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Albus Dumbeldore strode along the corridor to his office, whistling softly, his mind on the bag of sherbet lemons he had waiting in his office. As he walked past the Transfiguration office, though, he was distracted by an outbreak of loud, raucous laughter. Intrigued, he opened the door, and poked his head in, only to see Severus Snape and Minerva McGonagall, holding their stomachs and crying with laughter. Dumbeldore raised an eyebrow slightly.

"Erm...if you don't mind..." Dumbeldore started, then paused,looking closer atthe-curled-up-red-faced-ball-that-was-Snape, before continuing."What on earth is going on in here?" he asked curiously. Snape looked up at him. "Oh, Headmaster! McGonagall found this piece of parchment in the Gryffindor common room...absolute crack-up, really..." he replied...and then started giggling. McGonagall looked at him, and started laughing as well. She passed the parchment to Dumbeldore. "Have a look at that, Albus."

Swallowing his slight bewilderment at Snape's giggling (he must have knocked back another one of his "special potions" again, but with those bloody second-years, well, he didn't really blame him), he started reading...

Starting time? 9:12 pm


Full name? Harry James Potter

Nicknames? The-Boy-Who-Lived, Boy (Dursleys), potty, scar head...just call me Harry, ok?

Birthday? 31st July

Age? 17

Sex? Male

Siblings? None

Star sign? Leo!... I think...

Single or taken? Taken

Hair? Black... and messy. Which will never change :P

Eyes? Green

Best and worst features (in your opinion)? Ahh… pass.

Blood? Red. Haha, no, I'm a half-blood, but who cares? Only that git Malfoy...

Pets? Hedwig, my owl.

A bit more personal

First kiss - who/where/when? Cho/Room of Requirement/5th year

Ever pashed:D

Still a virgin? Ha, that'd have to be a no

If not, who/where/when? She'll kill me! ...argh, ok... 'Mione/ OoP HQ/6th year

Current crush? 'Mione

Ever had a crush on a teacher? Eww, definitely no

Who do you hate the most? That's a hard one... Malfoy, Snape, Voldemort, or Bellatrix Lestrange. Just mentioning a few...

What do you sleep in? A bed? Heh, nah, normally just boxers


What house are you in? Gryffindor of course!

Who is your favourite teacher? Trelawney! Nah, Lupin when he was there, but otherwise Hagrid.

Who is your least favourite teacher? Snape

Favourite subject? DADA

Successes? Oh please...

Rule breaker? Possibly. It depends on your definition of when a rule is actually broken :D Ok, I might have broken a few...hundred...heh


Besties? Hermione and Ron! Course there's Ginny, Luna, Seamus, Dean and Neville too, but really it's Ron and 'Mione.

Loudest? I don't want to get into trouble... ;)

Shyest? Neville

Who do you go to for advice? Again, 'Mione and Ron. Used to have Sirius, but... oh well :(

In life


Been Close To Death? Is this a trick question?

Been Cursed? Let me make this clear: MY-NAME-IS-HARRY-POTTER. Cursed? What do you think, Sherlock?

Killed Someone? Nope

Saved Someone? Haha, just a few

Been in love? Mmm...love...yep...

Smoked? Err, no! That's just stupid!

Gone skinny-dipping? Maybe...heh heh...

Broken the law? Whoops, that'd be a yes...

Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? No

Made yourself throw up? No

Kissed a toad? No!

Been rejected? Well, there was that one time with Cho and the Yule Ball...

Fallen for your best friend? Yeah...wait, I mean 'Mione! Not Ron! ARGH, MENTAL PICTURES! ARGHHHHH!

Used someone? No, that's mean!

Been used? I hope not...

Most embarrassing moment? Moaning Myrtle. Bath... shudders

Scariest moment? Oh, there's been a few...most involving Voldemort...

Dream job? An Auror!

Role model? Well, there was Sirius, but...don't really have one now I guess

Goal in life? I guess to take out old Voldy.

Special talents? Well, according to Hermione, I've got a few...heh heh. Good at flying...is getting into trouble all the time a talent?


Animal? Stag

Colour? Red...or maybe gold...

Food? Chocolate

Drink? Butterbeer!

Place to shop? Quality Quidditch Supplies!

Spell? Accio

Thing you own? My Firebolt! Or maybe my wand...both?

Thing to do? Play quidditch, or hang with Ron and 'Mione...oh yeah, and making fun of Malfoy. Bloody git...

Quidditch team/position? GRYFFINDOR FOREVER! Seeker's the best!

Motto/quote? If you try and don't succeed, cheat. Repeat until caught. Then lie.

Morning or night? Night

Summer or winter? Winter - I'm at school!

Lefty or righty? Righty

Gold or silver? Gold


Person to make you cry? Ron, when he threw a book at my head and I didn't see it coming...

Person to see you cry? Everyone in the Gryffindor common room at 8 o'clock last night...

Person you were mean to? ...Ron...ok, so the book-throwing incident was my fault. Leave me alone!

Time you fought with your parents? ...

Time you made a wish? Couple of weeks ago? Not telling what it was though...otherwise it won't come true!

Time you laughed? This morning. Malfoy tripped in Potions...and landed in Snapes lap. Ahhh...funny times...

Time you read a book? Well, really I should be reading right now, but history is so boring, and besides; I can always copy of 'Mione ;)

Thing you ate? Treacle tart


Are you scared of most? Having to fight Voldy

Are you listening to right now? What Dean got up to last night with Lavender...please, shoot me now

Are you wearing right now? My sexy snitch boxers ;)

Do you think of these surveys? They're all right...

Is your least favourite thing to do? Potions with Snape

Is your biggest hope/dream? Voldemort has a heart attack and dies ;)

What's worse:

Barfing on your date or your date barfing on you? Yuck...umm, barfing on your date.

Seeing someone die or you dying? Seeing someone die.

Being helpless or doing something you will regret? Being helpless!

Most likely to respond to this? Ron

Most likely not to respond to this? Ha, Luna

Time now? 9:23 pm

Dumbeldore looked up at two grinning (and obviously filled with anticipation) faces. "Well?" asked Snape. Dumbeldore's face broke into a huge grin. McGonagall's was bigger though. "That's not the best part Albus." she said, rather evilly. "What do you mean?" asked a confused Dumbeldore. Snape broke in. "This is a survey...which means...there'll be more going around the school." he said, beaming. "And," added McGonagall, "we think we can find some more..."

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