Notes: Hey, this is Matchin' Laces. This is BBRae. So, if you don't like the BBRae pairing, what are you still reading this for? I'm a strong fan of the pairing. Oh and by the way, this is dedicated to my boyfriend, who reminds me of BB. LOL, and I remind him of Raven.

I have to get her something good this year, Beast Boy thought to himself as he walked down the empty hallway. He stopped when he reached a familiar doorway, the name 'Raven' proclaimed on the front. What could he possibly get her?

Well, obviously, anything pink would be a bad idea. So he needed something dark and depressing. Hmmm, that wasn't really his thing. Also, it probably couldn't be anything cute and cuddly. She didn't seem the type to go crazy over that type of thing.

"This is way too hard," BB muttered out loud.

"What is," a voice asked, startling the green Titan out of his thoughts. He looked around to find a pair of violet eyes staring straight at him.

"Uh, walking and talking at the same time," he shrugged, clearly uncomfortable. Raven raised an eyebrow at this, but didn't question him. She probably didn't think it was worth the time to ask anyway.

"Yes Beast Boy," she commented, "That does seem like a difficult task for you." Though the sarcasm was obvious, a small hint of humor was heard in her voice. Wait...Raven....trying to be funny?! What was wrong with the world!

"Yeah, you know me," Beast Boy laughed nervously. Raven looked at him strangely, than smirked suddenly and started walking away. Hey, it was probably the closest thing to a smile he'd ever seen on her face before. He grinned like an idiot to himself.

"You coming," Raven's voice floated down the hallway.

"Yeah," he replied, "I'll be right there." He sighed as she walked out of sight. Then he groaned at the thought of trying to find something for her. Christmas was only a few days away and he couldn't think of what to get her. He had already gotten gifts for everyone else, but she was by far the hardest to buy for.

Well, he wanted it to be something nice that subtly gestured at the fact that he liked her. Wait, he liked Raven!

"My head hurts," he groaned out loud, "Too much thinking!"

"That'll do that to ya," Cyborg called out as he appeared in the hallway, "Are you coming or not?" Beast Boy quickly followed after him, half listening to the conversation Cyborg was trying to make. There was a moment of silence, "Hey, you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine, why," BB asked, looking up with a look of confusion on his face.

"Oh, nothing, just the fact that I just told you that I made an all meat breakfast and all you said was 'ok'," Cyborg stated, "And that you nearly ran into the wall."

"Guess I've been thinking too much lately," BB shrugged.

"You...thinking too much," Cyborg started laughing, "Is that even possible?"

"Hey, I may not be that smart...or think all that much...but I do have a brain," BB told him. He paused, "Did you know that Christmas is only a week away?"

"Yeah, you've only been counting down the days until Christmas since July," Cyborg pointed out.

"Did you know that I haven't gotten anything for Raven yet," BB asked.

"No, I thought you didn't l-" he paused suddenly, "Wait, do you like her?"

"NO," BB called out, "I mean, no." He glanced down at the ground, smiling nervously, "Is it that obvious?"

"Oh yeah" Cyborg replied with a grin, "It's hilarious too. You...the ever optimistic, funny guy, likes Raven, the pessimistic, unemotional goth?"

"Not so loud," BB said hurriedly.

"BB, no one else is here," Cyborg said, "They can't hear anything."

"You sure," Beast Boy asked, eyes darting around quickly. Cyborg nodded, "Promise you won't tell anyone?"

"Promise," Cyborg replied, "Now, come on before breakfast is over." Beast Boy immediately followed after him, resuming his old habits and complaining that there was no tofu.