Secret Admirer

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A pristine white figure gracefully dropped down to the ground near the enormously constructed fountain overlooking the bay. Yellow eyes began to search the place for anybody suspicious but noticing nothing out of the ordinary, he allowed his shoulders to slump back as he gave a sigh. White angelic wings magically enfolded themselves and disappeared while the pale hands slipped into his coat pockets at the same time the sun showed signs of its final setting.

The hazy color of orange and yellow mixing as dusk neared made a reflection on the serene sea that caused the young blonde man to stare at it, no real purpose in mind other than to pass the time. He had intentionally arrived earlier than the selected hour so that he could still have time to contemplate whether or not he was making the right decision. True that this morning he was all for it but now his insides were all in tangled knots, leaving a mess of uncertainty in its wake. He had thought that getting here earlier would help calm his nerves a bit, give him a little assurance that what he was doing was really the right thing. Unfortunately, it only managed to make the blonde doubt his decision some more.

The memory of Satoshi's reaction this morning was slowly worming its way into his mind and he couldn't help but cringe at what might happen if he did manage to find out whom this so called 'Secret Admirer' was. Would they keep seeing each other afterwards? Or would they call it quits because the stranger did not sum up to what Krad had thought him to be? And not to forget that the blonde angel was an immortal being, what would happen if he got too emotionally attached to this man?

A lot of questions buzzed in his mind and he shook a frustrated mass of yellow hair to try and get a hold of himself. He would never be able to answer these questions if he backed out now. In his mind, the only solid and plausible answer lay in finding out who this man was and he'd work his way from there. Though he could not really get rid of the feeling eating him inside out, the least he could do was take this a step at a time so that he would be able to asses it in the best light possible.

Taking a quick glance at the clock tower in the distance, well-trained eyes catching every detail of it, he figured he had at least a few more minutes of silence before the man would appear. He gave another sigh as he caught his reflection in the water in the fountain and allowed himself a once over. He was sporting light beige colored polo shirt over slightly loose black pants topped off with a white trench coat that flowed gracefully down until his knees. His hair was the same way he usually wore it as, just minus the heavy cross that tied to the end of it.

Yellow cat like eyes stared back at him through the water's reflective surface and he couldn't help but smirk a bit at his appearance. He had decided to momentarily discard his full white attire for the evening and change into something more...human. He didn't know the first thing about the stranger and how he would react if he wore his regular outfit so he settled for the mundane, and slightly uncomfortable, human attire. Given the fact that he had a lot of skeletons in his closet, it would be best if the other man knew the least about him as possible. Krad wasn't even sure if he would give his name either considering that it would also bring up suspicion.

The low ringing from the clock tower striking the appointed time brought him out of his silent musings as a strong and cool wind blew in his direction. Just as the last toll was heard, footsteps hitting the cemented pavement stopped a few feet behind him announcing the stranger's arrival. Swallowing hard and biting his lower lip a bit, he was really regretting coming here. He didn't know what this feeling inside him was but he was vaguely sure this was called anxiety.

Although his common sense was telling him to look behind, it wasn't anxiety keeping him from doing so; rather something different and all too familiar for words was felt. The bond shared between two halves forced the blonde angel to sense the presence of an enemy he had vowed from the start of time to kill. Taking in some air to at least put a cap on his free reigning urge to make do with the promise, he slowly turned around and breathed out the name of the man he hated with utmost vehemence.

"Dark." Yellow eyes conveyed the rest of his unspoken hatred as he stared at the black-clad man in front of him.

Dressed in black slacks and a dark blue shirt, his simple attire was thoroughly topped off with the all-knowing smirk that made the blonde want to just punch him for it.

"Nice to see you too Krad." His voice didn't hold the usual sarcasm but the white angel seemed to be too troubled to catch on.

Inside the befuddled mind of the blonde angel, his thoughts screamed millions of questions at him, none of which seem to have a coherent answer and he was left just staring his counterpart down.

A soft sigh was heard from the other man as he folded his arms over his chest and began closing the distance between them. Krad instinctively took a step back, not really knowing why he was afraid of the man before him.

An eyebrow was raised as Dark noticed the uncharacteristic reaction his other self was showing but he continued with his walking nonetheless. He was hoping things would go smoothly with the blonde but he guessed having Krad accept him was asking for too much. Being the drastic man he was, he was going to see this night out and show the white angel how to have fun. Though he didn't rule out the chance of him getting hurt in the process.

Dark gave a mental frown at this. The last thing he wanted to happen was to hurt the blonde angel. He had always wanted to have him, make him able to feel loved and accepted, but unforeseen circumstances have kept him from doing so. Until tonight that is...

