "whatever is meant to be will be, but my faith does not diminish."

"It is a high responsibility that is to be put on the Chosen for this fight, but tonight, let us enjoy our company."

"Will you meet the strangers? I suspect they seek alliances, I do not know what we could offer, but friendship?"

"I will meet the strangers, but not in name." The voice responded.

"This is amazing," Daniel said coming up to Sam and Teal'c," these people have no form of currency. Everything they have is shared among them. And it has worked that way for hundreds of years. No wars among themselves. And from what they say, they are the only people on this entire planet."

Sam smiled at the excitement in Daniels voice. "I haven't even seen any type of militia," she noted. " Nothing showing how they manage to protect themselves from any threat."

"I have heard several stories being told to the children about someone or something called the Chosen." Teal'c stated, " They were telling of time when there were many more people, but a great wasting came, until the Chosen saved them. Perhaps this is a weapon of protection, or an army kept away from the rest of the village?"

"Maybe," Sam said, "maybe we can find out at dinner. If it is a weapon, that would certainly help explain why no Goa'uld are here."

"These people are all highly attractive, you would think that the Goa'uld would love these people as hosts!" Daniel exclaimed, his eyes caught by a lovely blonde woman making her way through the villagers stopping to smile at the children playing.

"The Sly Ones do not come here" Corlana said walking up behind them. " They are not able to use our people for their hosts, and our Chosen protect us from them."

"What are these Chosen?" Sam asked.

"The Chosen are our protection against all that would harm us." This came from a striking man joining Corlana and putting his arm around her waist. " Greetings, I am Dorin, I apologize for not being here earlier, there were other matters that had to be attended to. Our bodies do not allow the demons to survive within us. The Goa'uld as you call them, did kill a great many of our people at one time, but that was a long time ago." The man smiled down at Corlana, and from the smile, and the way his arm curled around her, it was easy to see they were a couple.

"Come it is time to eat. It is a pleasure to have new friends with us this evening." Corlana smiled warmly, took Dorin's hand and headed to the circle where the meal was to take place.

As they sat down to eat, Daniel was surprised how friendly everyone was. They sat on cushions in a big 'U' with a fire at the very end. The lovely blonde girl who had caught his eye earlier served them, bowing to them as she brought them food. "Thank you." he said to her, and was rewarded with a smile. When she finally sat, he saw her sit on a cushion next to Dorin. They were treated to several stories, some briefly touching on The Chosen, and all of them having a moral to them. He noted that the people almost looked to this person as their God, but not quite.

A drumbeat started, several of the young people of the camp ran into the empty area between the diners. They were scantily dressed, and started moving their bodies to the beat of the drum. The blonde girl was almost directly in front of them. Daniel watched her sway to the music. The girl, a young man, and another girl, this one brunette, approached them and grabbed their hands.

Corlana looked at them, "Go, they are honoring you." The three brought SG 1 each a glass of wine, after making sure that they each had a drink, they took their index finger and touched right above their navel, where there was some paint. They touched the index finger to each of SG 1's foreheads. Then they backed away and ran out of the 'U.

"Welcome, Tau'ri, welcome to Fenesia, we honor you as visitors, we treat you as members of our family, always welcome here." Dorin called out in a loud voice.

Several hours later, SG-1, after finishing the meal, the team headed to the Stargate.

"Corlana," Sam began, " we have certainly enjoyed our time with you. Would you mind us returning to learn more about you in the future?"

"You are welcome here Samantha Carter," Corlana said grasping Sam's hands, " you and your people may certainly return. Perhaps on your next visit you can meet my daughter. You met her briefly in the ceremony, but I know she would enjoy speaking with you all."

After debriefing, they made the request to go back to Fenesia, to find out more about the people and The Chosen.

"Jack, it was amazing," Daniel was babbling on to Jack as they walked towards his lab. "These people all seem to be healthy, attractive, and highly intelligent. Yet they don't seem to have any sort of higher technology. But they understood the weapons, radios, even the MALP."

"Ok Danny-Boy," Jack smirked," I get the picture, you guys can probably go back. However, first there is down time to be taken. At least a few days. Then we will talk some more."

