Chapter 39- May the Dreamers Hold Strong

The Arachnian looked away from the web sadly.

.:Much blood spilled… The sacrifice shall not be in vain. She comes. She is here:.

Alone in the cave, the Queen of the Black Widows shook her head. She was not the one- her successor would be the one to teach Jaenelle, the future Queen of the Darkness. This Queen would never know Witch, not physically. But she knew Witch, knew the dreams that had been made into flesh. Knew Witch… as best anyone could know Witch. And through those dreams she had known Daemon Sadi. Had known Lucivar Yaslana. Had known Rael Sastar, and Sadelle di Kariko and Mirina Elaskis. She knew their dreams, their hopes.
There was not a whisper in the darkness of Mirina, Sadelle and Rael. But they would be reborn into flesh once more. And then they could reap the rewards. Then they could serve Witch. And their children would be there to serve too. Oh yes. Things had been set in motion and the game was set now. It was time for the pieces to move. It was Witch's time. The Arachnian cast her mind out and was unsurprised to find Tersa's. She had reclaimed the craft at the price of her Sanity, for she had another role. The Arachnian was filled with an unknown emotion as Tersa uttered the words that would sustain the dreamers for years more. Witch is here.

.:May the dreamers hold strong… There is much at stake now:. She sent on a special thread only Black Widows could receive, as she felt the presence of her successor, the next Black Widow Arachnian Queen. Something stirred within the Black Widow as she got the reply she should have expected yet hadn't.

.:They will hold. We will hold. I will not live for Witch's Reign but my cub Kaelas will. He will serve, serve with the strength of my Black no matter what jewel he has. The Kindred will serve. And some of the Blood will serve. This time it will work- We are entering the most glorious reign of Witch any have ever known. She will unite us all. Be at peace sister:. came Cinta, the Black Jewelled Black Widow Arcerian.

And as the new Queen of the Arachnians was proclaimed, as she offered her flesh, her life, her self to her Queen, for the first time she felt not weary, not concerned, but at peace.

They would succeed.

The End


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I must credit Erkith for the fantastic idea; the reason for Kaelas being able to get through any shield, is Cinta's black jewel chip which is why Cinta says he will serve with her black, for any wondering (because the stories never mention Kaelas going through Ebony).

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