"What the hell are you doing here John?" She said only slightly louder than a whisper.

"I promised you'd I'd come by, and bring a late dinner." He said with a self confident smile. As she rubbed her forehead in an attempt to aleviate her frustration, John stepped inside and put the paper bag or take out down on the counter. She shook her head with a sigh and though, at least he knocked, she hated hearing him say things like 'you don't like guys who knock.' as if he could ever know her that well.

"Don't get comfortable. I asked you not to come John, in fact I told you not to and yet here you are.. again."

"I'm just asking for a chance—"

"I've given you chances! More chances than you've deserved. John we're over. I don't want to see men like you anymore." As she spoke Horatio stepped quietly into the kitchen having heard most of the conversation. Upon seeing Horatio, it was difficult to tell if John looked angry or insulted.

"Caine? What the hell are you doing here?"

"I invited him." Calleigh piped up defiantly. Horatio remained silent trying to remind himself he had no place in their business. "He came for me." She gestured to him and held the cuff of his sleeve at mention of his presence. "We're going out." Horatio's eyes fell to the small hand gripping his suit jacket and for the moment he was lost happily in the possessiveness of Calleigh's last words.

"This is over him?" John asked, with apparent disgust in his tone.

"Don't do that John. What we had fell apart because of us, not Horatio. You can't go around blaming the other men in my life for the problems we had."

"You really think he's ever gonna look at you the way you look at him?" John pointed an acussing finger at Horatio as he gave Calleigh sharp looks. "He's married to his job Cal, besides there's only one woman he wants and he can't get her. Not that he doesn't try though…his own brothers wife…"

"That's enough." She barked and shut the door with more than necessary force. "You have no right to cast judgement, on me, my father or Horatio, especailly when you don't know fact from fiction. I've had enough of this and enough of your company. Listen to me Detective. We are through. May my business and your business never cross pathes again."

"Don't be rash--"

"I think I've manage the sanity for the both of us for too long. I don't need to deal with your jealousy issues John. No one does." She spoke faster and more sternly the more fed up she became in an attempt to grab the last word and throw him out.

"I am not jealous of Caine."

"I've had enough of this ridiculious conversation. Show yourself out." She ordered when Hagen moved swiftly and grabbed her arm. Horatio flinched and stepped closer, instantly ready to level the man if he should try to bring Calleigh any harm. He was on the verge of jumping in but didn't want to imply she couldn't fight her own battles.

"I am not jealous." He reiterated.

"Take your hand off my arm John." She said coldly.

"You listen to me Cal. When he shoots you down, for Yelina, or his job, you'll come crying to me. You'll be back on my doorstep. You Duqesne's have addicitive personalities" Calleigh might have slapped him if she didn't have better self control but instead she wrenched her arm from his grip.

"Don't you ever talk about my family again." She snarled but it was obvious the comment stung as her sharp gaze softened with welling tears.

"Look I understand you're upset about your father and that big fight we got into," She has every right to be, H thought, how could Hagen sound so apathetic? Watching him carry on, all of Caine's minor distastes for this man began to amplify. She didn't need a lecture right now, she needed compassion. "And what happened to you're lab buddy the other week, that's tough," Hagen went on. Lab buddy? Horatio swallowed thickly, disgusted by such flagrant disrespect for Timothy Speedle and everyone who knew him. "I know, I lost a partner once, remember?" A partner? How about a brother. "But that doesn't mean you can cause a big scene and run off to fulfill some school girl fantasy about fooling around with your boss." Calleigh was crying now, though doing a good job of pretending there were no tears on her cheeks and still John continued. "Don't start--"

Calleigh gasped when suddenly Horatio's fists grabbed Hagen about the collar and heaved John forward, threateningly close to the deadly serious look on Caine's face.

"Shut up." He warned in a low tone. "Don't you ever take lightly, her wellbeing. And Tim. Tim Speedle gave his life for his job. You respect that." Horatio's eyes were ferociously set to Hagen's. John didn't answer, or rather couldn't bring him self to fight any words from the spot in the back of his throat where they all seemed to catch.

"Horatio." Calleigh spoke softly, placing her hand on his forearm. "Please, John, just go." The touch of her hand tamed him, and Horatio relinquished the collar in his grip. Hagen back up cautiously mumbling something about Horatio being as crazy as his brother left the apartment after a few accusing glances. Horatio rolled his shoulders and composed himself before following Hagen out to make sure he left completely. Behind him Calleigh watched wide eyed, still in awe of his actions.

H stood in the doorway of her apartment, having withdrawn himself in thought. After what he'd done, he could now be identified as the prime instigating factor in the definitive end of Calleigh and John's relationship, and he couldn't help feeling a little guilty.

"Well," She started, "You can't stand in the doorway all night. Come here, sit with me."

"I'm sorry about that." He finally spoke.

"Actually.. I appreciate it." Calleigh reach out to hold his hand as they sat together on her couch again.

"I'm sorry about your father, and about Tim." Until now he'd been speaking downward. At last he looked up and gave her those blue eyes she'd been waiting for. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you, when you needed me." Calleigh smiled and felt tears catching up to her again.

"I could still use your company. If you're willing." Her sweet voice wavered as she spoke, maker her sound quietly pained. His heart beat faster, watching her there, as an intense desire to take care of her welled up inside him, and he realized how potentially dangerous her hold on him was. Yes, she could make him weak, or nervous like Yelina did, but his bullet girl had other powers too. Unlike Yelina, unlike anyone, Calleigh was the only one he'd ever known to make him feel strong.

He didn't hesitate to move close and take her in his arms. That wonderful scent, which had been on his shirt, was all about her, and her home. Tight against him on her living room sofa he felt her body shake each time she sobbed. Never letting go, he reached across her and draped her legs across his lap again. Warm tears spilled silently over her usually radiant face and left dark streams of the makeup that had been applied to her eyes. The black cosmetics melting across her cheeks marred her skin and Horatio couldn't stand to see it. He took a soft white handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed away the darkness.

"What have you been doing to your eyes?" The words, just audible, were enough to give him her gaze, though she didn't answer. Her already heartrenching expression only deepened at the question. "You've been wearing so much makeup. How come?" She sniffed away another sob to answer him.

"To change my eyes." She admitted, feeling only vainer as she spoke. "To make them dark… and beautiful. So you'd like them." His smile rippled with sympathy as he laid his forehead to hers.

"Change them? I'm afraid I can't let you do that. They shouldn't be dark, they're meant to shine. I love your eyes." Every time he spoke she felt as though she might have to cry harder. "There's nothing brighter in my life."