"I think you are starting to enjoy this control thing you have now." Daniel said wryly.

"Sure, I love the paper work, the endless supplies, listening to bureaucrats, ya sure you betcha."

A week had gone by, and SG-1 was coming up on the end of their down time. Daniel and Teal'c had gone to a special showing of the original Star Wars trilogy showing at a theatre in downtown Colorado Springs. Meanwhile, Sam was working in her lab on her motorcycle.

Jack stopped in the doorway just watching her for a few minutes without her being aware. 'So beautiful', he thought, 'and someone else's. Someone much younger, and better for her. No other options at the time Jack ol' boy'

"Carter, what are you doing here on your days off?"

" You know me sir, can't get enough of this place!"

General Jack O'Neill came farther into the room and shut the door. "I just figured you would be off with Pete. After all, you should be planning a wedding."

Sam didn't look up, but stopped her tinkering, "Well, actually General, Pete is in Denver for the next two weeks for some additional training."

"Ah, I see," Jack said, and walked forward. " I was making the rounds dropping off some addendums approved by the President. Guess I was just a little surprised to see you."

"Sir, Have you given any more thought to sending SG-1 back to 979, or rather Fenesia?" Sam asked standing up. "I really think it would be interesting to find out exactly what 'The Chosen' is, and how it works. Also, I know that Daniel was interested in the druidic leanings of the inhabitants."

"I know, I already got the spiel from Daniel, I don't think it would be a problem for you guys to go back, seeing as your down time is almost over." Jack said and headed for the door. " Make sure to read those addendums, for some reason they want all personnel to sign stating that they read them. Gotta love the paperwork."

After he left, Sam made a few more minor adjustments and washed up. She picked up the papers and headed home for the evening.

He dreamed. He was walking through Fenesia. There was no one there. Daniel stopped outside of a large tent, it was one he had seen but not gone into. "You may enter." A voice came from inside.

Entering the tent, he could smell incense burning and there were candles illuminating the spacious room. There were multi colored cushions everywhere. Towards the back of the tent he could make out a figure. He walked closer. She looked much long the young blonde girl who had chosen him for their ceremony, but not her. She was taller, about 5'10". The curves of a woman, there was a shimmery silk scarf covering her breasts, a skirt hung low on her hips showing off her navel, and fell to just above her knees. Her purple eyes were outlined in black, and she had intricate bracelets with purple amethyst reaching from her middle finger to her wrists. She had silver arm bands on both of her upper arms. Pale hair fell to her waist, a braid on each side and pulled back to keep it out of her face. There was a pale lavender birthmark in the center of her brow, four points, much like depictions of the Northstar. "Why have you come?" she said walking to him.

"I don't know." he said looking around himself curiously. "I mean, I know we want to come back, but I don't remember meeting you, and I've never been in here, do you know? Why I'm here I mean?"

"Normally, I would say you need my aid with something. That is why most people come to me." She walked around him with her hands on her hips. "Do you need aid?"

"I don't think so. Have we met before?" He asked sort of getting confused.


"You, you're the girl."


"But you looked so different."

"Yes, that is my way to tell if a threat is coming to the village."

"You control The Chosen?" Daniel asked.

"I guess you could say that," she said with a secretive smile. "Well, Daniel Jackson, I do not know why you have come, but if I cannot help you, I must send you back." She turned to face his and lifted her hand.

"No wait maybe..." he began but didn't get to finish as she blew him a kiss, and he woke up.

Sam came tearing into the base parking and straight down to Jack's office. 'I can't believe this,' she thought wildly. 'After seven years, now they do this.' Not even bothering knocking, she barged in and threw the papers down on his desk.

"What is this?" She demanded.

Jack looked up startled, from where he had been shooting paper wads at the basketball hoop on the back of his door.

"It looks like paper. I assume those are the addendums I dropped off for your signatures?" he asked.

"Why now? Why didn't you warn me?"

