Daniel was working in his lab, trying to finish up his translations. Shannon was dropping Zoë off for him when she came to pick up Ben. It was just a few days to Thanksgiving, and they were all getting together at Jack's for the holiday. It was hard knowing that they would have been getting married that weekend, if things had been different.

Just then, Daniel heard little clicking footsteps running down the hall, Zoë put her head into the door, "Daddy!" she giggled, and ran to him on her chubby legs. he swung her up, and sat her on the desk. As was her custom, she reached over to touch the picture of Talis he kept on his desk, "preddy," she whispered stroking it.

"She sure is, princess." he kissed her head. Shannon came into the room, lugging her baby carrier.

"Sorry Daniel," she said, "she's getting too quick for me."

"That's ok, Shannon," he grinned at the frazzled girl, "she's a lot like her mother." He heard his name being called over the intercom, calling him to the briefing room.

"I'll take her, that sounds important." Daniel handed Zoë to Shannon, and got one of the SF's to help her. When he got to the briefing room, his team and SG-2 were already in there, along with Hammond and Thor, the Asgard Supreme Commander. "What's going on guys?" he asked looking at them questioningly.

"Sit down, Dr. Jackson, Thor has something to share with us." Daniel did as the general told him to. Jack was looking down at the table, the others looked as clueless as Daniel was.

"As I was telling O'Neill, and General Hammond. One of our research vessels recently returned from this section of the solar system. On board they told of us a strange phenomenon that they had picked up over their communication transmitters, I will play this for you." Thor pressed a button, and Daniel heard Talis's voice in the room with them. There was a lot of static, and the voices were tinny,but he heard every word.:

Fer: "his hands are burnt up."

Talis: "Change of plans Major." "We have to get you to the pods. You'll end up on the planet, you can find the gate and get home. Arch needs medical care."

Fer: "Starling, there are only four pods."

Talis:"I understand that sir. You, Sadler, Anderson, and Lt. Starling, are taking them."

Arch:"No Talis," "What about you?"

Talis:"This is my ship, Archamedes, I'm not leavin' her, I'm landing her."

Fer: "Starling, there has to be another way...I'll stay"

Talis:"No sir, our stabilizers are out, we're going to crash. The four of you are taking those pods sir. I'm not leaving my ship! Don't make me put you in that pod sir. Do you understand me?"

Fer:"You're a good person Starling, a good soldier."

Talis:"No sir, I'm a good pilot, a good smuggler, and a damn good mother. You tell my daughter I love her, and you tell Daniel Jackson I love him." The group heard a small explosion, then her voice screaming "Go!"

Daniel looked at Thor, tears streaming down his face silently, "Thank you for letting me listen to her last words." he said sincerely.

"No Daniel Jackson, you do not entirely understand. The Asgard on the research vessel recognized your name, as the ship was crashing they transported Talis Starling aboard their vessel, and brought her to us. She was gravely injured, and has not a woken. But she still lives."

Everyone in the room was stunned.

Jack looked at Daniel, and grasped his hands, "She's in the room 3 Daniel, in a coma, but alive."

Daniel stood and ran from the room. He got to the isolation room, and walked in slowly. It was true, she was there. So pale, but there. There were lacerations that were healing on her face, turning faint even now. Her left arm had been broken and was in some sort of splint.

He saw that she had bandages, and the nurse in the room told him that some piece of metal must have pierced her from behind, missing everything vital, and coming out the front. Her right ankle was broken and in a splint similar to the arm splint. She had received head injuries, but the Asgard had healed those as best as possible.

The nurse told him that she had been incredibly lucky. They found him crying as he held her hand. They all surrounded her bed, held hands and cried together.

Daniel looked down at her, she hadn't woken up yet, but he kept hoping. He kept filling her in on everything that had been happening.

"So Ben is with SG-2, and Shannon is taking night classes for her teaching degree. J.T. is getting huge. Arch is seeing one of the little nurses on base here. And Zoë has been hanging out with Uncle Jack too much, she said her first curse word. She wanted to have some candy, and I told her no. You should have seen her, she stomped her little foot, and said Dammit. I don't even think she knew what she was saying. Speaking of Jack, he told Hammond that regulations be damned, he and Sam loved each other, and they were going to be together. Hammond got on the phone to the President, and the President ok'ed it. Said that with the situations we face here at the SGC, and seeing how they've never let their relationship interfere up to this point, he wouldn't do anything about it. You need to wake up baby."

It had been two weeks since Thor brought her back to them. The doctors said that there was nothing wrong with her brain activity, she just wasn't waking up. He brought Zoë down here to spend time with her every day.

Zoë didn't understand why her momma wouldn't talk to her or hug her. Everyone took turns sitting with her. Her wounds were healing, and he could barely see the scars on her face anymore. The stitches in the wound on her side were almost ready to come out. They were taking the splint off her arm next week, and her ankle splint off by Christmas.

