A Hero Dies in This One
By Speed Fiend
©opyright Kendra-Lynne 2004
An Unperfect Wolf Fanfiction
A SpiltAppple-Juice Production
Warnings: AU, Spoilers: episode 301, Last Son
Summary: A forty-seven year old single-mother Calleigh gets the shock of a lifetime when she sees someone much too familiar.
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Disclaimer: Not mine. Speed wouldn't have died if it was mine. sob
Authors Note: Obviously Speed dying was bad. So here's the little plot gator that just HAD to bite me really hard. My bunny died. So... Now that she's where the bunnies can hop forever, I have a gator.
Authors Note II: Horatio's nickname is H, but spelling it that way drives me crazy. Nicknames are there for a reason: to say them shorter. So I spell it Ayche. If you can't handle phonetic spelling, sorry!

Based Off: a hero dies in this one by The Ataris

Prologue- September 2004, Miami

A flash of blond hair clued Valera Duane in on what was happening. She looked from the bathroom door where Calleigh Duquesne had disappeared to the confused look on their Lieutenant's face. With a sigh she grabbed the bag off the counter next to her and followed her friend and coworker into the bathroom.

She leaned against the wall, waiting as Calleigh heaved over the toilet. When she was done, Calleigh stood up and walked over to the sink, rinsing her mouth out and washing her face. Finally she turned and looked at Valera. "What?"

Valera pushed off the wall and handed Calleigh the bag. Calleigh pulled out the box that was in side of it, and gaped.

Valera laughed. "I had one, remember?" she asked. "I can see the signs."

Calleigh wanted to say something, anything, to defend herself, but she could remember Valera's pregnancy and knew she'd done what Calleigh had been doing since his funeral. Six days now.

She hadn't thought that anyone had noticed the first couple of days though, and Valera's intuition surprised her. Of course, considering where she worked, it shouldn't have. She should have been surprised that more people hadn't noticed. Being a CSI took guts, intuition and perception. Valera might have only been a tech, but she was still a CSI.

After almost a minute of silence, Calleigh nodded and took the test into a stall.

Once she came back out, she set the stick down on the counter and leaned back next to Valera, who had re-leaned herself.

Now all they had to do was wait.

Horatio Caine watched his CSI turn and race into the bathroom with bewilderment. Calleigh wasn't squeamish, and they'd only been talking about a local gator anyway.

When Valera grabbed a bag and followed Calleigh into the bathroom, he began to wonder. Had he missed something?

He didn't know what was wrong. He knew that Calleigh had been hurt the worst by Tim Speedle's death the week before, though he hadn't pried into why. Eric and Valera seemed to know, and he thought Alex might.

He had a sneaking suspicion that they'd kept him out of the loop purposely, and maybe even coerced the others into staying silent as well. That conclusion lead down the road to romantic involvement.

As his mind turned that possibility over, Calleigh's run to the bathroom began to make sense. She might not have known it, but he'd seen her make the race again and again, every morning about this time, for the last couple days.

He walked forward, still contemplating this new turn in the information. Stopping outside of the women's restrooms, he waited for them to come out.

Before they did though, Eric Delko, another friend and coworker of Calleigh's, came by. He raised an eyebrow at Horatio, wondering why he was standing outside of the woman's bathroom.

"Hey, Ayche, what's up?" he asked, coming to a halt with him.

Before Horatio could answer, a scream came from the bathroom.

"Oh god! God no!"

It sounded like Calleigh, and both Eric and Horatio drew their guns and burst into the bathroom.

The sight that greeted them was not one that they expected. Standing in the middle of the bathroom was both women, Calleigh holding a small stick in her hand.

When the men entered, they both looked up, mouths agape. "Uh..." Calleigh was silent and Valera didn't know what to say.

Eric was going to laugh, but after taking a closer look at Calleigh, he didn't. Something was wrong. Very wrong. And he'd be damned if he made it worse.

"Hey, Call, what's wrong?" he asked gently. That was obviously a loaded question.

Horatio looked at him like he was crazy, but Eric ignored him. Calleigh looked up at him, and Eric about died. Her expression was so pain filled...

"Eric..." she sobbed, flinging herself at him, "Eric, I'm pregnant!"

Horatio stared at them, and Valera looked on with sympathy. Eric rubbed her back, trying to calm the hysterical woman. He looked pleadingly at Valera, who nodded. "Hey, Ayche? I'm gonna take Calleigh home now, okay?" she told, more that asked, her supervisor.

Horatio didn't mind, just nodded. He and Eric followed the two women from the bathroom, and once they'd made it down the hall, he turned and stared at Eric. "Care to explain?" he asked dryly.

Eric shrugged. "It's Tim's."

Nothing more had to be said. Her reaction, the knowing looks...

It all made sense now, and Horatio wasn't sure he wanted it too.