Krad continued to step back from the forward advances of the violet haired man until he was forced to stop when his leg hit the surrounding perimeter of the fountain. Seeing as though his thieving counterpart wasn't planning on stopping any time soon, he pulled out a single white feather, capturing the attention of amethyst eyes to his hands. He noticed them narrow slightly and he heard a chuckle come from the direction in front of him.

"Can't we settle this like the civilized people we are?" playfulness tainted the tone that usually addressed him in anger and distaste.

A growl came from Krad as he threw the feather forward, which the thief in turn, quickly evaded. Dodging the tip of the white weapon, he allowed it to land a distance away and ignored the fatal damage it did to the cemented ground. Giving an indifferent shrug, he looked into angry yellow slits.

"Guess not..." he whispered before Krad gathered a bunch of powerful feathers and threw them in Dark's direction. The thief sidestepped all of them, not once doing anything to counter them. Fury and rage consumed the thoughts of the blonde as he wondered if the violet man enjoyed this game he was playing with. Time to kick the level up a notch. Closing yellow eyes, his brows knotted in concentration.

An angelic feather was held between his index and middle as it started gathering energy at its tip. A soft murmuring of an incantation reached Dark's ears and the moment he caught the intonation and proper string of them, he knew that if he didn't do something soon, Krad would be finding himself on a dateless night. This didn't mean though that he had to use a counter curse to stop him. He'd been so in tune with the blonde that he needn't even utter a chant. Instead he closed the remaining gap between them and held the hand holding the feather in his own. He didn't even flinch at the slight burning of the holy power into his flesh. He then with out warning brought his free hand around the slim waist of the white angel and pulled him forward towards him.

A startled yelp was heard as the concentration of the blonde was broken and he let go of the feather that slowly drifted down, useless. A hand was holding his own in a soft grip and yellow orbs had confusion written so plainly on them. Questions of why he hadn't notice Dark coming close or why he didn't pull away when the hand touched him whirled in his mind and he was momentarily caught up in a large myriad of it to notice that he was practically leaning on the man who did this to him. Only when he heard the soft chuckle coming from him that he shot his head to look at him, then realizing their close contact. A shade of red tinted his cheeks lightly and he hoped the man holding him wouldn't notice. The smile he had proved otherwise.

"You're cute like this." The words whispered seductively at him causing him to turn a deeper shade and look away. He then felt Dark's soft lips nipping at his earlobe as disgust crawled its way back into his system. This was his enemy, the man whom he hated the moment he took his first breath of air. The thought that he was the one who was touching him now and yesterday was just unbearable to his pride.

Clenching teeth and eyes hard, he fisted his hands and shoved hard in hopes of getting away from the man. Unfortunately, he didn't take into consideration that the fountain was aptly behind him and he fell straight into it.

Dark was taken over by momentary shock as he saw his blonde angel fall backwards into the water in the most undignified manner and he couldn't stop the bubbling laughter threatening to come out.

Krad sat on the floor of the fountain as the water reached until mid-forearm of his propped up body. His legs were somewhat outstretched and his clothes were hugging his body in a way that made the thief jealous of it. The blonde hair stuck to his body as well and a slight tint of pink still remained on his cheeks, apparently embarrassed at the situation. Dark there and then swore that Krad looked absolutely adorable like this.

The white angel thought otherwise though as he shot the dry man an evil look and ignored the offered hand of his counterpart as he stood up on his own. Slapping the hand away, he sneered at the man and got out of the fountain still dripping.

"I hope you're enjoying this Kaito." His title was said with mockery as its intention.

"Oh I am enjoying this Krad." The sultry voice that answered him implied fully the dark creature's ideas for tonight. "But don't worry," he said as he closed the gap catching Krad by surprise again as he slipped his hand around the blonde's waist, not letting him go that easily. "Pretty soon you'd be enjoying this too........."A light hand brushed the long strand of wet blonde hair in front of his face to get a good look at him.

Krad was about to shoot a rebuke to his other self but the moment he looked at the deep amethyst pools he got lost in them. The hand that tucked the blonde strand away was now tracing small circles on the quickly blushing cheek and ran slowly over the slightly parted bottom lip. A soft whimper came from the helpless man as Dark continued to look into yellow orbs, his eyes shining with something Krad couldn't name.

"Now, what do you say we change these wet and soaking clothes of yours? It won't do you good to get sick. And heaven forbid that I might not be able to see you the next time I go on a mission."

"If you think I'm going anywhere with you, think again Kaito." Though this time, his voice did not hold its usual ferocity.

"Why?" the dark clad man asked as he leaned closer that their noses were almost touching, quickly catching on to the other man's weariness. "Afraid I'll bite?" the playfulness coming back.

