Secret Admirer

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The music in the club continued to blare the sound interpreted as only noise to the longhaired blonde seated by the bar as he gulped down another pint of his drink. He had been sitting there for over an hour and has been drowning his abject miseries with the constant flow of beverages. A lot of offers from both genders for a dance with his were in vain as he turned them down by giving them the cold shoulder.

Tonight's mission to stop his thieving counter part was another mark of failure on his part and he could only think of one way to forget it all. To drink till he was dead drunk and let Satoshi take care of the hangover. The kid deserved it for falling over that red headed idiot who doesn't even notice him around because he's too wrapped up in his stinking love triangle with the twins. He's the enemy as well as a distraction and for Satoshi to 'like' him, much less actually care for him, was driving Krad insane.

At times the blonde would threaten to get rid of the Niwa descendant as to kill two birds with one stone but Satoshi would always get in his way and stop him before anything dangerous could happen. That Daisuke just doesn't know how lucky he is. Satoshi is so protective of him that Krad can't even joke around of killing him with out the blue haired boy reprimanding him for it. No matter how the blonde tries to reason with the supreme commander that Daisuke was a 'Niwa', Satoshi would tune him out and just continue with his discreet affections for the redhead.

Well now is a time for just retribution as Krad shoved another shot down his throat successfully blocking the mental scream of the teen out of his mind although not enough to forget the guilt of failure. Krad had wanted some time away in order to collect himself and think of his next plan against Dark. He had quickly donned on a plain white shirt and tight fitting black pants while he magically concealed the white feathery wings for the night and made his way to this place, not thinking too much of anything else but getting drunk.

So far so good. His vision was slowly blurring and his usually shrewd and calculating mind was slipping with the over use of alcohol. All that was left now was to pass out because of it. Unfortunately, the blonde didn't get the chance to as he felt a warm, soft hand descend on his shoulder and slowly trailed a finger down his arm to stop on top of his hand which was resting on the bar table. He tried to ignore the invasion of personal space, hoping that whoever it was would get a clue and leave him alone. No such luck, as Krad soon found out, when a heated breath hovered on his neck somehow making golden yellow eyes grow wide with shock. This guy was definitely asking for it.

Turning his free hand into a balled fist, the blonde made an attempt to prove his point. Unsuccessfully though, the white angel only managed to swing a punch, pivoting his body off the stool and landing into his invader's arms when the latter dodged the blow dealt by the blonde. Somehow the tension of the mission tonight was taking its toll on him as he was left taking in deep breaths because of such a simple act of defense. Then again, it could be the alcohol talking... either way; it didn't prepare Krad for what was to happen next.

"You wanna dance?" for some reason, the voice that whispered the question into his ear sounded awfully familiar though he couldn't quite pin point who it was exactly. Though did it matter? His answer would be the same to who ever asked it to him.

"No." was his flat reply as he tried to lift himself up in order to get away from the mysterious man. Krad only managed to get himself onto a stickier situation when his legs refused to cooperate and he soon found himself resting on the man for support. At least he did manage to make sure that the stranger is a man... the lack of 'womanly body parts' were solid proofs of it. But that didn't change the fact that he was leaning on him as he tried to steady his breathing. Hard to do considering the situation he was in. The man's hand positioned at the small of his back to support him was unintentionally and unconsciously rubbing circles, making the blonde more uncomfortable in their current situation. Krad was about to tell him off but only got to emit a low moan.

The blonde regretted making the sound as he heard a chuckle coming from the other man. Golden yellow orbs, threatening to give a death glare at the man's reaction, were unable to because when he attempted to open his eyes, an onslaught of light bombarded his vision, causing him to see spots rather than the face of his captor. The light gave him a migraine making him seek refuge on the space between the other man's neck and shoulder. He clenched his eyes tight, fighting the headache that was slowly forming.

"Hmm." The other man said in a soft voice as to only he could hear. "So you don't want to dance." Krad merely replied with a nod. "Ok then, how about we do something else? You seem to have all this pent up anger inside of you that you need to let out. It's bad to hold it in for too long you know..."