"Ah," Jack said and looked down at the desk. He straightened the documents and folded his hands." The President has determined that within this facility, our jobs being what they are, and the risks that we take, Stargate Command should function basically as an offshoot of the Air Force, and have some regulation changes. Hence the additional medical, disability, hazard pay, life insurance, and deletion of fraternization policy. As long as it doesn't affect your treatment of your fellow officers, you may now see whomever you wish to see. We're like our own little world now. Not something for you to worry about seeing as how you and Pete are getting married."

Sam looked at Jack, her lips pressed together."Even you?" Her stomach churned looking at the sadness in his face that he was trying to hide, as he nodded in response. She muttered an apology, turned on her heel and left.

Jack looked wistfully at the door. 'Too late.' he thought, 'it's just too late'

SG-1 walked out of the wormhole into horror. Where once a beautiful tree lined path was, there were burnt trees, and bodies. One body, bloody and moaning slightly, lifted its head, and Sam ran over to it.
"My god Corlana, we have to get you back to help!"

"It is too late for that, my strength wanes. You must listen," Corlana whispered painfully, "They came the day after you left. Burning and killing. A Sly One."

"What about The Chosen?" Sam asked.

"They fight yet," she coughed," you must go back to your world. Go now, before they come and take you. The Chosen will destroy them, but she that no harm was to possibly come to you and yours. Go..."

"No, we can help you!" Sam shouted, then realized that Corlana was no longer breathing.

"Sam," Daniel yelled, "there are staff blasts over that way!"

SG-1 drew their weapons and headed towards the blasts. They rounded a bend and saw three Jaff'a surrounding a Goa'uld. Stalking up to them was a figure clad entirely in some type of full body armor, and a helm that covered the head and face. Holding two bladed weapons at his sides, he had just finished kicking a dying Jaff'a to the side. The Goa'uld was laughing. Blood was running down the back of the armor. On the ground were several other figures in armor, obviously dead, along with many Jaff'a.

"I think we shall keep you for our pleasure, fool, how one as weak as you could take so many of my warriors, you will make a fine warrior for our army" the Goa'uld taunted, "Perhaps we will kill you again and again, only to eventually bring you back and make you a host"

" You shall never take me evil one," a strong voice came out of the figure. " You and your evil minions shall be destroyed, and my people will rejoice in your destruction."

"Your people are dead! As you shall be in a moment!" The Goa'uld declared and lifted his ribbon device.
Just then one of the Jaff'a fell from a staff blast.

"Nice shooting Teal'c!" Daniel exclaimed and aimed for a second Jaff'a. Just as he shot, the third Jaff'a fired his staff weapon, hitting Daniel in the shoulder. Sam quickly took out the third, and moved over to Daniel, while Teal'c aimed at the Goa'uld.

"Yep, that hurts!" Daniel groaned in pain. "It feels like my arm is falling off." His fell to the side, as Sam tried to bind the wound.

Sam winced at the wound on Daniel's shoulder. "We have to get you home."

"Um, Sam" Daniel whispered, "Why isn't the ribbon device working?"

"Your weapon won't work on me, evil-one." the figure said standing straight as the beam blazed on his forehead. "I am The Chosen, the protector, the healer. I am the heart that keeps beating, the voice that keeps speaking, and you have not the power to silence me." With that the figure raised the two weapons which had begun to glow softly with a pale blue light, and proceeded to slice down in a crosswise motion. There was a look of surprise on the Goa'uld's face, the blades cutting through his personal shield, and his head dropped to the ground, the two pieces of the symbiote squirming on the ground.

The figure turned around to look at SG-1. Slowly, sheathing both weapons, and raising his hands in peace, the Chosen walked over to them. A beautiful purple stone winked from the center of the armor.

"Your friend is injured?" the voice queried. "You are the Tau'ri who visited the village recently? Are you in need of my help?"

"Yes, we have to get him back to our home." Sam said.

"You did not have to aid me, yet you did. I shall help him, then I must find the rest of my people." The small man lifted his gloved hands and held them over the wound on Daniels arm. A shimmery blue glow began to shine on the wound, and the it disappeared.

Daniel looked up into the helmet in surprise as the pain faded. "Thanks," he said and rotated his arm, "as good as new."

