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Chapter Five – October 2021, Miami

Speed hadn't stopped talking once he started. The words had poured out of him, falling out like the dam he'd had in place for so many years, had finally broken. Like someone who hadn't said anything in years, finally finding his voice.

When he finished, he leaned back in his chair, the front legs tipping off the ground, only a few inches, just like he use to. Without thinking, Eric tapped one back leg, sending the chair over and its occupant sprawling.

Speed jumped up, a grin on his face. "Delko! God, what the hell was that for?"

Eric grinned. "Oh, I dunno. Looked like the floor needed some company."

The two men laughed. They'd had this scene down pat now, having done it so many times before.

Calleigh watched them, a sad smile on her face. It was just like before. Like when Speed was still there and they were still planning on marrying in the spring. Like the whole seventeen years could have been collapsed down from that day in September until today.

Valera saw Calleigh's look and sighed. While Eric and Speed could fall back into their old ways, joking and messing around with each other like nothing had happened, Calleigh and Speed would need time. They would need to talk.

Jackson most definitely needed to talk with his dad. Valera could tell he didn't know what to think. He'd grown up with his dad portrayed in such a light of perfection, almost, one that only people who are dead could be portrayed in. Tim Speedle had been the answer to Calleigh Duquesne's prayers. When he had been taken from her, it was like her life had ended.

And then Jackson had come. A piece of the man that had been taken from her. Something she would always remember him by.

Of course that was a double-edged sword. He was truly a piece of Tim Speedle and could have passed for him, only much younger.

It hurt them all, sometimes, to see him. Especially when he did things to remind them, even if it was on accident.

And of course, Jackson was at loss as to how to act. For as long as long as he had been around, his father had been that "brave, dead cop." The one that had given his life to find a small child, a boy, who had been kidnapped. And left behind a pregnant fiancé.

To find that his father wasn't dead, that his dad was alive and always had been was hard. To say the least. Jackson really didn't know if he should be grateful that the man was alive or pissed off at him that he had stayed away for so long.

Once Speed finished talking, Yelina got up and walked out of the room. No one had stopped her, though Speed gave her a strange look. Eric put a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry. She'd probably gotta go home and tell it all to Rick."

Speed raised an eyebrow and Adele laughed. "They got married, couple years after, yeah."

No one knew exactly how to approach this now. Before it was his death. Now it was the day he'd left. But it wasn't his choice, so it was more like the day he'd been taken away.

"So," Horatio said. "WPP?"

Speed nodded. "Yeah. Jim Stone."

Horatio smiled at the name. "Stone, huh? Nice guy. Glad he was put on your case."

The people in the CSI labs worked with the WPP a lot, giving them information on cases gone bad and updating them on when people could return to their old lives.

It amazed them at how well the witness protection program could pull off the disappearance. Especially when it involved a CSI. They were paid to see things that others didn't, things like a fake death, and none of them had.

Looking back, Horatio could see the mistakes, the things they should have investigated. But why would they have? Their friend was dead and that was all that truly mattered. He was dead. And then another of their CSI's was off duty for fieldwork because she was pregnant.

Now though, Horatio was glad that it had happened as it had. At least Tim hadn't died. At least he'd have a chance to get to know his son.

They began to talk again, everyone in low voices. Every now and then, no matter what they were talking about, their eyes moved over to Speed, almost as if to see if he was truly there.

It was late, almost nine at night, when the door to the conference room opened. In it stood a woman, maybe twenty-six, with burns down one side of her face. If she hadn't been so badly scarred, she might have been pretty. Her hair was long and brown, and her eyes were hard looking.

"Delko, I've got the results on that DNA back. You might want to come look at this," she held the folder out.

Jackson took his eyes off his father when he heard her voice. Turning around, he grinned at her. "Kain!"

Kain McKenzie grinned at the younger boy. The hard, stilled look that had been on her face just moments before slid off and was replaced by that of an older sibling. "Jackie Boy!"

Jackson rolled his eyes, standing up and going over to grab her hand. The hand was just as scarred as her face, a smooth, melted look to it. He pulled her over, past Eric, who took the folder, and to Tim. "This is Tim Speedle, my dad," he told her proudly.

He was sixteen going on three at the moment, showing the girl he had adored since she had shown up four years before his father. Kain was an excellent trace expert, top of her class at Columbia. Close friends of the family had put her through college after her parents had died in the same car accident that had marred her body.

But to Jackson, this was a one and only moment. He'd always wanted to do what his dad had done, something that would make his mom proud. He'd wanted to be like his dad. Then Kain had shown up. She'd gone to the same school his father had, and did the same thing. And she was alive. She was an actual person to worship.

And worship he had. Since he was thirteen, the boy had followed Kain everywhere he was allowed. Calleigh had constantly called him off at first, until Kain had told her to let him be. Said he reminded her of her little brothers.

Both had died with her parents.

In return, Kain ended up babysitting more than she'd have liked. Though they never truly called it that, she knew Calleigh was grateful to not have to worry so much about him running around with friends and getting into trouble.

Instead of drugs and parties, Jackson went all over with Kain. Kain's last few years of her childhood had been on a Virginia farm, where she'd found her horse, Belle Star. When she'd found out Jackson had never been on a horse in his life, she immediately set out to rectify that. Jackson was now a competent rider.

Now, though, Kain raised a speculative eyebrow. "Tim Speedle's dead."

Speed grinned. He like this young woman, one whom Jackson seemed enamored with. No one had told him out right before now that Jackson was his son, though he'd inferred it. It wasn't hard to see the looks. He'd have to get the full story later.

Speed stood up and stuck his hand out. "Actually, I'm not. Just returning from WPP."

Kain's eyes widened and she shook his hand. No one but Tim saw the look of longing that her eyes held, the tell tale sign that he knew meant she was one of them. One of the souls the WPP lost through the years.

But he wouldn't ever confront her to see if she was the victim of losing someone in it, or if she herself was in the program. That was classified in the worst of ways.

Kain nodded to him, then turned away to look at Eric. "I did them twice. I know that can't be right."

Tim smiled. She sounded indignant. That something was beating her and she didn't know why.

He moved over, to look at the file. "No..." he drawled, knowing exactly what he was looking at. "That's dogs blood. And you shouldn't have that dog's blood in a new investigation."

Eric looked at him. "Why not?"

"'Cause," he sighed. "I processed that dog's blood before I was "killed". The killer went away for twenty-five..."

"Or eighteen, with good behavior," Horatio chimed in.

"I'll get the records," Calleigh said, standing up and leaving the room.

Valera rose and started to leave. "I'll get the evidence boxes."

"Show me the new evidence?" Tim asked Kain.

Kain nodded and led the way, with Tim and Jackson following.

Eric looked at Horatio. "You wanna lead this case?"

Horatio grinned at him. "Yeah, sure. For old time sakes."

Eric laughed. Tim Speedle was back. So was the team Horatio had crafted so finely, all those years ago.