"What are you, my shrink?" the blonde retorted with a frown that wasn't seen because of their position. "I don't need you telling me what to and what not to do." Unfortunately, Krad was going the 'indifferent, insensitive, mind your own business' kind of tone but it lost its purpose and presence when the sentence came out all muffled. Another soft laugh was heard from the man holding him before the stranger replied,

"You're right, I'm not. But I do know a nice way for you to feel at least somewhat carefree for just one night..." for some reason, Krad didn't like where this was going and he was about to protest when he found himself unable to say or do anything except allow the stranger to grab a hold of him and lead the way.

Krad felt something hard that resembled a brick wall being pressed to his back as the other man slowly pushed him towards it. They had only gone a short distance from the bar because the music of the club was still fairly heard. Their location however was the farthest thing from the blonde's mind since it was quickly filling with ideas on how to get out of his current 'situation' with the stranger.

He could however make out, as much as his fogged up mind would allow him to, that he was backed up against the wall; probably that of an alley's, and he was being held there by the other man's body. Attempts to push him off were on vain as the alcohol continued to course through the white angel's figure causing him to feel lightheaded and weak, if he wasn't already. A slim, pale hand landed on the leather-clad chest of his captor as a last attempt but it was impossible to push off a person in a better state than he. Even his powers have forsaken him, leaving him totally defenseless.

The other man's hand came down on his own, applying a little pressure to squeeze the hand before leaning forward and brushing lips with the blonde. Krad could feel the warm breath of the man dance on his lips while the other's free hand snaked under his white shirt to run down the smooth abdomen of the trapped angel causing him to man softly.

"Stop..." the soft whimper of came from the blonde as the stranger started licking his nape and nibbling the pale ear while his hand let go of Krad's, joining the other in bringing their bodies closer.

The man ignored the pleas of the blonde as he continued his ministrations with a silent smirk. The body of the white, hapless angel refused to relax and the other man started thinking that he should let the blonde get a few more drinks in before initiating in this sinful act. Too late to back out now. The blonde needed to be taught how to live a little and he was just the guy to do it. After all, nobody would know him better than he did. Now was not the time to think. That opportunity was over and done with. Now was a time to act upon impulse. Regardless of the consequences, this was going to happen tonight.

Pushing all rational thought aside, the man grabbed the white dressed angel by the hair roughly, causing him to gasp, and pressed their lips together as he needed a taste of the blonde.

He felt Krad tense up more but slowly showed signs of relaxing signaling the alcohol's effects. Good. The assertive man then started to take advantage of him as he broke the kiss and started trailing a soft wet line down the blonde's nape causing Krad to gasp. Yellow eyes were now clenched tightly together and the man just loved to see him helpless like this

Krad, on the other hand, was losing the battle for control over the other man when he felt a smooth palm caress his abdomen. His attention had been caught up by the expert tongue that he hadn't noticed his white shirt slowly riding up, exposing pale flesh. A wandering hand massaged the skin there while the other took on the task of unbuttoning black pants, pulling the zipper down afterwards.

A strangled moan came from the white blonde as he felt an invading hand massage his hard member through the fabric of his underwear.

"What are you doing...?" His voice trailed off when he felt his pants slowly fall to the ground, while a hand that moved to the small of his back, played with the garter holding the piece of cloth keeping his hard member from the open.

"I'm just giving you what you want." The soft and charming voice whispered seductively along with the slight nipping of a pale ear.

"Giving me...what... I want...?" the question was breathed out as a weak inquiry. Yellow, feline eyes tried to open and the man saw only glassy slits before they closed themselves again, fully submitting himself this time.

A wry smile came up the man's lips as he played with the cloth of the helpless man's underwear. "You know..." the playful tone started as his hands made a move to remove the piece of clothing. "It would be better if you don't don on something like this." The slow tug on the garter implied fully what he was talking about. "It doesn't look well with your outfit." A furious blush came up the pale man's cheeks and he allowed his slender hand to curve up the stranger's neck tangling themselves in the silken locks before bringing their faces together.

"Like... you really care...what underwear I have..." A smile was seen and the other man couldn't help but lean closer and place a fleeting kiss. "You're right." A hand was on the process of slipping the cotton fabric off. "I don't." With that, the said article of clothing was then pushed down, eliciting a moan from the man of having been freed from the constricting undergarment.