The figure got up and headed towards the village. SG-1 trailed quietly behind, somewhat in awe. Sam was worried, there were no sounds coming from around them except for the crackling where fires were dying out, and she could see new blood seeping down the back of the armor-clad figure. She had also never seen anyone immune to the ribbon device, but this man had shrugged it off like it was nothing.

"No one lives," the voice whispers, " I feel the death, even the children. The world must be reborn. I am the last ... again I am the last " The voice was echoey and terribly sad.

"No" Sam said loudly, coming out of her thoughts. "You can come back with us, I am sorry we didn't get here in time to help your people, but you aren't alone. Come with us!"

"The Tau'ri are good people," Teal'c offered, "having a warrior such as yourself on their side would be quite beneficial."

"You would take me with you? Not knowing who or what I am?" the figure said turning to face them. "Yes, if I have the strength, I will come." He said more to himself than the others.

They headed back to the gate, as they neared it, The Chosen turned and spoke several words quietly, all of the dead disappeared, almost like being pulled into the ground.

"Amazing." Daniel whispered.

"The land will care for my people now." With that the figure pressed the amethyst stone set in the breast plate of the armor. The armor retracted into the stone, leaving behind a stunning blonde woman. She knelt on the ground and bowed her head to Sam. Daniel was stunned, it was the woman from his dreams.

"I am Elira," she said, " I fear it is too late for me as well." The woman crumpled to the ground in front of the speechless members of SG-1.

Jack was entering his office when the klaxons went off signaling off world activation.

"Well, Walter, any idea who it is?" He asked coming up behind the officer.

"It's SG-1's signal General O'Neill, sir. And they're signaling for medical. Opening the iris."

"That's odd, I thought they said these were friendly inhabitants," he mused as he headed for the gate room.
He got there in time to see Sam and Daniel hurry through. Shortly after, Teal'c came through carrying another body.

"Kids, that was a short trip," he grimaced.

"Yes sir," Sam said breathlessly. "They are all dead sir, except for Elira. Killed by Jaff'a and a Goa'uld."

"Which one? And who is Elira"

"Well, we really don't know who the Goa'uld was. I am coming to the conclusion that somehow she is or is tied to The Chosen." Daniel said wryly, "She killed him before we could find out. A busy day really. He tried to use the ribbon device on her, she somehow deflected or shrugged it off, she cut his head off, Oh, I got shot, she healed me, made all the dead people disappear and then passed out. Did we mention she's The Chosen?"

Jack looked at them with raised eyebrows, "Gee, and all I did today was have some breakfast, and sign for some more supplies."

"Sir, she is really hurt, I think she passed out from lack of blood." Sam said as the medics were putting an IV in the girls arm. She leaned in closer, "This is incredible, some of these wounds are already re-knitting themselves."

"Well, let's get her to medical" Jack said, "Debriefing at 1400. Although, I got the gist....." he muttered heading after them.

"I just hope we can help her sir, her body while very similar, might have some differences that we haven't dealt with before."

Elira opened her eyes and waited for her vision to clear. Slowly looking over to her left she saw the woman, Samantha Carter sitting dozing in a chair. Some movement must have woken her, because she opened her eyes and looked at Elira.

"Hey," she smiled,"welcome back."

"How long have I been here?" Elira asked softly.

"Only a little over a day, I sort of expected it to be longer." Sam said, "You were hurt very badly. It took a while for us to help you, due to your physiology. Not that you needed too much help. Once we got you through the Stargate, your body began to heal itself."

"Yes, I felt that my soul would move on, while on Fenesia." she said matter of fact. "You have aided in healing me? I would not be this strong yet without your help."

"Trying to. Do you remember everything?"

"Yes, I remember the Sly One, I remember the death and end of my people. You did not have to save me. My task was just to see him destroyed, with my people gone, I would have finished my days in isolation." She said looking at the wall.

"We wouldn't have ever left you there alone." Sam stated. "If we had gotten there sooner, maybe not everyone would be dead now."

