Title: Tea

Written by: Adriana Santomé (hikari)

Date: July 11th, 2004.

A/N: So, this is just a little drabble, much happier and mushier than my ET angst (which I hope will turn out well). -sigh- I'll appreciate whatever comments you can leave. See you soon!


Silence prevailed in the elegant, western-styled living room as the grandfather clock stroke noon. She gently placed the teapot back on the polished coffee table after pouring its contents on two cups. The man's eyes fell on her small, white hands and the intricate pattern of the china. She offered him one of them in a quiet gesture. Taking the cup from her, he thanked her with a small nod and a pleasant smile.

She smiled back at him and raised her own cup to her lips, tasting the bittersweet flavor of the hot liquid. He followed her example and took a sip of his tea, his twinkling blue eyes never leaving her lilac colored ones.

Both of them were seemingly emerged in a comfortable silence, and neither of them wanted to break it. Her long, black curls of hair then fell gracefully around her face when she cocked her head to her right in a quizzical fashion.

"So, it's been a long time," she started, placing the cup back to the small coffee plate. There was mild curiosity in her words, as she internally wondered about his visit. Not that she complained, it was always great to meet old friends.

Her eyes met his, and there was a nod of agreement from him. "True enough." He took another sip of the tea after placing his glasses back to the bridge of his nose.

She sighed once before speaking again. "How have you been, Hiiragizawa-kun?" It was the best thing she could think of asking.

There was yet another pause of silence, only interrupted by the sounds of maids moving around the manor's halls, deeply involved in their mid-day activities.

Her soft smile didn't even falter when he gently took her free hand in his.

"I've never been better, Daidouiji-san."