We Are Weak by pari

a drabble of around 100 words

Rated: G Disclaimer: AtS belongs to Joss Whedon, et al.
Spoilers: "Time Bomb" Summary: the strong hold out for what they want; the weak settle for what they need. Wesley needs not to heal, lest he forget.

"Your intent is not murder?"

"It never was."

Such is the irony of his existence. No one he's loved has escaped betrayal - through his faults, through his failures, one by one he's betrayed them all.

"I'm with him!"

She'd said it as if it had meant something.

Only those who can not trust do not find their trust misplaced in Wesley.

"You're gonna stay with her, aren't you?"

Where else can he go?

Grief is not all there is to life. It is all Wesley can trust not to have taken from him. If he must cling to some constant… This will do.