One of the doctors thought that she might be in the coma due to the severity of her injuries. They thought that her mind, in order to protect herself from the trauma, shut down, and went somewhere safe. They just told everyone to keep talking to her, that the best thing was for her to hear their voices.

"I saw Naomi the other day," he continued, "she was acting like nothing had happened, and asked how I was doing. I told her I was great, that I was waiting to get married to the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She seemed surprised and asked who that was, so I asked her if she didn't remember meeting you. She turned white as a sheet, turned and walked away. You would have loved it. I'm in the process of adopting Zoë, you need to wake up so you can sign the papers. Please wake up, please come back to me." he pleaded.

"Daniel," Shannon said coming into the room, "Zoë is waiting with Sam and Jack."

"Ok, thanks Shannon."

"Oh, you brought her ring." Shannon said looking down at Talis's hands.

"Yeah, she never wore it on her missions, but I figured it might help her wake up."

"It's a good idea Daniel." Shannon said softly, and sat to talk to the comatose woman.

There was another explosion, she was all alone, her ship was burning up around her, as she tried to stay alive for her family. Tears were streaming down her face, the ship hit turbulence and flung her, she felt her arm snap, she screamed. Another bout of turbulence sent her flying backwards, her ankle was caught, and she felt that give also. Ignoring the pain, she pulled herself up to look out the view port.

She would not give into her fear, she would not pass out. Parts of the ship were actually, pulling inward, from the outside pressure. She heard a loud creak and looked over her shoulder in time to see part of the hyper drive coiling sliding forward through her side. She looked down to see it protruding from her stomach area, and woke up screaming.

She found herself in a white room with tubes in her arms. She threw herself off the bed, alarms started going off around her, which terrified her. Talis ripped the tubing from her arms, and felt a sharp pain in her ankle as the fell to the ground. Someone was yelling at her, trying to tell her to calm down, but she scrambled away from them, into the corner. She felt like she'd been shot, and looked down to see blood soaking through the gown she was wearing.

Daniel woke up to the medical alarms going off. He was napping in his room on base, so he could be near Talis. He ran out of the room heading for her bed. He entered the room to see Sam trying to approach the woman in the corner. It was Talis, and she had a wild look in her eyes. Tears were streaming down her face. Blood had soaked her nightgown where she must have ripped her stitches, and from her arm where she had pulled the IV out. She was babbling wildly about burning, Sam was crying trying to soothe her. He approached her cautiously, "Talis," he said quietly.

She looked up at him, and whimpered in the back of her throat.

"Let me hold you baby, calm down, I'm just going to hold you." he told her walking towards her.

Doctors had come in behind him, to inject her with what he assumed were tranquilizers.

"No!" she practically shouted, "I'm dead, I burned and crashed, I'm dead." she started sobbing harder and rocking back and forth.

"No baby, the Asgard got you before you crashed, you've been sleeping for a long time now, let me hold you baby, I've missed you so much." Daniel got down on his knees in front of her, his voice starting to tremble. "Let me hold you." he whispered.

Letting out a loud cry, she fell into his arms crying. He held her and rocked back and forth. He looked up and saw that Jack had come into the room, and was hugging Sam.

"Now, look at this," he said gently, "you've torn your stitches, and hurt your arm, God only knows how your ankle is." he stood with her in his arms, and carried her back to her bed. He laid her back down, "The doctor is going to give you something." when she started shaking her head, he told her, "Yes, it'll help you sleep, they can patch you up, and then when you wake up, I'll be right here with you." She didn't let him go, or let him out of her sight, as they reinserted her IV, and gave her a sedative.

A few hours later, she woke, and looked over to her left. Daniel was leaning on the bed, holding her hand and sleeping. It was hard to keep her eyes open, but she gently squeezed his hand. He opened his eyes and looked at the woman he loved.

"Thirsty." she whispered. He got her some water and let her sip it through a straw. She moistened her lips and said, "supposed to be dead now."

He brushed the hair off her forehead, "Well lucky for us we have some very good friends, and a lot of luck."

"How long..." she tried to talk.

"Almost four months." he said and saw her wince.


"She's with Shannon, I've been bringing her to see you, she gets confused, but loves to sit and run her hands through your hair."

"Scared," her trembling voice almost broke his heart.

"I know baby, but you don't have to be anymore. Besides a few scars, you'll heal completely." he said kissing her fingers.

A tear slipped down the side of her face, "Ugly?"

"Look at you, not even awake for 24 hours and already being vain." he choked between a sob and a laugh, "You're still as beautiful as the day we met. You're still the woman I want with me for the rest of my life."

"Love you." she said, she stopped fighting, and fell asleep.

"I love you Talis." he whispered.