Unsurprising by pari

Rating: G Disclaimer: all props to Joss Whedon; no profit to me.
Spoilers: "Not Fade Away" and immediately before.

Thanks: to the usual suspects. And Cari, for her nice reviews.

"The first lesson a watcher learns is to separate truth from illusion. Because in the world of magics, it's the hardest thing to do… And since I don't actually intend to die tonight, I won't accept a lie."

- Wesley, "Not Fade Away"

Death is not as he'd expected.

It is better.

Every morning Wesley wakes to clean sheets and Fred's smile. He and Fred watch the outside world through their kitchen windows over breakfast and conversation. There is only ever peace to be seen through the spotless glass, and Wesley never leaves bed before noon to see it.

He spends his day cuddling with Fred on the couch, or making love, instead. He supposes he should go and see their friends - who must all be around here, somewhere - but Fred only smiles when he suggests it.

Fred is always smiling.

Wesley spends his evenings seething. The perfection has begun to nettle. Something is wrong. Wesley is half expecting the screams that do not rend the silence, and the blood that doesn't stain his clothes and hands.

And then they come for him, and it still isn't right…

But at least he is unsurprised as the demons cut out his heart. Again.