"You concern yourself for them? They were not your people. Though I do appreciate the help you have given. I appreciate you letting me come to your world. I hope I can help you in your fight against what you call the Goa'uld. Even now my body is healing itself."

"Well I see our patient is awake."

"Elira, allow me to introduce you to General Jack O'Neill."

"You are the leader of this place?" She asked.

"That's what they tell me. Glad to see you up. How are you feeling?" he asked coming into the cubicle, surreptitiously glancing at Sam.

"I feel tired, my body weak, my soul in mourning. It is kind of you to allow me to remain here. However, if it is a problem, I can go back to my world. I do not want to cause concerns for you."

"Actually, I just got off the phone with the President."Jack started. "He's the real man in charge. He says anyone willing to help destroy the snake heads is more than welcome here. I'm sort of paraphrasing there. Do you have any idea which one attacked you?"

"The Sly One called itself Ank-soon." she told them. "Where will I go now? I am more than willing to answer any questions that you have for me."

"Well, for now, you can stay here. Once your strength is back we'll figure it out from there. For now though, we'll get you some clothes, get you a VIP room, get you acclimated to the base."

Sam looked at Jack. "Acclimated sir?"

"Yes Carter, even I know some big words." Jack smirked and walked out.

"Well, let's get you some clothes, and show you around." Sam said watching Jack leave. Elira watched them carefully, feeling the emotion tingeing the air.

Later, as they were walking around the base, Sam felt Elira looking at her.

"Everything ok? Not tiring you out yet am I?"

"Nay," Elira shook her head, "I am wondering, you and the General, your are not tied?"

"I don't know what you mean, 'tied'?"

"In Fenesia, when a woman comes of age, and has deep feelings for a man, they are tied, they have children, tied."

"Here that is called being in love and getting married, and no, we aren't married."

"Why?" she asked curiously. "I felt the "love" coming from him to you, and the other way as well. Is that not enough for the being married here?"

"You felt that?? Actually," Sam said grimly, "until recently, we weren't allowed to show feelings if we had them, those are our military regulations, now it is too late, I'm engaged to be married to someone else." Sam startled herself. 'I don't know why I am telling her this,' she thought.

"I am sorry for making you uncomfortable, as the chosen, I have many abilities. It is not a conscious ability to feel emotions. It just happens. It is like a taste to the air. I can hear it. It has been this way since I was a child." she explained. Elira looked puzzled," I do not understand tying yourself to one man when you are in love with another. A strange practice." They walked quietly for a few moments. "Could we finish this tomorrow, I am suddenly very tired."

"Sure, I'm surprised that we were able to walk this far. I don't want you to get too tired, and you were injured badly" Sam said.

"My body heals itself as we speak."

In his dreams he saw her. She walked towards him, honey-blonde hair waving to the middle of her back. Her tall slender figure, curving in the perfect spots. She looked at him out of her lavender eyes, her cheeks slightly flushed, her moist lush lips slightly upturned, the faint lavender tattoo in the shape of the Northstar between her eyes, similar to a Jaff'a's but slightly lower, and just a faint coloring. His glance moved down her body, clothed in amethyst silken robes. His eyes moved over her full breasts, over her long legs, and back up. She spoke.

" I am The Chosen, the last of my people."

Suddenly the picture dissolved, and he felt himself laying on soft cushions, they were brightly colored and velvet to the touch. She was laying on her side next to him, wearing a robe of lightweight linen, so thin it was practically see through. He could see the dusky pink of her nipples and she leaned closer, running her hand over his arm lightly.

"Axeim" she whispered, her mouth moving ever closer, softly touching his stubble roughened cheek, "do not be angry with me."

"How can I not?" he heard himself say, yet it was not his voice, " You say you feel strongly for me, but will not tie. How does this show your 'feelings'?" He sneered at her. He pushed away from the cushions, and began to pace.

"Axeim, I do feel for you, but I know that we are not to be tied together for all time. What you feel for me is the desire to add to your power, by being tied to The Chosen. I know you desire this body, and I am willing to offer that to you. We have been friends since we were children, why do you act this way?" A hint of confusion tinged her voice.