A growl, which came out as more of a moan, escaped pale lips, frustration taking over the blonde. Krad opened his mouth as if to say something else but closed his eyes instead, submitting to the warm embrace presented to him. His body suddenly felt really tired because of using too much energy for nothing. He cursed himself inwardly and he allowed himself to be carried by his counterpart.

Moonlight shone into the room, illuminating just enough for the two figures to know what they were doing.

Krad couldn't help himself from shivering in his wet clothes but it wasn't because of the cool wind blowing through the open window to him. It was caused however by the soft, light tracing of a slim finger on the nape of his neck trailing down his collar bone. Even with the cold, drenched clothes sticking onto his tired frame, his body was flushed with heat as the smooth palm of his thieving counterpart grazed slowly over his shoulder before pushing the white coat off.

It fell with a soft sound to the wooden floor of the red headed boy's room as yellow eyes stared into violet. Dark had held his attention there for the time they had been standing and Krad was sure he was getting lost in them. He wasn't all that sure when hatred for his counterpart had subsided, leaving him with only pure need and lust for touch and comfort in him and frankly, he admitted to himself, he didn't care...

The soft and gentle touch of the hand on his cheek made his thoughts drift back to last night where the talented mouth and hands had pleasured him to no end. The wonderful feeling had resurfaced again as it did this morning but more so now as the man in front of him was the one doing all this. Imagination no longer was needed here as he felt and saw everything, proving that what he wanted and needed was in reaching distance.

The moment the memory of such unrestrained sensation returned itself to his mind, he ignored the hand carefully undoing the buttons on the front of his shirt as he moved forward in the most unceremonious manner, crushing the lips of his other self with his own.

Dark froze up because of surprise but slowly realized what the other man was doing and slid arms to envelop his waist and pulled the blonde closer. Krad closed his eyes as tight as he could, not wanting to see the look the amethyst eyes were giving him. Instead, he enjoyed the feeling of having to touch and feel soft, tender lips against his own again.

His hand ran through the soft strands of purple hair and fisted it in them as he ran a tongue over the phantom thief's still closed lips, seeking more attention. Dark more than happily obliged to the silent request. Opening his mouth to the pleading angel, he massaged the soft muscle with practiced ease and in seconds had the man clinging on to him for more.

An attentive hand started undoing the buttons again as the white angel was preoccupied with exploring his counterpart's mouth, tasting sweet sensation such as this for the first time. In a matter of moments, with out Krad even noticing, he was stripped down to his underwear, face blushing with the experience and was practically panting out just to catch his breath.

Yellow eyes were only mere slits as his body craved satisfaction and lust radiated from them. Dark was slightly surprised to have such a reaction come from his counterpart but refrained from smiling just in case Krad might get the wrong idea and leave before they get anywhere else. With the wet clothes now discarded and unnoticed on the floor, he slowly guided the blonde back to the bed, leaning him over to fall into it in the process.

Planting warm kisses on the paler man's face, his hands wandered about, taking every contour of his body and burning an eternal image of it in his mind. The soft smooth feel of Krad's skin under his hands was heaven to the dark haired man as he slid it down further to rest on his hips. The lips of the well-trained thief began to venture down as well, nipping and kissing its way down the pale chest until it reached the taut abdomen.

His tongue came out and dipped into the panting man's bellybutton as his hand slipped into the waistband, toying with the garter before moving to take it away.

"Wait........." the whisper barely reached his ears but being trained to tune in to the finest of sounds, Dark looked up. Amethyst eyes caught sight of the helpless demon lying down on his alter ego's bed and the mere sight of him took his breath away. Slightly disheveled blonde strands were sticking to his forehead while yellow eyes staring at him with fascination and need along with the pink tinting his cheeks made the kaito recognize the undeniable hardness now present between his legs.

Moving up, he kissed the nose lightly before asking. "Anything wrong?"

For some reason the blonde blushed deeper at this question and Dark tilted his head slightly, waiting patiently for the man as he let go of the garter. He amused himself however by grazing a finger over the strained cloth keeping the bulge there trapped for the time being.

Krad shook his head, not even sure if it was seen and wanted to answer but found it hard to considering the warm breath hovering over his mouth, his counterpart's lips was so close to his and the teasing finger on his crotch area. A hand reached out and softly brushed back the pale yellow strands of hair, silently showing that Dark seemed to know what he was thinking without him having to say anything at all.

"It's ok." A chuckle came and the hand resumed to playing with the cloth around his hips. "It's not as if it's something I haven't seen." With that, he peeled the unwanted garment of clothing and left the man fully exposed to the night air.

