A rumble filled the night sky as my mind began to reluctantly emerge from the darkness. My eyes still closed, my other senses slowly came back to me. Hearing came first, followed by touch; I could feel myself lying on my stomach on what felt like cold asphalt, then I became aware of a warm fluid on my right side, making my shirt stick to my skin.

What the hell?

I couldn't remember at first how I had ended up here; all I was aware of was the dull stinging sensation on my side, the pounding in my head, and the throbbing on various places of my body. I lay there for I dunno how long, trying to remember. A fight? And then it hit me...I'd been ambushed. That one guy who'd hit on me at the Hot Legs nightclub...he'd been the one that'd attacked me. The last thing I remembered was being hit over the head with a brick. Said brick was laying by my outstretched arm, small bloodspots staining the edges. I gingerly lifted my head up, wincing at the pounding that ensued, and looked over my shoulder to see if he was hiding anywhere. After not hearing anything besides the traffic in the street outside of the alley and the rain that had started to come down, I pushed myself up to my hands and knees, then rolled over onto my back. I gritted my teeth, trying to will away this damned pain that was overwhelming my head, my side, between my legs...

I felt my blood run cold. Between my legs? The hell did that mean? Just because my pants at the moment were pulled down to my knees...that didn't mean...

No, no. Maybe I just got drunk and got into a fight at Hot Legs and passed out here. That...that couldn't have happened. That bastard...he didn't really do what he did. No way. Not to me.

Cliché thoughts, perhaps, but that was likely the egotistical side of me speaking; I had a reputation to uphold, after all. I'd been known to take my share of licks, but beaten like this? No, that couldn't be. And...violated? Like hell THAT was true! Priss Asagiri is a world-famous singer, not a fucking statistic! That couldn't be right!

Even with the shit I've gone through over the years...things of that sort couldn't happen to me. But at the moment, it seemed like it had.