Daniel stopped in front of a mirror and looked at himself. Black wavy hair hung to his shoulders, he had a broad chest with black tattoos running down his arms in symbols, and an arrogant yet handsome face. Gray-steely eyes burned in anger. Daniel recognized the symbols as similar to the people of Fenesia, yet slightly distorted. "Damn you Elira, how can you say this! How can you come to me, and offer to join our bodies, but think I only want the prestige!!"

"You forget, I am The Chosen, and with that I feel your heart Axeim," she came up behind him and put her arms around his waist. "There is nothing wrong with the joining of our bodies. You are a great warrior, I feel your passion, and I feel the hunger for power. I cannot help you in this goal. We are a society of equality." She kissed the back of his neck.

He could feel her breasts pushing into his back. His manhood stirred, he turned angrily. "Is this what you want?" he hissed and pressed his hip into hers. She uttered a small cry. "Nay I think not. You will give me what I want in the end Elira. All will." Daniel felt himself shove her down and leave the tent... And found himself watching her cry on the cushions.

"A sad memory to witness." a voice came from next to him. She stood next to him, the both of them watching her crying on the cushions.

"What...." Daniel looked at her in surprise.

"I don't really know. I've shared memories before but not like this. This time you are sharing my memories. I offer my apologies for this." she looked at the memory of herself sadly. "All that power, and yet bothered by a mere man."

"So was that your husband?" Daniel asked turning to face her.

"I am thinking you mean Axeim? Nay," she smiled sadly,"Axeim and I never tied. He wished to, but I knew the truth in our feelings. He died several weeks before your people came to us. I have never tied. Honestly, on Fenesia, I did not feel I ever would." she added."I sorrow for the sharing of these memories. I do not like showing weakness. And I have already shown one weakness in passing out in front of you."

"It's ok," Daniel said softly, "you were pretty hurt. I just wish I knew why we were sharing these dreams."

"I think somehow we are connected. This is not the most comfortable thing for me Dr. Jackson. Your people are extremely kind, I am lucky to have been found by you." with that she lowered her head to him. "It is time to awaken. I feel that others have questions. I suppose I will see you soon."

Daniel woke up smiling slightly. Life had suddenly gotten pretty darn interesting. With that last thought, he headed to the briefing room.

In the briefing room

"So you are telling us that you're it, The Chosen, the only one that stood in between your people and any threat?" Jack asked for the third time.

Elira looked at him curiously, "Well yes, don't misunderstand, there were eight who stood with me, however they were Fenesians, who trained with me, they were not the same as me."

"What do you mean? You weren't part of the same race?" Sam asked.

"Nay, I was given to Corlana, my mother, when I was yet a child. She was told that I would protect them when I came of age."

"Ok," Daniel said "so who gave you to them."

"My Savior did this." She answered looking at him, "I have always thought of him as my father, though we do not look alike. He is very wise. Now you are curious?"

Jack looked over at Carter and quirked an eyebrow.

"Mind reader?" he inquired.

"Actually, sir I believe she is picking up on your feelings, much like an empath."

"Ah." he responded, "Tell us, what exactly can you do?"

"Do? You speak of my abilities. Many things. I do not know everything. Some healing, I feel what others feel. Some I have not come into yet. I am quite skilled in battle." She said proudly. "Please do not be alarmed.... I would never harm your people."

Daniel jumped in, "We know Elira, we're just trying to get a handle on everything."

Several more questions were asked before the doctor in charge called a halt stating that his patient needed more rest. They all headed to their respective labs, and Elira headed to the infirmary.

The silken robe molded her body. She swayed towards him. Her body curved, breasts rising and falling with each breath. "Come," she beckoned, "look into my mind. You are strong of heart and mind. An equal. I heal your body, with all that I am and have been..."

Elira lay on a bed of brightly colored cushions, Corlana leaned over her, wiping a cool wet rag over her battered face.

"How could he do this?" Corlana murmured furiously, "he claims that you are his life-tie, but no life-tie could commit violence such as this."