His hands ran up and down pale thighs and he tried to give the shivering form warmth, kissing the white angel's chest as he went. Dark's hand slowly came to encircle the member asking for attention earning him a low moan from the man below. His mouth found a nipple and he ran his fingers lightly across the length similar to that of last night's. A gasp was heard as pale hips arched up to meet the fingers only to have them pull away.

"Dark!" Krad practically screamed as the other hand came to push him back down while the other continued to tease and torture him. Pale fingers found themselves winding into violet strands as the blonde took hold of Dark's head and pushed him down, needing to have the practiced mouth's attention on something else other than his nipple. Dark gave a startled gasp at his other self's sudden boldness but quickly gained composure again as his face was greeted not with a pale chest but a very eager and begging manhood.

He gave a smirk. Time to teach this blonde angel who really was controlling the show.

Taking the hard organ into his mouth, he began to run an expert tongue over it, twirling it over the tip a little before taking him fully. He had to use both his hands to hold the white angel's hips to stop Krad from choking him. He continued to take the length deeper into his mouth and the sucking motion only brought forth unrestrained gasps and moans from the blonde, encouraging the kaito on. One of his hands started to massage the twin orbs below the hard shaft and the tightening of muscles gave the perfect sign that Krad was almost over the cliff. Giving one last effort to make sure that Krad was enjoying this, he pulled away earning him a very disgruntled groan from the man below him.

"Dark..." his name came out more as a plea rather than anything else. The kaito blew lightly over the wet member and it responded by pulsating.

Quickly discarding his clothes in the process, he allowed himself to brush his exposed skin over Krad's own, eliciting a strangled moan from him. Dark gave a light kiss over the tip before returning to look at his other self.

The anger and vulnerability seen in the man's yellow eyes staring back almost made the thief want to give his hunter what he wanted but it would just spoil what was to come. Smiling slightly and bending to kiss the forehead, he reached over to Daisuke's drawer and pulled out a bottle of what the blonde noticed to be lotion. He silently mused why Dark would want to use that at a time like this. He got his answer when the dark haired man squeezed some into his fingers and touched the small opening behind him. He bucked forward automatically, unsure of the sensation it brought.

A tanned hand pushed him back down while the other traced his entrance, slowly massaging the tense flesh there. The blonde heard something incoherent from the thief but disregarded it as he focused on the finger instead.

Carefully, not wanting to hurt the white angel, the finger pressed in and a gasp came out of pale lisp as his body clenched in response over the finger. Yellow eyes closed as well as Dark waited for the man to get used to the feeling before pushing in a second digit.

By the third, Dark had his alter ego pushing back by his own free will and the panting was a sign he was getting used to the feel of something where it shouldn't be. Stretching around some more, he was rewarded with a startled gasp and the sudden bucking of pale hips up as he found exactly what he was looking for.

As the fingers pulled away, Krad suppressed a groan threatening to escape, missing the feel. He was surprised however to have another thing toying with his entrance not soon after. He opened his eyes to gaze up at purple ones, which in turn were silently asking him a question he need not hear to answer. Nodding once, he let a hiss escape his lips when Dark entered him slowly and carefully, making sure not to tear any tissues in the process.

He hadn't noticed he stopped breathing until Dark was buried to the hilt in him. He couldn't stop himself from gasping out to try and steady his breathing though and he then realized that the kaito was waiting for him to get used to the feel. It was uncomfortable true but the feeling of him inside was heaven to Krad. Too many years spent without comfort and release was now taking its natural course and it was as if everything Dark was doing to him was perfect, too good to be true.

He gasped again as Dark took his still hard shaft in his hand and began to move in rhythm with it. The double sensation, along with the kisses showered unto him by his counterpart only added to this mounting pleasure in him. His hands encircled themselves on the kaito's neck and he held him close, kissing him as he felt himself nearing the edge once more.

Dark returned the needing kiss as he allowed himself one more thrust before pulling both of them to climax. Krad broke the kiss as he screamed while Dark bit down on the pale flesh of his hunter. He soon slumped forward, tired and spent from the activity. His breathing was shallow and labored as he slowly pulled himself out of the pale man's frame to rest beside him.

The blonde shifted to give him some room and he unconsciously found himself snuggling close to the kaito. An arm encircled him and brought him close before planting a kiss on his brow. He heard the slight rustling of cloths and the comforting heat of the blanket enveloped him not soon afterwards. His body was exhausted, physically and magically, so the moment Dark whispered something to him, he ignored it and went to sleep.

A smile crept up Dark's features as he kissed blonde hair once more before falling asleep himself.

The words "I love you" hung in the night air, unheard by the hunter and unrepeated by the thief.


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