Another low chuckle emitted from the stranger as a wandering hand found its way to encircle the hard and pulsating shaft. He was then rewarded with a growl and a fierce tug from the blonde who brought his head closer than it already was.

"I don't take... people who laugh at me... for no reason... lightly..." Krad said this through gritted teeth and tried to sound as 'in control' as possible. But given their current position, it was easier thought than done. The man just ignored him and massaged the stiff manhood, running his thumb over the slit opening, teasing the blonde before replying.

"In that case, I guess I better stop then..." the active hand pulled away after giving one final and fleeting touch on the sensitive skin there. "NO!" the white angel said quickly as he grabbed the arm. Sliding tentative fingers down the exposed skin there, they came to a halt when they reached the back of the other man's hand.

"Yes?" the silky way the word was breathed out was an additional torment to the blonde as he sought for the release that only the man teasing him could provide.

"Don't stop... please..." he hated the way he was forced to ask to be given release, but he had no other options open. He could finish the job himself but it had been such a long time since he experienced physical contact such as this and he would be called a fool if he were letting the opportunity slip away. As long as the situation allowed him, he was going through with this. Besides, with a drunken state of mind and body just begging to be touched, Krad didn't have much of a choice.

"Ok. Since you asked so nicely." The blonde didn't need to see the smile plastered on the strange man's face to know that there was one. He just didn't say anything for fear of being left unsatisfied.

Soft lips descended on his and gave a quick kiss before he felt a warmth envelope his shaft. The slow actions started again as he arched forward to the sensation it brought. The man's lips then moved to the pale neck and began sucking on the flesh there in time with the movement of his hand. The blonde's fingers curled in ecstasy in the stranger's dark hair as the hand on his member pumped him mercilessly.

His breathing was becoming erratic as he clung to the man for support. He felt a bead of sweat roll down the side of his face as he allowed the sensation to convulse through his entire frame. The man's thumb would occasionally play with the tip of his manhood and flit through the sensitive small opening there to elicit various moans and gasps from him, bringing him all the more closer to the edge.

A sudden scream was heard when he finally came, spilling white hot seed into the man's hands, on his pants and on the cemented pavement. The man's lips pulled away from the blonde angel's neck as he lifted his hand to gaze at the liquid splattered on it. Krad managed to open his eyes to a half-lidded extent just in time to catch a tongue darting out and licking a part of his cum off a finger.

A smile curved up the stranger's mouth as he whispered 'delicious', effectively causing the white angel to turn his cheeks into a deep shade of red. Yellow eyes suddenly clamped shut when a wave of nausea hit him causing his knees to give in. The stranger however anticipated this and caught him before he fell to the ground.

"Woah. You might have overdid your alcohol by just a bit ne?" the playful tone, that was meant to cheer him up, came as muffled words to the blonde's ears making him bury his pounding head into the crook of the man's neck.

He decided to reply with stony silence as he worked on steadying his breathing and getting his mind to work properly. The scent of the other man that he smelt and the hypnotizing way the stranger's body moved with his breathing was slowly lulling the blonde to sleep. He was so tired from the mission tonight that he barely heard the shuffling of clothes nor felt the movement of his attire being brought back to a more decent state.

He was asked if he could make it home by himself and he merely shook his head. He honestly didn't care if he was left here. His power was quickly depleting, meaning that he would revert back to being Satoshi in a matter of minutes. Let the boy handle the situation after. Right now his only concern was going into a deep and undisturbed slumber.

However, instead of hearing the footsteps of the man move away from his, he vaguely felt himself being lifted into a warm embrace. The soft flutter of wings was distinctly heard and he soon found himself on a soft, cool bed never once wondering how the man would have known where he lived. His befuddled mind refused to put two and two together and he gave a soft moan when his clothes were taken off of him in a manner he would have found sensual if he weren't sleepy as hell. He was left in only his boxers when a comforting blanket was pulled up to his chin. He reveled in the feel of such warmth even if it wasn't from the man beside him.

He couldn't remember much of anything else after that except seeing a pair of beautifully hued amethyst eyes before sleep fully took control.

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