"You are wondering why I did not stop him?" Elira said through bruised cracked lips, " How could I kill him? He was my closest friend." She sobbed and turned on her side. "I don't know what demon possessed him."
"He will be put to death now, my daughter, he dared lift his hand to the protector of our people. There will be no stopping Dorin, once Axeim is found. The things he has done! " the older woman cried.

"I know he will find death, there is no other choice," she whispered, "but it will not be by my hand. Perhaps that makes me weak."

"Nay, Daughter, you are not weak, just too forgiving."

"I do not forgive. He was humiliated, he said, humiliated that he would ask for my hand, and I would deny him in front of our people." the blood tinged tears ran down her face, so beaten was she that it hurt to cry.
"Hush, my child, rest now." Corlana whispered.

Daniel looked over to see Elira sharing the memory with him. She looked incredibly frail as she watched herself being cared for.

"I'm sorry" he said, "I know that can't be a memory that you would wish to share with a just anyone."
"Nay, as the death of your Sha're, would not be a memory you would share."

"No, probably not, but I did love Sha're. You saw Sha're's death?"

"Yes." she whispered. "I am strong, and the memories will not destroy me.I have no way of stopping it." A tear slid down her face.

"How is it you know what I'm dreaming, but I have no idea which of my memories you're having?"

"Possibly because I somehow caused it, or have more control, I do not know." she sighed.

"I'm going to wake up now. Then I'm going to come get you, and we are going to go for a walk?" he asked, "Maybe that will help get your mind off things. Jack said I could show you the surface."

"I would like this."

So Daniel took her for a few peaceful hours looking at the night sky.

Sam couldn't stop thinking. Jack, she could finally have been with Jack, but what about Pete? She had told him she would marry him. Could she just back out of that? Should she? Didn't she love Pete? What about Jack? He hadn't acted like that was what he wanted, what if she told Pete no, then Jack wasn't interested. 'And how selfish is that Sam', she thought angrily 'Let's just keep old Pete on line unless something else comes through? If you would even consider that, you shouldn't be with him. But if I am being honest with myself, the only reason I am with him is because I couldn't be with Jack. I resigned myself to the fact that Jack and I wouldn't be together, so I looked elsewhere.' She through down the papers she was supposed to be working on in disgust. What was she going to do.

Jack walked down the hallway towards the briefing room when a brilliant white light shone down in front of him. the light cleared, and he saw his friend Thor of Asgard standing in front of him.

"Thor, little buddy, how ya doing?" he said pleasantly surprised.

"O'Neill, it is a pleasure to see you." Thor nodded. "We had reports showing that you were last on the planet with a race called the Fenesians, the people are gone, however there was a dead Goa'uld there, do you know what has happened?"

"Actually, yes. SG-1 went back to see the nice folk, and they had been wiped out. This is a first, normally we're the ones asking the questions."

"O'Neill please concentrate. All of the Fenesians were destroyed?" Thor asked anxiously.

"One of them survived, we brought her here. She was on the brink of death before we got her through the gate. Then it was like she started healing. Elira is her name."

Thor seemed to relax. "May I see Elira?"

"Sure, I think she's with Danny boy."

Elira and Daniel walked to the briefing room in silence. Daniel didn't know what to say to the beautiful girl. He literally tingled in her presence. The feelings he was having were almost embarrassing because he felt for sure she would feel them, but so far, she wasn't acting like she could.

They entered the room, and Elira gave a small cry and ran to the small gray alien.

"Father!" she cried.

"Father?" Daniel asked.

"Thor, old buddy, didn't know you had it in you?"Jack said in surprise. "She was right about the not looking similar thing." he muttered to Sam.

"O'Neill, she is obviously not my biological daughter." Thor said and turned to the girl."Eli'Arias, we had great concern for you."

"Good Father, these humans brought me back from the planet when my adoptive family were killed by the Sly One." Elira had dropped to her knees in front of the Asgard.

Thor continued to look at her, but spoke to the others in the room "We saved her when her race was destroyed by a supernova. Her people were a powerful race, who showed great promise. She was just a child, already showing such potential. We took her to the Fenesians, who were good of heart, selfless. We knew she could protect them, and they would teach her all she needed to know."

"They are gone Father," she cried "I failed them."

"Not every battle can be won, star-child" Thor said patiently, "we must decide where you will go now."

"Can't she stay here?" Sam asked.

Thor looked at them all and then gazed on Elira. "Share with me star-child," he said and put his forehead to hers. After several moments he looked up." Are you sure that you will be able to deal with her differences?" he asked.

"Besides the whole healing thingy?" Jack asked.

" She is an empath, O'Neill. On Earth she will need to learn how to hone her abilities. If she feels strongly on something, there is the possibility that everyone around here will also feel it. There were other abilities that some of her race had, that could manifest themselves at a later time. She is still quite young."

"We understand." Sam answered, "We can try to help her learn."

"Yes, it will be difficult, but I think that is for the best. She will be a great asset, yet your people will treat her as one of you. She has many helpful abilities. If you were to take her to other planets with you, she would be able to tell honesty. There are many good reasons for her to stay. I just hope you will treat her as she should be treated?"

"We will treat her as the treasure that she is." Daniel said softly. Jack glanced at him swiftly.

Jack grinned, 'so that's how it's gonna be'

"Well then we are agreed, I must leave now. My mind will be greatly at ease knowing you are looking after each other." And with that he was gone in a burst of light.

"OK," Jack said looking around, "remind me, in the future, to always ask for the 'Fathers' name. Not that I'm not always glad to see Thor."

As Sam entered the base after her two days off, she thought about how she was going to deal with everything that had been happening. The first thing that she needed to take care of was taking Elira to purchase some clothing. Fatigues only went so far for so long.

"Hey Sam, how was your time off?" Daniel asked rounding a corner.

"It was good Daniel, how were things here?"

"Pretty good, SG-15 came back with some form of rash sort of like poison ivy, but the hives were green."
"Wonderful, have you seen Elira?" she asked noticing a slight flush come across his face.

"I think she is down eating, she seems to have taken a liking to pecan pie." he smiled. "Say when is Pete planning on moving to Colorado Springs?"

"He isn't that I know of, actually Pete and I have stopped seeing each other." she answered and started flipping through her papers.

"Oh, I'm sorry Sam." he apologized. "Everything ok?"

"Actually, I was doing some thinking, and Elira actually helped me. What I had with Pete wouldn't have been fair to him in the end. He deserves the best, he won't find that with me."

"If you need anything let me know."

"Thanks Daniel, I will."

Daniel knocked on Jack's office door. He heard a muffled enter, and opened the door. "What are you doing exactly?" he asked.

Jack looked up from putting a golf ball towards a cup. "Would you believe I'm working on some reports sent by SG-9?"

"Probably not."

"I didn't think so." he said retrieving his ball to putt again.

"Say, Jack," Daniel started, adjusting his glasses, " Sam wants permission to take Elira off base to get some clothes. Is that a problem?"

"No problem here. Actually, it is probably a good idea to start letting her take a look around to see what she's gotten herself into. Do me a favor though, try to mention to Sam that it probably wouldn't be a good idea for her to spend too much time with other people, say I don't know, someone like Pete." Jack shrugged.

"Well" Daniel grimaced, "I don't think that is going to be a problem, it seems that Sam and Pete aren't seeing each other anymore."

Jack looked at Daniel, dropped his golf club, and strode past him. 'So that's how its going to be.' Daniel thought.

Sam had just finished adjusting the buffer on one of the newer experimental Naquadah reactors, when Jack strode into her office.

"Sir is there anything...." she began, but was cut off when he grabbed her by the shoulders and proceeded to kiss her. At first she was shocked, but then she wrapped her arms around his neck and started kissing him back. "I take it you talked to Daniel."she said when he finally let her up for air.

"I wanted you to have the best, I didn't want to come between you." he muttered and traced a finger down her cheek.

"You didn't, I couldn't be with him, not loving you, with or without the new addendums. I just figured it out quicker this way."

"I don't know what you see in an old soldier like me," he started, "I certainly am the luckier of the two of us."
"Jack," Sam smiled, "shut up and kiss me again."

And he proceeded to do just that.